Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catch – up w/ short race reports

Where to begin? So far behind on blogging. I think I’m just gonna mark ‘all as read’….I’ve been trying to get caught up for days now and it’s not working. It’s way to hard for me to keep up with following everybody I want to follow so I might need to make some adjustments :(

Couples Retreat

The conference in a word: AWESOME. I met some amazing women! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by other wives who have to deal with the same issues regarding our husbands absence. So redeeming to know that the feelings and frustrations I have are all totally normal. No need to explain anything with them. I imagine this is what support military wives get from their peers. They are very fortunate for that! Some of the women live somewhat close (within an hour or two) so we can actually get together when our husbands are away. We also started a group on facebook…..fun times!

It was non-stop fun. There were things planned for us everyday away from the lodge. We had a party bus. You know with open seating, backlights, and tinted windows (even a mirror on the ceiling – holla). The bar was stocked full of wine which we started drinking every day around noon and by the time we got back, we were pretty much loaded. The guys were in classes until 6 and we would come back and meet them for happy hour (at the lodge). The poor men. Our arrival was the highlight of their day….







We were there for 3 full days:

Day 1 – Nike employee store. Everything was half off. I only spend about 200$ but I got a crap ton of stuff.



that gym bag. LOVE. Sorry if you don’t like pink, but this bag is sweet. My number one item on the list was a new gym bag. Score.

Also scored – three casual tees, 1 pair of running tights, 1 nice tech shirt, sweatshirt…..might be forgetting something?

Day 2 – museum/WINERY. Um, can you imagine how loaded we were after spending all day wine tasting. Yeah. I bought 3 bottles – cab, cab franc, and merlot (all reserves). My mother in law is coming into town this weekend so I’m excited to open one.


Day 3 – spa. I got a deep tissue massage. It was perfect. The girl who administered was a triathlete. Score! So many knots. She worked me over big time. High standards for my next one.

Misc. – I also won a $60 bottle of wine and a $70 bottle in a trivia game and Monte Carlo night respectively. I wonder who I should drink these with?



I’ve also had 3 races the last 3 weekends and I’m exhausted. One more this weekend and then I can switch gears to half marathon and half iron training.

race #1 March 13 – 5k PR (26:10)

race #2 March 21 – The big Climb (15:38)

The big climb (racing up 69 flights of stairs):

The time wasn’t what I was looking for, but I pushed hard so it is what it is. I didn’t really train for it (besides running) and my legs were feeling it half way up. The real issue was my lungs. This was a major lung burner! Once I got to the top, it took about 15 minutes for my lungs to feel normal again. Crazy! I’ve never experienced that before.





 DSC_0088  Team Brady Bunch: Pre climb




Post Climb w/team mascot – Brady :)

race # 3 March 27 -  5k (26:35)

overall – 45

div place – 2/54

sex place – 12

Obviously with that time and those stats this wasn’t a very fast group. I hated the course. How many turns can you get in a 3 mile radius? Apparently, a lot. There were two hills (hills by 5k standard) and part of the course was gravel. WTF?!

 Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Can’t win em all I guess. It was a shitty feeling in the last 800 meters when i could feel myself slowing down and not being able to do a damn thing about it. Got chick’d by two girls and had no kick. I can’t say I could have dug any deeper or tried any harder. I left it all out there. I just didn’t have the juice for a PR.

I’m fine with it.



already tired at the end of warm up – not good. 



just got chick’d. Puke starting to rise.


Sorry about the long post. I tried to entertain you with lots of pictures. LOVE.


the gazelle said...

so jealous of all the wine! sounds like you had a great time.

And nice PR on that first 5K. You are getting so freaking fast! Impressive!

aron said...

loooove all the pics and GREAT JOB on those races!!!

i have my reader organized into folders and kind of give priorities. its SO HARD to keep up with everyone but i try to... i think it helps to separate it out a bit.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

Nice PR! And you're totally allowed a slower time on the second one. You just PRed AND climbed a ton of stairs :-)

That retreat/get-away sounds perfect. That's great that they did that and you were able to talk with all the other wives. I can imagine how great it must have been to have other people "get it".

Molly said...

Fab photos...I think you were a rock star in your previous life.

That retreat sounds like heaven, between making new friends, a massage, and VINO!!!

Burning lungs on the Big Climb?! Yikes, that's cross training to the max.

Good luck on the last race!!

: )

Running and living said...

Glad you had such a fun time. COngrats on the PR! I absolutely love the racing fotos. You look so determined, love it!

jen said...

Love the recap! The retreat sounds so great- how nice to find a group of supportive and understanding friends.

Great job on the races- you look amazing in those 5k photos! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Love the post and LOVED all the pics !! Sounds like you had an awesome time on the retreat. Soooo jealous of your deep tissue massage!!

Alisa said...

It is hard to keep up with blogging. I have a system (basically when my favorite peeps blog I read those first and comment when I can).

Great job on the races---sometimes we just don't have it in us for a PR--it happens. BUT the good news is holy smokes you're fast. Speedwork has seriously paid off for you.

Nike Employee store is fab! I've been once and it was awesome.

Anne said...

Great pics and what a fun retreat!
Congrats on the races...yay!

Meg said...

FUN, fun fun post! You have a long tongue, by the way. No more comments on that subject.
Congrats on the PR and the great pace, you've been working hard!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! So jealous of the Nike store.

The pictures from the race are awesome. Love your sunglasses too.

Ali said...

This sounds amazing! Wine, shopping, spa, prizes, running. I want to go!

I love the new bag!

Anonymous said...

nike employee store, good wine tasting....and a race to boot. You had one helluva 5k time, too!!!

Jamie said...

The wine party bus is my kind of bus! And I'm also a bit jealous of the Nike store! Score on the pink bag :)

Nice job on the races and congrats on the 5K PR!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your first 5K! Awesome time! btw, are those compression sleeves you're wearing? do they work?

X-Country2 said...

Great race pics. You look hardcore!

Amy said...

Drinking and shopping and massages? For 3 straight days? J-E-A-L-O-U-S! What a fun trip! Love, love, loved all the pics. And the Nike EMPLOYEE store? Triple time jealous.

Congrats on the races too but let's be honest, those take a back seat to shopping and wine. oh, how I miss wine.....

Kristen said...

Your 5k times are amazing!!! Great job - even if you didn't like that last one.

I love all the pictures - always make a blog post more entertaining.

Your retreat sounded fun too - wine, massages, shopping - what more could you ask for.

Yay for half iron man training!