Thursday, February 25, 2010

Awards and 6 things about me

Molly at I'm a Sleeper Baker gave me this Gorgeous Blogger Award. Conversely, I'm giving myself the Your a Shitty Blogger Award because well, I suck at blogging lately. Regardless, I'm totally flattered and I'm supposed to list 6 things about me. 1. My husband and I met on a cruise ship. The twist is, we were not vacationing - we were working. He was an engineer and I was a stateroom steward. It wasn't love at first sight, but I developed a crush on him over time and boy he was a hard one to get. Very shy. Very very shy. I tease him all the time about how lucky he is that I'm such a pushy stubborn broad and didn't give up on him. We fell in love in Germany (on the ship) and coincidentally we were both scheduled to get off the ship on the same day (coincidentally again, it was both our last contracts and our sign off date happened to be the same). We signed off in Honolulu and make a vacation out of it. We spend 3 long happy days together (off that blasted ship) and it was in our room at the Marriott that he first told me he loved me. 2. After we parted ways at the airport we continued to have a long distance relationship for a year. He lived in Virginia and I lived in Washington. We both knew it was worth the wait and a year later I moved to Virginia Beach to be with him. A year later we were married. 3. A little over a year after that we moved back to the West Coast where we reside now in a little town on the water, Gig Harbor. We love it here. It's only about 30 miles north of all my immediate family so when he leaves for work I don't feel totally isolated. We bought a gorgeous house that was built in the late 90's and are remodeling it top to bottom. We are both homebodies and love investing our money into our homestead. My husband does all the work himself and I am the President of the design committee. We love it. We are about 75% done and I am getting together house photos to do a 'before' and 'after' montage. Pictures to come soon. changing subjects...... 4. I used to be a pack a day smoker. Gross. I can't believe I ever did that. I replaced nicotine with running and it's by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was inspired to run by a friend of mine on the cruise ship. She was from Ethiopia. She was fast and she didn't even try. We lost touch and it kills me that I can't remember her last name but I think of her often. 5. I have three tattoos and kinda regret all of them. I will never admit that to my mother though. Ironically, I used to have my nose pierced and I miss that pretty little diamond. last but not least.... 6. I have decided to cut myself off from wine until April 3rd* which is the end of my short-course racing season. I have a tough workout calendar throughout the whole month of March and I clearly have no concept of the term: moderation. If I want all my workouts to count, to be 100% I can't be pounding bottles of wine every other night. I realize this makes me sound like an alcoholic. I'm not. I am keeping it honest though. *with the exception of a few days in March where I will be at this place.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where to begin...?
I did not give up on blogging. Thought about it, but I think I'll stick with it for a while longer to see me through this years training.
Jumping right in. Last week I had a stellar week of workouts:
2 swims
2 weight circuits
2 trainer rides
3 runs
1 Yoga session
This week - not so much.
We had 6 cubic yards of mulch delivered and Sunday we spent all day shoveling it out.

Thank you Mr. Dumptruck man

The finished result is nice, but all that shoveling jacked up my neck and by Sunday night I could barely rotate it. I had already blown off my bike ride that day so I was totally pissed about potentially missing workouts on Monday too. Ultimately, I had to. I woke up Monday with a stiff neck and I knew a swim and weight session was out. I might have been able to pull out that trainer ride, but instead I layed on the couch with a heating pad on my neck watching the Olympics.

Finished results

Which brings me to my next point. I was so psyched about watching women's hockey. I love the sport, but never get to see games because it's not too big here and we all know women's sports are grossly under appreciated in general. Unfortunately, the games aren't turning out to be so much fun to watch because it's a bloodbath. Team USA and Canada are the only real Olympic contenders so the only game worth watching will be the finals. It's a little worry some that they'll take the sport away until the rest of the world catches up (which is similar to what happened to baseball and fastpitch for 2012).

Going back to my workout schedule.....this week is basically a shitty week for workouts because I'm leaving for Mexico, err I mean Southern CA, on Friday and wont be back until Monday. That basically leaves me with nothing but running. My workout calendar has lots of scratches and re-writes on it. It's NOT pretty!

Peace out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to normal....we'll sortof

Sorry I've been totally absent. Guess what. Hubby's home! He got home Friday. Life just makes more sense when he's home. Probably wont be getting around to do much social networking for a week or so.....I'm barely getting in my workouts as it is. I just (un)officially made this recovery week. Sorry peeps. Bear with me. I'll be back to a routine in a little while. In other exciting news - I got an iPhone. I LOVE it. I'm totally wondering why there are still people out there without this little handheld piece of goodness. And wtf took me so long? I am shocked by the myriad of apps available. Crazy. So........, which ones do I need? :) I am looking for a case as well. Anybody have a good recommendation? I feel like a tool asking for advice just after I told you I was blowing you off for a few more days, but I know the iPhone cult wont let me down.