Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures and Randomness

I took lots of pictures of my trip to the ship last week. Here goes:

In Port Angeles, WA waiting (forever) for the ship to arrive.

Still waiting.....
Finally arrives. Have to take a shuttle out (because they're anchored). The ship is only half full of oil. Thank God because all they do is throw over a rope and I have to scale up it like a pirate. Kidding. They lower a ladder. Wouldn't that be scary as hell, albeit good cross training. I'd just have to take a shower because I would probably shit my pants on the way up.
On the way to the refinery. Gorgeous
Aft At the Cherry Point refinery. This would be a great picture if I didn't have the stupid camera strap hanging out. Another ship. Love me some tugboats. My hubby thinks I'm crazy most of the time, but he humors me. (btw, the hair is the first thing to go when he gets home)
Another gorgeous shot on the way home.
So glad it's almost February. Then it will be full speed ahead! No more hill repeats (well, for one month at least) and lots of speedwork. Plus I'll feel like I'm officially training again. I'm so over base training. I liked it at first. Whatever, whenever. But overall - I need a plan to feel 100% committed.
The added workouts are getting easier. This is what a typical week looks like:
M - swim (2000ish meters)/trainer (~45 minutes)
T - hills - but now speedwork/circut
W - swim
T - hills, temp, speedwork/circut
F - yoga
S - Trail run (~1.5 hrs)
S - bike
I want to lose like 7 or 8 pounds by my first 5k which is March 13th. Which is 1.5 lbs a week. Doable, but we'll see.
I am so excited about the Super Bowl!!! The Saints hold a special place in my heart. My grandfather is from NO, my mother was born and raised there, and all of my family on my mothers side still resides there. They are great people. But the real reason why they hold such a special place for me is because many of my favorite memories include watching the Saints play football with my grandfater. He was a die hard Saints fan and an avid football watcher. He is where I get my crazy emotional reactions to watching sports. I'm a freak. Trust me. Last week I couldn't sit down for the entire 4th quarter and I swear I almost shit myself during OT. (This is how I act during competitions on Survivor too.)
I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house that was next door to them (they gave my mom and dad an acre of land for a wedding present and they built the house where I grew up on it). We were very close and I was devastated when he passed. I wish more than anything that he could be alive to see his team go to the bowl, but I know I'll hear him yelling and cussing at the game from Heaven. RIP Grandpa.
Anyways, this post is longer than I intended it to be but I have one more point:
Brett Farve. OMG. RETIRE! I seriously can't believe how many followers of this man there are. Yes, he is an exceptional athlete, but I can't stand when the media constantly makes love to one person. He is the Michael Phelps of swimming, the Barry Bonds of baseball, the Lance Armstrong of cycling, and the Usain Bolt of speed. I don't know about you, but I want to hear about the other athletes who are not only breaking records of their own and earning their right to take the world stage, but helping these stars get to where they are. SO OVER IT! I posted something on FB about how happy I was he was licking his wounds and I couldn't believe how many people were "upset" about it. WTF? Get an original idea you followers.
I can't believe people are more sad that he lost than they are happy for a team that made it to the super bowl for THE FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY. I mean, don't people like the underdog story any more?
My good friend Missy says it best:
"...Suck it old man, you had your day and it was over a LONG time ago. Go out on top like you should have the first time you just look old and pathetic like that last pass you threw, ouch man. Seriously, total props to the guy but it was over last year, guess he didn't get the memo."
I sound like a hater. I know. I guess I am. That's what happens when everybody around me gets brainwashed by the media. I'm ok with it.
LOL...Now everybodys a Peyton Manning fan.....

1st tempo run of the year and Tagged

I was tagged by Molly to come up with 10 more things that make me happy. No problem! I love this game.
  1. Finding Lara Bars on sale
  2. Going for a swim after I just shaved my legs
  3. Living in the Pacific Northwest
  4. The first signs of a season's change
  5. Running in the rain
  6. Rubbing my husbands head right after I buzz it
  7. Throwing lead
  8. Drinking wine with friends
  9. Being an American
  10. The human spirit after a tragedy strikes

Now I tag: all the peeps who recently left comments for the first time (ahem, in a while Jocelyn)

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In workout news I did my actual first tempo run Thursday. What a welcome change from the nasty hill repeats I've been sluggin away at.

I took it easy. Real easy. But you know, I'm still feelin' it.

2 miles/9:15 av pace/180 bmp

1:10 RI

1 mile/9:30 av pace/181 bmp

I'm thankful I was able to swallow my ego and not kill it like my legs really wanted to. Also, holy heart rate! Can't wait to get back to where I was when I was marathon training. Hopefully wont be long...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

M.I.A and tagged

I've totally blown off any social networking for the last week. I don't know why.... The trip on the ship was nothing short of AWESOME. Although my hubby was exhausted most of the time it was time well spent and I hope I made the last couple weeks more bearable for him. One more week y'all!!!!!! I can't contain myself. I was tagged by runner's rambles to list 10 things that make me happy. In the spirit of my hubby in the homestretch of coming home I'm adding a special twist. I feel like I'm always just talking about the negative stuff, but there are some positives to our unique situation. 10 reasons to be happy while my hubby is gone:
. 1. We get to write gushy love letters via email
2. Waiting for that one phone call every other week is like waiting for a call from your first crush - the anticipation is exhilarating
3. We don't waste time arguing about stupid shit that doesn't really matter
4. The time we are together is valued and not taken for granted
5. I like to stay looking good so when he sees me for the first time in nearly 3 months he is proud to have such a hot wife
6. We constantly tell each other how grateful we are for each other
7. The first embrace after 75 looooong days
8. I get butterflies the whole week in anticipation of his homecoming
9. We never get annoyed with each other
10. Our love is always growing, yet always has the fresh new feeling
I think most of you have been tagged and I love hearing all the happyness out there. If you havn't been tagged yet - tag your it! Let's hear it.
Race report: The 17 mile trail race never happened. My first DNS and I could care less. The ship was delayed (the story of my life!) and I ended up spending one extra night on the ship, so I didn't get home until later race day. Ask me if I care. I don't!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conjugal visit

That's right! I'm leaving for the ship for three days!! WoooooooHoooooo. I'm beside myself with excitement.
  • Leaving in an hour.
  • Totally blew off my run this morning (which was supposed to be 5 long hill repeats)
  • Whoopsie
  • My coach is psycho for making me do 5 hill repeats the week of a 17 miler
  • I'll try to do it on the ship's dreadmill
  • The ship will be moving and it is super stormy outside so I hope I don't get flown off said suckmill (I'm totally being serious - sometimes my hubby gets flown out of bed)
  • F*ck - I hope I don't get thrown out of bed
  • I'll be back friday

DOUBLE fist pump.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Race Report - Bridle Trails 10 miler

The quick and dirty: The race didn't start until 3pm. I don't like late race starts. I have no idea how to handle the nutrition. Pre race Fuel: I had a little leftover mac n' cheese from dinner last night for breakfast and the usual 2 cups black coffee. I was basically waiting around for this race, which I never like doing. I like to get up and get going. None of this procrastinating workouts. Anyways, I also had a half of an english muffin with pb at noon, and then the other half at 12:30. That was it until the race start at 3. Not enough calories!
At the park:

The trail head was about an hour away so we got there pretty early. Got checked in and then hit the head -- meaning woods. I'll take the woods over port-o-johns any day. The woods are WAY more sanitary and really, if somebody gets an eye full of my merchandise then good for them. (sidenote, my girlfriend in the pink waited in line and it took her ~15 minutes. My trip - less than 5. more sanitary and faster. no-brainer for me. everytime, even at road races I always manage to find a bush no pun intended.)

Anyways, the only downside to my 'woods are superior to port-o-johns' theory was that on my way to the woods I walked through a ditch that turned out to be about 6" deep of muck. One foot got it.


The course:

The course was a 5 mile loop. There were three options: 5 miles, 10 miles, 30 miles. I had two loops to complete. It was MUDDY. fun muddy. Supper muddy. fun muddy. The first loop was good. No problems. My calves and the general surrounding lower leg parts were tired from all the maneuvering and gradient changes. Hopping around trying to avoid roots and downhill mud slides that would love to do nothing but make you fall on your ass and slide down.

The second loop was a little more challenging. Up in the north our sun sets early in the winter. As in by 5 pm it's dark. Knowing this, I brought my headlamp, but because I'm a moron I didn't put it on. When I was coming through for my second loop I thought about putting it on and actually started heading for the parking lot but a few feet into it I changed my mind and decided I was going to keep going and get it over with. Idiot.

By mile 6 I was famished. I had 2 shot blocks with me (one of which I took at mile 5) and I was fading fast. I was trying to keep pluggin' along to beat the daylight but I was tired and hungry and bottom line - lazy. It was a training run and in all honesty, I wasn't taking it very seriously. By mile 7 it was getting dark very fast and every time somebody passed me with a headlamp I would try to hold their heels as long as possible but those ultra-freaks were fast. Too fast for me.

I was trying to run for a mile and then walk for a few seconds. Some parts I had to walk because they were too gnarly and it was too dark. Lots of roots and technical terrain to deal with. I was worried about injury. Plus, you couldn't tell if that was a pile of mud or a pile of steaming horse shit. (it's not called "bridle trails" for nothing - the trial is surrounded by beautiful horse stables). Anyways, since it was dark I couldn't a)see my garmin to tell me what mile I was on and b)see the trial to determine what part of the trail I was on. They started to put glowsticks up on the trail about every 50 feet to keep us on track but it wasn't really lighting the way. More like guiding me in the general direction.

I finally made it to the finish.

Post race thoughts: I actually really liked the vibe when it was dark and I would love to do another trail run in the dark, but only with a headlamp. moron.
final stats:
9.41 miles (um, not 10 miles but whatev)/2:01 total time/179 bpm (kicked up training this week and my heart knows it!) /3,882 ft elevation gain/12:55 pace
BTW, you guys don't miss a beat. I said 'only' 10 miles because next weekend I have a 17 mile trial race scheduled. Fother Mucker.
Fist Pump.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daily Grind

I have a few topics here in no particular order: Base Training - Holy crap I'm out of shape. Seriously. I'm glad I took two (almost three actually) months to be a glutton and overall slacker doing the bare minimum, but damn. This week I kicked it up a notch and have added two a days to the mix. I don't remember two a days ever being this exhausting even when the intensity was significantly higher. Running - So I'm running a trail race this weekend. Only 10 miles. Notice I didn't say 'racing' a trail race. I do have my race schedule for the first half of 2010 that I'll post at some point. I still have a couple of weeks before I have to really get serious about it though. Basically, the first half of the year focuses on running. The first quarter short course (5k's and a 10k) and the second quarter emphasis on a half marathon PR. Trainer - how long will it take my vaj jay jay to "toughen up"? I've only started riding it twice a week for 2 weeks now so obviously, still a new workout, but just wondering..... How often do you change your hand positions? Are you constantly moving them around or does everyone have a spot that is most comfortable? So far, I can't imagine riding this bike for longer than an hour at a time. Is that normal. I find the most comfortable spot is NOT on the brake hudz, but just above that cool? Do you wear your bike gloves on the trainer? helmet? (kidding about the helmet - don't answer that one) Any additional tips that you wish someone would have told you when you first started using a trainer? Don't be shy. Biggest Loser - So I watched the season premier the other night and it was my first time ever watching a whole show. It was interesting. I think I lost 5 pounds in tears. Sad stories, but I maintain my position about people making a conscious decision to become obese. Sorry, but you don't just wake up one day and notice your 500 pounds. I was sad someone had to leave. I wish they could all stay at the compound and get the opportunity to loose the weight, but I understand that's a HUGE part of the motivation.
  • The most memorable part was when that guy (might have been the guy who got voted out) said, "I have a bad knee because of a football injury in high school." Uh, NO - you have a bad knee because your forcing it carry around all that fat.
  • I loved seeing them all on those bikes. They worked their asses off for that!
  • I want Jillian's arms!