Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bikram & Tempo

So yesterday I did the Bikram and it was awesome. It was only the second time I have ever done it, and I must say the second time around was much better. The first time was in August and while I didn't hate it, it wasn't something I was really considering adding to my regular routine. I got a wild hair and decided to do it again, and I am so happy I did. I think I liked the instructor more. She made me feel more welcome I guess plus her direction was great. I also have a confession - I LOVED staring at my glistening body in the mirror. The dim lighting combined with my sweaty skin. HOT! Especially when I was in some of those poses my muscles just popped out and I looked ripped. You think I'm kidding, but I'm serious as hell. Alot of you guys mentioned you do Bikram often and I can see why. I was pretty sore all day. I think I might add it to my forte. Oh yeah, plus I got a $10 discount for being a full-time student. Hells yeah. Instead of paying 18, I only had to pay 10. That's a pretty steep discount. They probably figure most students are only in town for a week or a couple of months in the summer. Ha! So to summarize my Bikram experience:
  • I am hot
  • It's cheap
  • Great cleansing workout

I was supposed to do a little tempo run yesterday too, but I just didn't have it in me after I got home from school. I decided to postpone until today. Just like my strides the other day, this was my first tempo run post ITB injury. WooHoo.

This is what was scheduled:

  • 15 min warm-up
  • 15 min @ 15k pace (9:22)

This is what I actually did:

  • 15 min warm-up @ 10:17 (168bmp)
  • 15 min @ 8:52 (175)

Ooops. a little too fast, but I felt good.

Weigh-in: Not good. I gained 1.5 lbs. How did this happen? I wonder if I am destined to weight under 134? I am only 2 weeks out from being done with this ITB Rehab running schedule and then I can actually start training for real. I wanted to be as close to 130 as possible by then. If it happens, it happens, but I am fine with where I am at now. I do really feel like I can't do much more. My eating habits are great and I workout all week long. It is what it is.

Later peeps

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Goals (March 30 - April 5)

Monday: Bikram Yoga, Run 30 min (w/ 15 min tempo) Tuesday: Push – up challenge Wednesday: Swim, Spin, Run 45 min Thursday: Yoga, Core, Push-up challenge Friday: Swim, Spin, Run 40 min w/6 x 100 strides Saturday: Lots of lovin’ with the hubby (TMI – sorry) Sunday: Run 50 min HUGE NEWS: the hubbs gets home this week. (hopefully Friday) WooHoo. I haven’t seem him in over a month and even that was for less than 24 hours. It’s not an easy lifestyle, but we are very thankful to have a steady paycheck. I’ll probably mention this all week long because I can hardly contain myself. Tomorrow I’m doing bikram for the second time evah. I’ll let you all know how it goes. Hopefully I don’t pass out. I’m drinking a ton of water today to prep for the sweat factor. I also have to go back to school tomorrow. That sucks balls! At least I can get back on a regular schedule. I know my diet will thank me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spin, Swim, Strides & Heart Rate

Today I did a plethora of workouts. Spin Intervals - 55 min Mostly Z4 Swim - 40 min Mish mash of crap. I didn't go with a workout in mind. Run - 30 min w 6 x 100m strides This was exciting for me because it was the first time I was allowed to do strides since my injury. Obviously, because my times are all over the place: 1 = 7:16 (164 bpm) 2 = 6:59 (162) 3 = 6:36 (166) 4 = 6:05 (163) 5 = 6:09 (165) 6 = 5:49 (164) Definitely NOT very consistent. I'll have to fine tune that, but damn it felt good to fire up those muscles! I am trying to work on paying more attention to my heart rate. I think I'm naturally a high beater. My resting heart rate is 85, but I might have to do another test because from what I understand that seems pretty high for someone this active. Happy Friday Peeps!


Spring break is coming to an end. That's ok though, because I don't really feel rested or like a had a break from school so I might as well go back - at least that way my workouts will be back on schedule. (I'll post about that later today)
In the meantime, I got my lazy arse out of bed early (4:15) to swim, spin, and run. I'm glad I did because I just came across this picture.
I'd kill to look half as good as any one of them. Now I'm going to go kill a workout.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheese & Wine

So we have a new wine bar opening up in Gig Harbor that I am stoked about. One of my girlfriends visited their other location and she absolutely raved about it. We planned on going there for some wine and eats last night. The restaurant has been publicized all over here and I thought for sure it was open already, but it turns out they hadn't officially opened to the public yet, only VIP events. We met the manager though, very friendly. Hopefully I'll have a restaurant review for you soon.
Doesn't it look cute
After the disappointment, I took her to another restaurant that touted an impressive wine list and we had the cheese platter. This was only the third time I have been to this restaurant. The first time I had duck, the hubbs had lamb, and it was AWESOME! The best restaurant meal I have ever had - ever. The second time (months later) they must have changed executive chefs and the menu had a ton of Asian flair. Not what we expected. The restaurant's tag line says "flavors of the northwest"...asian?..huh? I had the duck again and it was the nastiest gamiest duck I have ever tasted. The hubbs had scallops and he was super disappointed in those as well. So I gave them another chance last night and what a bummer. The cheese plate was nothing to write home about and they did not make us feel very welcome. We sat in the bar and half way in, the maitre`de actually asked us if we could move down so another couple could sit down. Sure no problem, only there was enough seating for them they just wanted an empty chair in between us. Was that rude of them to ask us to unnecessarily move in the middle of our meal? Then while we were waiting for our check the maitre`de came back and told the bartender - RIGHT IN FRONT OF US - "as soon as these two ladies leave I have two more in the lobby waiting to be seated." Wtf? How rude. You could have been a little more discreet about it. I felt so put off. It was very weird. They are supposed to be a somewhat upscale restaurant (30 - 50$ entrees). I know I blow off a lot of steam on this blog and sound like a total bitch half the time, but really I am a very easy going person and I am especially an easy restaurant patron, but I don't think I will ever go back. The good news is that the cheese plate had an awesome cheese on it. It's called Seastack and it's local (Port Townsend, WA). Yumm-o. It was really impressive. I highly recommend it. I actually went out and found it today. I think I will try it again tomorrow with some whole grain flat bread. I ended up driking too much (I had more wine when I got home) and therefore the 6am spin class did not happen for me. Nor did the swim. Oh well, it was worth the cheese find!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Spring Break

Thank goodness it's spring break week. I have been on the brink of killing somebody without this long awaited hiatus. Unfortunately, two of my professors think we needed to read two gay ass non-fiction books and write papers on them during this time. Thanks for that professors, because my education level depends on a book called "Sacred Balance," and "Bananas." I'm seriously not joking. Look them up - they are beyond laughable. I'll stop now before I want to poke my own eyes out for being so obnoxious.
I survived the slumber party Friday night.....but one of the little shits almost didn't. Manners start at home right? Then I would hate to see what a night at the dinner table looks like for one particular little brat. Wow! A couple of times I had to check myself before I checked her.
The good news: I had so much fun playing Rock Band (Wii). It was a blast. We played it Friday night at the slumber party, then again Saturday night at the family birthday party.

Hmmm, this could be why I didn't post very good results at the weigh-in this morning

Me in all my Rock Band glory

Sunday was The Big Climb. I gotta say, it was much easier than I thought it would be. I didn't 'officially' time myself, but I came in around 15 minutes. Next year if I do it, I will register as a racer and see what I can really do. The hardest part was being patient when I got behind someone who was going slowly. The staircase was an emergency staircase and it was pretty narrow. There was pretty much no passing, but most people were very gracious about stepping to the side. I enjoyed it a lot and I am so proud of my team.

I heard the Columbia Center was the 2nd tallest building on the West Coast and the 19th in the country

At the bottom

At the top....

While I was waiting for my team I had to capture this on film. Next year, I totally want to do this and call my team "Team Flashdance"

My sister and her friend

My sister and I

My sister-in-law and birthday girl niece

Me and the birthday girl Our team at the top
Ready for food and beer!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wet and Windy

Since I missed out on my Wednesday run because I wasn't feeling well, I had to run today to stick with my rehab schedule as closely as possible. I am still feeling a little under the weather but it's just a stuffy head so I decided to go for it. (I did skip my spin and swim workout this morning and stayed in bed until noon).
Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I made the decision to run a terrential downpour hit. My jacket and hat are drencheded. I was heavy and slow. (and I know I look like a tool with those stupid headphones, but I can't seem to find any that actually stay inside my ear)
This weekend will be super busy. Driving down to Olympia to hang with the fam.
Tonight - going to be hanging with the niece for a slumber party birthday. Lot's of crazy pre-teens. I hope I don't fall asleep first, but something tells me I dont' stand a chance.
Saturday - family birthday party for said niece
Sunday - The Big Climb. Holy Shit! I really hope I'm feeling 100% for this.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wed Spin Intervals

I'm fighting a cold. Not cool. It's been knocking on the door for a couple of days now. I thought it was passing, but right now I have a scratchy thorat and am feeling like I just got run over by a freight truck. But that's not why I'm posting..... I wanted to post about my new love: Wednesday Morning Spin Intervals - I love you. I wore my Garmie so I could track my heart rate. We did 6 intervals for about 3-4 min each. Here are my max bpm/interval: 156, 162, 167, 172, 171, 177 http://connect.garmin.com/activity/2614480 I also swam for about 45 min before and then again 15 min after. I wore my new awesome one-piece and just threw my bike shorts and a tank over them. It worked out pretty good because I knew I was just going back in the water - but in retrospect, it wasn't really worth it because I was tired and didn't have the energy to bust out some more drills. Also, I don't think its a good idea to do the push-ups after a swim. My arms were worn out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swim Class Report

So, the swim class was kind of a disaster. Some factors were out of my control, some within. Reasons why I hated the swim class:
  • Going to the pool in the evening is psycho - way too many crumb-grabbers
  • The swim class had only 2 lanes
  • Therefore I had to share with four other people
  • Two of which were slow as hell and consistently got in my way
  • Was I supposed to eat dinner before or after? (didn't get out until 8pm and my bed time is usually about 9)

Reasons why I liked the swim class:

  • I met up with one of the girlfriends who's schedule doesn't allow for swimming in the morning (although we didn't even get to swim in the same lane)
Reasons why I love my 5am swim routine:
  • No crumb-grabbers only serious swimmers
  • The swim class workout is still posted on the white board so I can do the actual workout any time I want (and do it often)
  • I have never had to share a lane with more than one other person
  • In fact, 70% of the time I have my own lane or share with someone who's also there every morning and we are compatible with each other
  • I don't have to question my nutrition plan

Reasons why I had a crappy swim that had nothing to do with the swim class

  • My new goggles I just got were too big (even though I swore I got the exact same ones). I had them as tight as they could go, but had chlorine seeping in the whole time
  • I got calf cramps that moved down into my feet. Worst thing that happens to me while swimming and it usually occurs every couple of weeks. Question for the swimmers out there - Does this mean I am pointing my toes too much? Is it a matter of nutrition?

So, I don't know if I'll actually go back. Maybe in the summer because I suspect there will be less kids there then - therefore less adults too. I stopped at the swim shop and replaced my goggles with a kids pair (what can I say, I have a small freakin head) so hopefully I wont have the chlorine in the eyes problem again too. Come Wednesday I'll be a morning swimmer again.

Sidebar - I got a new swimming suit. It was a big deal because it was a one piece and I haven't worn a one piece in about a decade and never since I started swimming in the pool. I hated one pieces because they make me look stumpy, but I gotta tell you I loved it. I was wearing a tankini and I can't believe how much drag it had. I felt so tight and streamlined in my new one piece. Maybe after I reach my goal weight, my reward will be a two piece.

Weigh-in: I didn't post about this yesterday, but I did my weigh-in and I dropped 3 1/2 lbs. I was surprised. I ate more this week than last so I think I actually figured out my nutritional - workout balance. I also stopped logging my foods and started trusting my nutritional instincts. I obviously wasn't eating enough (hence the meltdown post). I know 3 1/2 is a lot for one week - in fact 2 lbs more than my goal, so I certainly don't anticipate losing that much in the next weigh-in.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly Goals (march 16-22)

Monday: Push-up challenge* Swim class** Tuesday: Run 25 min Wednesday: Swim Spin Run 30 min Push-up Challenge Thursday: Yoga Friday: Swim Spin Run 25 min Saturday: Run 35 min Sunday: Climb 69 flights of stairs *I have to repeat week three. Last Friday I crashed and burned. I was scheduled to do: 22, 30, 20, 20, @least 28. For some reason I could barely do 20 which I have previously been able to burn through. I think my arms were more tired than usual though. I'll repeat week three, it's cool. ** I am also going to try a new swim deal. Tonight I am going to a class called "Guided Swim Workout." I have tried it before about a year ago, but the girl who was leading it gave me some really crappy advice and had me screwed up for a couple of weeks. I finally started asking other experienced swimmers about it and they were like, she told you to do what? She told me to lift my head up so that I was practically looking at the front of the pool, not the floor of the pool. I thought it was odd, but she supposedly had experience and I was the rookie.

Weekly Recap (march 9 - 15)

Monday: CHECK Swim (2000 m)* Push-up challenge Run 15, Walk 2, Run 15 I did the workouts, but Sunday I was feeling under the weather so I probably should have skipped the swim Tuesday: CHECK (sort of) Spin (30min) Core (30 min) Did not have a good workout. I felt very tired and sluggish. This was the day before my meltdown. I don't think this spin class is worth doing any more, now that I am having a love affair with my new Wed/Fri spin sessions. Core wasn't too great either. I think dehydrated from sickness Sunday. (vomiting until noon - couldn't even keep water down). Wednesday: BUST Swim Spin (1 hour) maybe Push-up Challenge Run 20, walk 2, Run 10 This was the day I had my meltdown. I took the morning off (including racquetball). Did the run after school and it was good. Push-up challenge was excellent. I think I just needed some morning down-time. Thursday: BUST Spin (30 min) Core (30 min) ** Still taking said down-time. Friday: CHECK (sort of) Swim Spin (1hour) Push-Up Challenge Run 25 (this will be my first run w/out walk breaks) My spin class was awesome! Facebook status read: "Kristen Barrett just made a spin class her lactic bitch" Swim sucked - I broke the strap on my goggles 5 minutes into it - had to abort. Saturday: OFF DOUBLE CHECK! Sunday: CHECK Run 30 Ran on the suckmill, woke up to 2" of snow. wtf?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thank you to everyone who commented about my pity party. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to be a neurotic mess from time to time.
I feel better, but still a little overwhelmed. I took today off from working out which I think was really smart because I needed the time to catch up on some duties around the house. I get really crazy when my house is so out of sorts.
On the school front - shit is going to hit the fan tomorow. Remember that awesome accouting test that I scored a whopping 46% on? Well, the instructor is in some hot water for being such a shitty professor. There are way too many issues for me to adress here but long story short - she is being put in the hot seat tomorow. I guess someone is coming in to our class to listen to our concerns. It's pretty bad. I'll keep you updated. Someday (long after I graduate and am not consumed with school 24/7) I'll dish the dirt. Actually, probably not - it's not that interesting unless your in the class. So I spend some time typing out my concerns with possible solutions. It will probably be a bitch session for most of these guys, but I actually want to spend the last two months of the semseter learning not suffering so hopefully they will implement some changes.
Also, I am going through a bought of insomnia which has considerably contributed to my anger. It happens every couple of months. i usually have about two weeks of really really poor sleep. This is a typical night: Go to bed about 9pm. I am tired yet can't fall asleep. Watch tv or read magazine until I feel more sleepy. Finally get to sleep around 11 or 12am. Wake up at about 1:30. Fall back asleep around 4:30. Alarm goes off at either 4:48 or 5:30ish (depending on the day). Hit snooze a few times and skip any workout I had planned for that morning. I am scared to get meds because I'll probably get addicted. I usually just ride it out and act extra bitchy. Not really good for anybody, but it is what it is.
Tomorow I'm doing some serious workouts...hopefully I can get some sleep and get out of bed in the morning.
5am Swim, 6am Spin, 25 min Run, Raquetball
Hope all is well in the blogosphere tonight. Peace.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rants and Raves

Sorry peeps, but I need to vent: I don’t know if it’s because I am working out too much or not eating enough calories (aprox. 1600/day), but I suspect it’s a combination of both with a little life on the side. I am angry. Not angry at anyone in particular or anything – just angry. I have diarrhea of the mouth constantly and whenever I look at someone (sometimes I don’t even know them) I name call them in my head. What kind of psycho does that? I think I am totally burned out from school. NO, not think I KNOW. I have been going to school forever, and when I say forever I mean since 2002. I left halfway through my first stint at a community college to go work on a cruise ship because I hated working and going to school full-time. Life has its way of working out and I ended up meeting my hubs on that cruise ship. After about 1 ½ years I got off and went back to school. We did long distance for a year until I finished my classes. The stupid thing is - I was only getting associates in business and little did I know – it wasn’t transferable. (If I knew then what I know now.....) So when I moved to Virginia Beach to be with my hubby (back then new fiancĂ©) a year later and tried to get into the university, I found out they would not be taking over half of my credits. Fu@k! Are you shittin’ me? So I had to enroll in the local community college and get my associates in science. 1 ½ years later – we moved back to the PNW and enrolled in a university. Only, since I was transferring out of state (again!) I lost more credits. Fu@k! Are you shittin’ me. Long story short – I have been in college for like seven years now and I AM OVER IT. One step forward, two steps back. I hate the bratty little left-wing commies running around campus (but at least they are not preaching the church of Obama anymore), I hate that I am older than some of my teachers, but most of all I hate that I am 32 years old (almost – will be in May) and still if fu@king college. I should be pregnant with my second child right now. Seriously. It sucks balls! I can’t believe some of the things that come out of these kids’ mouths. They are so spoiled and coddled. If I had a penny for everytime I hear some little shit say, “It’s not fair....” I could almost say, screw college I can retire now. It’s sick. There is so much more to vent about, but I’ll spare you. The good news…. The hubs* comes home in about 20 days. I am at my wits end (obviously), but I know when he gets home EVERYTHING will be better! He's the complete opposite of me when it comes to patience and has an innate ability to not stress over things he cannot change. He is good for me in that way. Maybe it’s immaturity that I can still get so stressed so easily, maybe I’ll always be this way – I don’t know, but he always puts things in perspective for me.

The response….

So this is what I am going to change to try and combat my situation/meltdown:

  • Eat more
  • Workout less – so that I have more time to myself and not always go-go-go
  • Constantly remind myself that the light is in fact at the end of the tunnel
  • Look at the big picture (I will NOT be in school forever)
  • Pick an inspiring quote and meditate on it all day – (this is opposed to calling everybody a douche bag in my head)

Quote of the day: "It requires less character to discover the faults of others than is does to tolerate them."

Now I am off to catch up on reading your blogs. I am skipping raqetball and will spend the next few hours reading blogs and cleaning my kitchen (a messy house always adds to the stress) and reading your blogs always inspires me! *Did you know 'hub(s)' literally means - center, middle, core, heart, focus, ceter part. Here I though it was just my term for 'husband'. Turns out it is, in more ways than one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Goals - (Mar 9 - 15)

Monday: Swim (2000 m)* Push-up challenge Run 15, Walk 2, Run 15 Tuesday: Spin (30min) Core (30 min) Wednesday: Swim Spin (1 hour) maybe Push-up Challenge Run 20, walk 2, Run 10 Thursday: Spin (30 min) Core (30 min) ** Friday: Swim Spin (1hour) Push-Up Challenge Run 25 (this will be my first run w/out walk breaks) Saturday: OFF Sunday: Run 30 *Monday swim - Ambitious gave me a bunch of swim workouts which I absolutely love! Thanks Ambitious!! I started using them last week and they are perfect! Today I tried one of those workouts from swimplan and it was definitely different from what I am used to. There were two new drills I have never done before: Streamline kicking and Single Arm stroke. Pretty cool. I don't know if I screwed up my initial test though because I whipped through this workout in about 35 minutes - and I even took longer breaks (C'mon 10 sec after streamline kicking - I must be out of swimming shape?) So I did a second set of the drills at the end and added about 200 meters to the cooldown. Pretty good workout. Next time I'll ask for a longer workout and see what happens. I usually do about 2000 in an hour and thats with breaks - especially if I run into the girlfreinds. **My usual awesome Yoga instructor is a very lucky girl and is down in AZ for Mariners Spring Training - lucky bitch! So no Yoga this week :(. Her sub is a woman who has no concept of fluid movents. Up and then down, up then down, abrupt changes constantly. Not cool. I tried her once and that was it. No thanks. I'll sub a spin, but hopefully back to Yoga next week. Happy Monday!! (by the way I did in fact fail that accounting test I spend hours studying for 46%. WooHoo. The highest grade was a 74%)

Weekly Review (3.02.09 - 3.07.09)

Monday: - CHECK Run 3x[10 run, walk 2] Yoga Tuesday: - CHECK Run 3x[8run, 2walk] Spin (30min) Core (30 min) Wednesday: - CHECK Swim (at least 2000m) Spin (1 hour) maybe Push-up Challenge Thursday: - CHECK Run 3x[10 run, walk 2] Yoga Friday: - CHECK Swim Spin (1hour) Saturday: - CHECK Run 2x[Run 12, walk2], run 10 (I'm really excited about this one. Might actually get in more than 3 miles! ) Set 1 = 9:17 Set 2 = 9:24 Set 3 = 10:12 (cool down) Total 3.78 miles Sunday: OFF - CHECK! Full week! I weighed in at 137.5 so only 1 lb loss, but still on schedule. My eats have been impeccable and will continue to be until I hit my goal weight (or until I get a massive craving - whichever comes first). I almost did a spin class on Sunday, but I woke up with a touch of the flu and couldn't even keep water down until the afternoon so obviously the spin was a no go. That's good because I have another full week ahead of me. I am trying to get as much gym time as possible until hubby gets home in about 22 days. I can hardly contain myself.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Women of Sports

Today, I only have pictures to explain how I'm feeling -- Enjoy.
Melanie McQuaid - 3 time Xterra World Champion
Susanna Kalur - LOVE HER!!
Niki Gudex Need I even mention who this is? .
Hottie Hillary Biscay

This is what I STRIVE for

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can I get a Hell Yeah

I am so over Jason Mesnick. What kind of douche bag proposes to a girl while still having such strong feelings for another. What a jerk-off. That's not a man. A man would have not proposed to either one and took a step back before making such a life changing decision. Oooo, the things we do for money I guess. I just wonder how much Jason and Mellisa got for doing the break up on national television. That wasn't necessary either. Whatev. Over it! Jill was my favorite since day 1. I was shocked the day she was sent home. Thank goodness it happened though - Jillian you are too good for Jason anyways, obviously. I was going to write off this show forever after this disappointing season. Until I found out who the next bachelorette was going to be.
How could you not adore her? I promise, if you haven't watched it yet - you'll lover her (and that's saying a lot for me since she's a Canadian ;o)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am so....

...glad I did NOT talk myself out of skipping my workout this morning. The alarm went off at 4:03 (what can I say, I like setting it for weird ass times) and I was full of reasons why I didn't need to get out of bed, go for a swim at such a gawd-awful time and then do a spin workout. But after about 20 minutes I started to feel like a loser and got up. I am soooo glad I did because I had an awesome swim and then an even better spin workout. First - the swim. Since I only had about 45 minutes I knew I didn't have enough time to do the full workout I had planned (plus I was an idiot this morning and forgot it) so I just did a quick warm-up and then I was going to do a few sets of 300. Once I started my first set, it took me a while to warm up, but then about 150m into it, my stroke was smooth and strong. I literally couldn't stop myself. I have no idea how much I ended up doing but it was way more than 300. The reason behind this flawless swim: I swear it's because I shaved last night. Ok, I can hear the laughter in my own head but seriously, I am smooth - too bad the hubs is gone. What a waste of a good shave job. Second - the spin. The same spim instructor I had Friday, Brian, and he rocks!! I am defniantly going to be working Wed. spin into the routine. I found out the details: Wed spin is intervals and Fri spin is a smooth cadence with longer sets of speeds. I forgot to wear the garmie to check on my heart rate, but it was up there. Probably around 180-190 the majority of the time. Seriously lactic. Thanks Brian. So after a killer swim and spin I am considering working a triathlon into the mix this summer. I have done three so far (well, technically two because my first one was during a hurricane storm in Virginia Beach and they had to cancel the swim - and it was the craziest bike I have ever done). The other two have both been Xterra off-roads. I don't even own a road bike and I am not considering buying one. I would use the mtb if I did one. Why not? As long as I did it, say in June, before my PM (portland marathon) training kicks up a notch. Something to think about.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Goals - (3.2.09 - 3.8.09) and other stuff

Monday: Swim * Push-up challenge Tuesday: Run 3x[8run, 2walk] Spin (30min) Core (30 min) Wednesday: Swim (at least 2000m) Spin (1 hour) maybe Push-up Challenge Thursday: Run 3x[10 run, walk 2] Yoga Friday: Swim Spin (1hour) Saturday: Run 2x[Run 12, walk2], run 10 (I'm really excited about this one. Might actually get in more than 3 miles! ) Sunday: OFF Full week ahead, but I am ready for it. Similar to last week and I'll tell ya, my body was aching for some hard workouts after having to take the time off. It is responding very well. In other news..... I weighed myself this morning and I was 138.5 - I think I truly have a few pounds of excess to loose and figure most of it will come of in the first couple of weeks during "detox." The rest is just toning. I'm only 5'3" so there is no reason I can't hover around 130, even with a medium build. I think I failed my accounting test. yay me! Good thing I spent all weekend studying for it. Crap! The good news (misery loves company) - most of the students think they might have failed it too. The knee is doing great! No pain during my run on Sunday - 3x[7min run, 3min walk] *I heard about a swimming website called swimplan.com. It's supposed to customize swim workouts according to your swim level. Before it makes any workouts you have to do an initial test. See how many laps you can do in 5 minutes. I did mine this morning and I did 6 laps (150 meters). I have no idea if that is good, bad, or average. I am assuming average. I didn't want to go all balls to the wall and then have every swim workout they make for me kick my ass to no end. We'll see how it goes.

Beg. of Week

My "week" technically starts on Monday. It used to start on Sunday but in the last few months since I have making my workout schedules I have started with Monday. There is just something about making the first day of my week super productive that sets the tone, rather starting with a lazy Sunday. After reading and admiring some of your blogs out there I have decided to start a "Weekly Goals" and a "Weekly Recap" post since duh - one of my main reasons was to track the shiz. I don't' think I have been doing a very good job with that. So goal 1 - more organization in the posts.