Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back - Fist Pump

Holy crap. That's all I have to say about the last 4 weeks of my life. Moving on..... Workout-wise. I've been running, but not much else .Unless you include eating as a workout, in which case I'm in the best shape of my life! No swimming and I've only ridden my beauty (bike) once. What's that all about?! She's sitting in my living room on the trainer begging me to ride her....that's what she said....and I just ignore her. No more! Truth is, I haven't swam in weeks because I haven't shaved my legs. Yes, Seriously. No man and a cold ass bathroom makes for a very hairy woman. I'm going to Costco today to pick up a space heater until we redo the bathroom with radiant heating in those floors. I mean seriously, who designs a bathroom with the tiniest heater vent in the most obscure location that doesn't produce any heat throughout the space? A man who doesn't have to worry about getting goose bumps on their legs right before running a razor over it - that's who.
This is what my workout schedule has been looking like over the last few weeks:
Monday - nada
Tuesday - hills (my nemesis)
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - 'long' hills (my arch nemesis)
Friday - nada
Saturday - 8 - 10 miles on trails
Sunday - nada
So, obviously I have lots of room for more workouts.
Last nights workout -
4 x hills exactly 400 meters long
1st - 2:22/9:21 ave pace/172 bpm
2nd - 2:25/9:38/180
3rd - 2:30/9:55/181
4th - 2:32/10:12/181
not negative splits like they should have been, but I'm carrying about 10 extra pounds in the gut so shut it!
Here's to a happy healthy new year!
Fist pump.


the gazelle said...

yay! you're back!

I, too, have been pretty lazy, although I don't think I can blame anything on hairy legs.

2010 is going to rock! Are you still planning on the XTerra Portland Tri?

Running and living said...

Glad you are back!
That hill workout sounds so tough! I am doing hills, too, and they kick my butt!

Alisa said...

you're doing something! That counts.

My Sparty (aka my bike) is on the trainer too. I'd be on it if I didn't feel like poo! (hey that rhymes).

Can't wait to get caught up on your life. And yes, I still care about your response to my email =). Though I think I've decided not to sign up for anything post Barb's race just yet.

Niki said...

So glad you're back! Been missing your humor! "fist pump" is totally cracking me up! Not sure if you are refrencing the show Jersey Shore or not but if you are, that makes it even more funny! Ha! Don't be a stranger!

Molly said...

Glad you're back! I did some marathon eating myself, 'tis the season although I'm kind of ready for it to end...Happy New Year!!

Running Diva Mom said...

Happy New Year. Here's to a great 2010 and lots of running and PRs ahead of you!!

Meg Runs said...

Girl, you were gone WAY TOO long! We could have protected you from the many evils you have faced, well, maybe not the hairy legs because that's okay if you're guy's not around. Anyway, great job getting out there and hitting your hills and just doing something! Great job! I'm glad you're getting a space heater!

Missy said...

Looking good sista, glad you're get your ass on that bike for Pete's sake;)

Happy New Year to ya.

jen said...

Welcome back! And happy new year!!

Christy said...

Yay!!! You are back! I've missed you!!!

Amanda said...

Welcome back!! I couldn't live without a space heater in the bathroom!

Tara said...

I'm so glad your back girl! I've been eating way too much shit/crap myself. It's all good though; I'll work it off soon.

Get on that most awesome bike of yours and ride. I have to do a trainer ride today too.

Ali said...

Happy New Year ... and welcome back.

Kelly said...

Glad you are back! I've found it really hard to motivate myself to swim in the winter in general. It's just so cold out, I don't have the same "it will cool me down" motivation I had in the summer :)

Meg Runs said...

Thanks Kristen, for the nice comment...I always appreciate and respect you on so many levels. Thanks for caring! I hope everything is going well. Staying warm?

Meg Runs said...

Ha, ha, ha!! I KNOW, I am practically an elite now...I just love name dropping since I know that's the only way I'll EVER get near elite-ness!!
BTW... PLEASE tell me why I have left THREE messages on ONE post...could you please write something so it doesn't look like I'm a stalker???!!!

Kelly said...

Hey- very interesting comment on my post. I think your situation might be a little bit different when you are single, in that you are not living with your husband, but you still have him- aka you are not trying to impress other people (I hope!) haha...but the whole theory basically depends on people not being active and eating healthy together, which obviously is not always the case. Thank goodness!

Amy said...

God Damn you're funny. Double fist pump to that.