Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thank God I Survived the Weekend......holy snikes. First, this cool chic runner is doing an awesome giveaway. A $75 dollar Zensah prize pack. Go check it out. Plus she is just a cool girl and always has great posts. She did a review on a couple of these products (arm warmers, sports bra) and had some really great things to say about them. This weekend was brutal. Particularly Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I ran 10 miles. No biggie. It was perfect weather.
10 miles/10:23 pace/166 bpm
But that is not what I survived this weekend. Saturday evening I went to my cousins wedding. Now, I know how my body responds to drinking after long(ish) runs. I think because I am a heavy sweater I loose a lot of electrolytes and obviously fluids. I usually get drunk a little faster than normal. This is not really a problem when I am home and usually only limited to one bottle of wine. Plus, on the comfort of my couch and DVR, I usually fall asleep before I get drunk. You would think knowing this I would have had the common sense to pace myself a little better. No! I did not. I proceeded to get totally shitfaced and literally spent that night sprawled over the toilet at my parents house. Damn you host bar! I actually passed out with my face on the shitter. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with my face stuck to the bathroom floor. Not my proudest moment. I remember bits and pieces of the night. Thankfully, my family said I didn't make a fool of myself (more importantly to me was making a fool of them). Needless to say Sunday I spend recovering - at my parents house. It was bad. BAD. I think the last time that happened was after my bachelorette party, and before that I have not idea. Yes, I was the drunk cousin at the wedding.
Feeling much better now.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rants & Raves...and workouts

What I am about to say might alienate some of you and drive you away from reading my blog, but just know this - I have listened to a shitload of comments that I either consider ignorant or that I just disagree with regarding politics, and though most of it makes my skin crawl, I respect you and your opinions enough to keep following. As a staunch individualist I disagree with the majority of America right now on most issues, and I despise DESPISE people who are head-over-heels in love with Obama (Obomunists), or any politician for that matter. I don't think it's a coincidence that the drivers holding up traffic usually have Obama bumper stickers -- bottom line, I think people who trust politicians are idiots. Contrary to popular believe, the sun does not shine out of his ass. Ok, if your still with me...it's sad when people die. MJ, Farrah, Ed -- whatever. Unless you won the publishers clearing house, chances are none of these people changed our lives in any noteworthy way. It's crazy the headlines are saturated with this nonsense that in no way shape or form will really affect America. It's always a little crazy when someone we "know" passes, but meanwhile the socialist in office are passing some pretty crazy shit RIGHT NOW. Hello -- does anybody know the House is voting on Cap and Trade today? Ok, this is not a politico blog, and I certainly don't want to alienate any of my followers. It just sickens me that the mainstream is so obsessed with pointless shit and that there is no debate in America anymore. And yes, I am boycotting ABC. Which is a shame because I was really into the Bachelorette. End Rant
Onto the important stuff. Last night I did hill repeats. Pretty good stuff Another circuit workout. 5 hill repeats and in between each one we did a set of push ups, lunges, squats, some other thing that I don't know the name of (just like the other workout). Interestingly, the hill repeat after the sets of push ups was by far the hardest. Which was odd, because it didn't involve any leg strength. I guess it illustrates how much your core is engaged while running. My heart rate maxed out at 192. I think if there was a competition and whoever had the highest rate rate won - I would easily take that title. What is up with that? Total: 3 miles (but it felt like 10!)/1351 ft elevation gain Swim this morning: 200 w/up 600 free 200 kick (no fins) 200 IM 200 pull 200 free ~ 400 fly kick (w/fins)* *I have decided I am going to learn how to butterfly. I guess I'll start by watching you tube vids. Any helpful tips?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Speedwork & Swim

I am happy to report that I finally got back to my regular swim routine and hit the pool bright and early with a 4am wake up call. First, last night's speedwork session. On the schedule: 4 x 800 w/:45 RI, 2 x 400 What I actually did:
warm-up, plyos, core circuit (~ 30 minutes)
800 - 4:01 (8:08 pace/175 bpm)
RI - 1:01
800 - 4:05 (8:09 pace/181 bpm)
RI - :42
800 - 4:04 (8:18 pace/182 bpm)
*I don't get how the pace is 8:18 when it's one second faster than the second interval?
RI - :56
800 - 4:14 (8:22/184 bpm)
Bathroom break
400 - 1:47 (7:13/170 bpm)
RI - 2:42
400 - 1:55 (7:40/172 bpm)
RI - 2:19
400 - 1:46 (7:11/171 bpm)

It blows my mind most of you guys run long distances at my interval paces. Good news -- I am not the slowest person at my speedsessions anymore. A couple of new girls have been showing up lately and they started running the 800 with me. They both took off half way through and finished before me, BUT they were only able to do 2 of the 800's before they quit on the workout. I wonder if they'll slow down next time? A couple of things I need to work on: Pace - I was supposed to run the 800's closer to 5:00, but the first two just felt so good I stuck with it. The second two, not so much. I know hitting your time is very important and will definitely come into play when I begin to do longer intervals like mile repeats etc. Bottom line, I need to hold back at the beginning of the interval. Rest Intervals - Again, go out too fast and I need a longer rest interval before I can hit the next one. This is not what I need to be doing. I need to hold back so that I can take shorter rests. I was supposed to only take about :45 rest, but I was all over the place. PAY ATTENTION when I hit my lap button and stay engaged on the rest intervals. **I had no idea I was supposed to do the 400's and only found out after I hit the head and saw one of the guys doing them. (Usually I am one of the last ones to finish). So that was kind of a shocker and had I known that I probably would have gone slower on the 800's like I should have done regardless. ************ Swim: 1700 meters/~45 minutes

150 free warmup
100 kick
100 pull
8x75 - odds backstroke, evens choice (:25 rest)
4 x 100 IM* (:30 rest)
100 kickboard vertical w/drag
250 cooldown
* since I don't know how to do fly, I replace with free
I totally stuck to the workout down to the rest intervals (which I rarely do). Lately I've been taking longer breaks and now I know why doing 1700 meters never really felt like a workout. Duh!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Yeah - I went there....

Saturday night I went to a bachelorette party........

If you ever get the opportunity - DO IT!! I was so fun. My legs were so sore the next day and I was like, "why are my legs so sore, I only ran 8 miles yesterday" and then I realized. I rode a frekin' mechanical bull and held on for dear life with my legs. Now I understand why bull riders walk so funny. Damn.


Project Suck - It: Week 1 went down without a hitch. The only problem - does anyone know how to retrieve Garmin data when it wont automatically download to connectgarmin.com? I did a hill workout Thursday, but for some reason it wont download. I even tried to "force" it to sync with my computer but nothing. Sometimes when that happens it usually gets downloaded with my next workout, but that didn't happen. It's driving me nuts.

Week 1 total miles: 26

Friday, June 19, 2009


My hubby left for work today. He will be gone for about 75 days. The first week is always a little rough adjusting. So for the next 2 1/2 months I will literally have nothing better to do but train (and blog). I hope you don't get sick of me posting all the lame details of my life.
We spent our last day together at NW Trek which is 700+ acre wildlife park. It's like a zoo only better because the animals (actually, only the herbivores) get to roam free on 400+ acres of the park. Way more low key than a zoo. It gets crowded during the day in the summer, but still not as crazy as the zoo. I haven't been there in years and my hubby had never been. You can take a tram tour out into the tundra with the free roaming animals. We got some great shots. Moose, caribou, big horn sheep (with their cute little calves), lots of big huge bison, mountain goats, etc...We even got to see some sweet little babies with the herd. It was the perfect day to go because it was overcast and mid 60's so the animals were out roaming and grazing instead of laying in the forest shade. Of course we brought our new bad ass camera:
The carnivores of course couldn't roam free or else there would be no herbivores.
I just happen to catch this and thought it was so pretty
It was a great last day together.
************ For those of you who want to try this killer workout let me be more clear about what I did. This is the order I did everything. I tired to have as little or no rest as possible in between
1st part of workout:
3 x 10 pushups
3 x 10 tricep dips
2 x 10 single hamstring bridge
400 m
30-50 crunches
400 m
2 x 10 superman
400 m
2nd part of workout:
1 mile
4 x 400
Hope that is better. Sorry for the confusion. Go try it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Project "Suck It" -- Week 1

Week one of Project Suck It (aka: Portland Marathon Training) officially started Monday. This week is a little crazy because the hubby is leaving for work on Friday so I have to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves. Starting next week, I will be full on training mode.

Next week I will post some of my goals for this training cycle as well as for the marathon.

Last night I did an awesome track workout:
Warm up w/ plyos - about 15 minutes 3 x 10 push-ups 3 x 10 tricep dips 2 x 10 single leg hamstring bridge 30 - 50 crunches 2 x 10 superman After each of the exercises we ran a 400 before moving on to the next set. It was pretty awesome - and hard! 2 nd part of the workout: 1 mile: 8:52 4 x 400: 2:04, 1:57, 1:40, 1:44 Cooldown
This morning I was pretty tight and sore but my hubby managed to get me out of bed despite my protests, so I could get in a recovery run since we have a date tonight.
3 mile recovery run/11:01 ave. pace

On the coaching front -- technically my coaching will start beginning July, but I am pretty much being coached by him already considering he owns the store I run out of, heads the workouts, and tells me exactly what to do. He is also training for the same marathon so I think most of the group workouts will cater around our plan. Hopefully that means plenty of people to run long runs with.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race Report

Sound to Narrows 12k race report:
First off I will say I have a much more positive outlook on life after this race compared to the last. I think I really needed to hear some of the comments you and some of my other runner friends had to offer me. The sweet taste of victory (hitting my time goals) will feel a whole lot better after all the sufferage and bullshit I have to go through to get there. Duh! Now onto the goods stuff. I had little expectations for this race since it is known to be fairly tough and usually people run it for fun, or they try to beat their previous times. I was doing it for neither. This was the race I started training for when I was fresh off my IT band injury 9 weeks ago. The timing of the race fit perfectly into my schedule because it is the week before marathon training and it was just long enough to get me back into shape. I have never run it before so I had nothing to compare it to.
True to Pacific NW summer conform, conditions were perfect - 59*, no wind, and overcast. I had my normal pre-run oatmeal 1 hour before the start. It so nice having the hubbs with me. The timing usually involves him being away at work for most races, so this was a treat. I had a chef, chauffeur, support crew, and photographer. I was stoked!

Pre-race smiles My strategy: run comfortably strong all the way through. Since it was all hills, I couldn't rely on mile splits or time.

elevation chart

My goal: Sub 1:15

Mile 1.5 was all down hill so what to say about that. What goes up, must come down right. I was really concentrating on my form here. Trying to run strong knowing that even though I had done about 10 minutes of plyos and warm - up, I didn't want to open it up and fly to hard right out of the gate.

Mile 1: 8:58

Mile 2: 9:23

Mile 3 & 4 had a major climb and I really wanted to make it up without stopping. I was really trying to draw energy from the strong runners ahead of me, but I had to stop towards the top. I didn't want to waste myself before the halfway point. A little high school kid picked me up before the top and helped get me through it. Thanks kid - good luck in your mile swim coming up Friday!

Mile 3: 10:17 (super proud of that split)

Mile 4: 10:04

Mile 5 had a sharp climb at the end of a long steady climb so I held on again for as long as I could. I tried to draft of a couple of women who were running very strong, but I just couldn't make it up without a little power walk.

Mile 5: 10:17 (again, super proud of that split and how weird that it's the same as mile 3)

The first half of mile six had somewhat steady terrain and I was able to regroup and mentally pump myself up. What a difference positive self - talk makes. I couldn't believe just last week I was actually talking myself down so much. Why did I do that to myself? I was closing in on the last mile. Mile 6.5 - 7 was the climb to the top where we started (remember that 1st mile 8:58 downhill split).

Mile 6: 10:08

By mile 7 all those hills were catching up to me and I had to stop so that I could finish strong. I am a little disappointed here though. I only walked a total of three times and each time I tried to keep it to a minimum (under 20 sec), but I must have walked longer here, plus it was all uphill so I know I was moving slower.

Mile 7: 11:49 (I didn't think I was going that slow)

The last half I knew I was so close to sub 1:15, I was trying to give it all I had. I was weaving in and out of people trying to beat the clock so hard.

I was really fighting the lactic here.

My eye was on the finish line - please let it be sub 1:15. I didn't even want to look at my watch, I just wanted to put my head down and go for the last gut check.

Final Time: 1:15:37

(10:04 ave pace/Total elevation gain: 4,425 ft.)

:38 seconds off, but I'm not going to let me get down about it. That was a hard f'ng course and next year who knows, maybe my goal will be sub 1:10!

Cooling down

More pics courtesy of my personal photographer (and it's my blog so I can have as many pictures of myself as I want right):

If you read that whole thing thanks! And thanks again for all your kind words after my last race. I really did get me through some of those tough spots today. Now I'm off to try and think of a good name for my next goal: Portland Marathon. It's my redemption race for the Seattle Marathon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today I did a brick, but I went back to my roots and rode some sweet ass singletrack. I took those pointless slickers off my mtb and hit the trails. Oh how I miss you singletrack. So. much. fun. It brought me back to a a couple of years ago when I started training for this psycho triathlon. It was so fun. I was literally in the back of my field, but it was so fun and hardcore I didn't care. My proudest moment was when a guy was on my tail during the bike and I asked him if he wanted to pass me and he said no. He was actually following me because he was so scared. It was awesome. Totally chicked him.
I have only done one other xterra, but the course wasn't as good. I ended up getting sick and vomiting on the bike which resulted in me having a long hiatus from Gatorade and probably never being able to stomach the orange flavor ever again. Kind of like when you puke off tequila - it takes a long time before you can go back. I didn't have any water on me and I waited for someone to come around so I could beg for some to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and wet the whistle, but nobody came around and I had just get back on the saddle. Once I finally made it to transition I got lost on the run because the course wasn't very well marked. Long story short, it wasn't a good race but nonetheless when you complete something like that you can't help but feel accomplished because it's so sick.

Playing around

I think this is what the hubbs was doing most of the time -- waiting for my sorry ass to come around the corner.
Very glad we didn't see this guy
"The Look"
We also met this cute old man breaking a little horsey when we were at the trail head. He was so cute and we got to watch him handle the horses a little bit.
Overall it was a fantastic morning and a fantastic ride despite the "use it or loose it" technical abilities to handle obstacles. I am definitely rusty (a.k.a - a pussy) when clearing roots rounding corners. I lost a lot of the skills and quad muscles necessary to climb over roots and rocks etc...
Hopefully I can work this into the summer routine at least a few times a month. There are some good trails around here, but it's kind of scary going alone. At least the first time on a new trial. I worry about injury and being stranded in the woods by myself consequently being eaten by wild animals.
Oh yeah, the run was only about 15 minutes long. My legs were hurtin'!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Goals

Thank-you everyone who gave me such uplifting comments on my last post. Sorry again for the pitty party. You guys really did make me feel alot better. I am ready to take on a new week.
Monday: OFF (hubbs comes home today)
Tuesday: Swim, Speedwork session
Wednesday: 4 miles, core workout
Thursday: Swim, plyometrics
Friday: core workout
Saturday: 12K
Sunday: OFF
Overall goals:
  • I need to loose a couple of pounds in the next few weeks. Marathon training starts this month and I know I wont be loosing any weight once I start logging big miles. I think my weight loss goal might make a comeback in the sidebar.

  • General eating: Stop eating like it's my job. For the last month I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm a big believer in giving into your cravings, but this is out of control. I need to go back to my 'normal' ways, eating for fuel and craving healthy foods.

  • Swim: at least 2x a week. Stop the pussy-footing around it. I love it and it's the perfect workout. Why I am slacking here?

To end on a positive note, I got my hair done Saturday and I am once again, convinced I have the best hairdresser and she is worth every penny. This is the next morning. I did absolutely nothing to it - no brush, no product, nada and it still looks better than when I do it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Race Report

WARNING: you are about to read a very lewd and negative race report. If you are easily offended - this is not the blog for you. Consider yourself warned.

Today I did a 10k. It was a very low key event and I really didn't 'train' for it, but I was expecting a much better performance. The check-in was pretty chaotic. Thank goodness is was a fairly small event because there was a problem with the pre-registered participants and we had to essentially re-register. It took longer than expected and I didn't have much time in between checking in and the start. I ran for a couple minutes warm up then I did a few plyos to loosen up the muscles. Despite the problems with check in, the race started on time which was actually pretty impressive. My strategy was to start out at about a 9:30 pace then around mile 4 pick it up a bit and finish strong. When I was approaching the first mile mark I realized I forgot to change my garmie to time every mile so I was immediately kicking myself. (Note to self: take even the smallest races more seriously and be prepared the night before.) The first mile I covered in 9:26 so I guess mission accomplished there. I am not interested in hashing out the mathematical details in trying to figure out my my mile splits, but I will post my garmin link for those that are interested in seeing just how shitty I am. Upside - maybe it will make you feel better. The second mile was basically a down hill. I actually got a side ace from it though. What's up with that? The third and fourth were good to go but mile 5 - 6 were pretty much incline. I'm over these fucking hills. Yeah, I know they are supposed to be good for you but c'mon how the hell am I ever supposed to get any confidence when I am either recovering or climbing. Annoying!! I stopped at mile 5 for about 30 seconds to sip on some water. The negative trash talk was full force inside my head by this point. "What the fuck are you doing calling yourself a 'runner'? Your so damn slow. Seriously, give it up. What's the point of all this training? Blood. sweat, tears, blisters the size of Mt. McKinley, soreness - for what, to get passed by some bitch with a full face of make up and a fake nails who probably has never done a speedwork session in her life. I pretty much hated life with a passion at this point. I had a good kick at the end when a female in front of me was struggling and I tried to encourage her (I guess it was one of those "fake a smile when your grumpy and see how it improves your mood" moments because I did end up finishing strong. Overall I feel like shit about the whole thing. I am so disappointed in myself. I want so badly to become the swift fast strong runner you all are, but it seems like nothing I do makes a difference. I train diligently. How patient do I have to be to see result? I am not born with the gift of speed or the freakishly low heart rate but c'mon somethings gotta give. I guess there is nothing like a disappointing race to force you to re-evaluate what your abilities are. I am coming back full-fucking-force. No bullshit. I am so completely determined to get faster that I am going to make myself and everyone around me crazy. Portland marathon training starts in a couple of weeks. I have one more race next weekend (which I am not looking forward to because it is a crazy ass course but I am going to treat as a training run) then I will officially start marathon training. No holds barred for this. I am going to eat, sleep, dream about running. I'll even piss sweat I'll be training so hard. I am trying to think of a good name for this next four months. I'm thinking of calling it:

Project Suck It

....as in suck it up bitch because you are going to get faster if it fucking kills you.

Sorry for the pity party potty mouth but I know you guys will understand. Here are the hairy details: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/6613170

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have a ton of things I wanted to talk about, but I can't think of all them right this minute so I will attempt and then cover the rest later. Personal: My hubbs is gone again. Only for about a week, but still - ANNOYING. I mean I knew that he would be gone a lot when we got married, but it's these week long trips in between his 75 day work trips that are the hardest for some reason. Swimming: Happy to report that I finally got my fat ass back into the pool this week. Only 45 minutes and about 1500m (I wasn't keeping track) but it was worth every meter. Why oh why did I forsake you swimming pool? Hope to get in tomorrow morning again, but we'll see. No promises. I think I will be stopping at the store for a bottle of wine later (see above). Work: School's out, and I have been given the opportunity to do an internship which I am very thankful for. However, part of being an intern is dealing with a staff who doesn't really want to take time out of their day to help you so there is very little direction and I find myself very bored. I want to work hard, I want to be busy, I want to work on projects, but I have little to no control over this. It makes for very long days (and I only work 6 hours a day). Ugh. I don't want to complain about it because I know it is a good opportunity (although I am not getting paid) but I need to be challenged a little more. Running Goals: I have decided not to do a triathlon this summer. I was on the fence about it for some time because I really want to focus on making improvements on my running, and while I know the cross training is good for that, I just don't want to deal with the stress that comes with getting in the swim and bike workouts (particularly the bike). I will still swim my little heart out, but it's all about the run. That said, I have decided to pay for coaching to get me through my next marathon (Portland). I have been working with the owner of my local running store casually for a while now, but I really want to step it up and basically have someone tell me what to do. I have had two women tell me to use him. One just had a huge PR at Boston and the other has been using him for a couple of years and went from just under a 5hr marathon to about 3:50 so he comes with a good list of recommendations. The training season starts the same week as the triathlon and I don't want to be distracted starting out straight away. Obviously, I will keep you updated on the coaching front.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's Kick Some Gator Ass

I have been loving all the race reports! Keep em coming.
For the next three nights I will be totally obsessed with this:
4 - 0, Huskies, top of the fourth. BooYaa. I just spent half hour recaping my workouts last week and just accidentally erased it. Idiot! I'm not in the mood to do it all over agian. Maybe tomorow.