Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where to begin...?
I did not give up on blogging. Thought about it, but I think I'll stick with it for a while longer to see me through this years training.
Jumping right in. Last week I had a stellar week of workouts:
2 swims
2 weight circuits
2 trainer rides
3 runs
1 Yoga session
This week - not so much.
We had 6 cubic yards of mulch delivered and Sunday we spent all day shoveling it out.

Thank you Mr. Dumptruck man

The finished result is nice, but all that shoveling jacked up my neck and by Sunday night I could barely rotate it. I had already blown off my bike ride that day so I was totally pissed about potentially missing workouts on Monday too. Ultimately, I had to. I woke up Monday with a stiff neck and I knew a swim and weight session was out. I might have been able to pull out that trainer ride, but instead I layed on the couch with a heating pad on my neck watching the Olympics.

Finished results

Which brings me to my next point. I was so psyched about watching women's hockey. I love the sport, but never get to see games because it's not too big here and we all know women's sports are grossly under appreciated in general. Unfortunately, the games aren't turning out to be so much fun to watch because it's a bloodbath. Team USA and Canada are the only real Olympic contenders so the only game worth watching will be the finals. It's a little worry some that they'll take the sport away until the rest of the world catches up (which is similar to what happened to baseball and fastpitch for 2012).

Going back to my workout schedule.....this week is basically a shitty week for workouts because I'm leaving for Mexico, err I mean Southern CA, on Friday and wont be back until Monday. That basically leaves me with nothing but running. My workout calendar has lots of scratches and re-writes on it. It's NOT pretty!

Peace out.


the gazelle said...

I think that the workout that comes with mulch shoveling probably made up a little for the missed strength training - and it looks good!

My biggest problem with the Olympics is how it's jacking up my sleep schedule. Why do I have to stay up until midnight? Why do I care about heartwarming human interest stories? Just show me some sports, and don't wait until 8 PM to start the evening coverage! ACK!

Ahem...have fun with your trip!

Missy said...

The yard looks gorgeous! Very nice work out there - it totally counts as a workout too!

Jocelyn said...

Great job on all your works outs...and yes that does include yard work! Hard work really does pay off because it looks really nice!

Chic Runner said...

Man, this sounds weird, but your house is sooo pretty! I've never seen pics of it and I love it! :) Nice work with the mulch yucky! ha ha. Nice job on all the workouts. I think housework is considered a workout too.

Niki said...

Great mulch job! Wanna come do my yard? Haha! How is your grass so green? Very jealous! Great job on the workouts and don't give up on blogging!!

Molly said...

wow, you have a beautiful yard! I forget what grass looks like since it's been snowing since Thanksgiving.

ugh, sorry about your neck! I did that recently just by stretching after waking up, I think it's age.

My DVR is going to be running out of room by the time the Olympics are over...but hey, how about those SAINTS!!!!

Julie said...

The yard looks fabulous!! Make sure to take care of the neck:)

Running and living said...

The yard looks great. Have fun in Mexico, and pick up training when you come back!

Alisa said...

Your house looks amazing!

So totally annoyed that the Olympics are in OUR time ZONE and we get delayed 3 hours---WTF? And they show filler like a piece on polar bears! Totally fine at 2 pm on a sunday maybe but not primetime.

Enjoy Mexico!

Jody said...

yay to warm weather for you in socal!

Anne said...

Great job on last week's workouts and I agree shoveling mulch is definitely a solid workout! The yard looks amazing :)

Chloe said...

wow! What an amazing YARD! I can only imagine what your house looks like! :) Can't wait to crash on your couch for a few night! Ha!!

Meg said...

I love your yard, everything is SO green! Visit me while you're in SC!

Christy said...

Your yard looks beautiful! I'm super jealous!!!

Where do you do yoga? Studio? Gym? Home? I recently bought a yoga dvd, and I plan on trying it tonight.

Keith said...

I would have counted the mulch shoveling as a mu(l)cho workout. And felt good about it after. The only thing that yard is missing is some nice snow.

And stuff about polar bears is NOT filler. Everything else (unless it's about polar bears chasing politicians and lawyers) is the filler. As you might guess, I'm not watching the Olympics. Though I regret missing the bit about polar bears.

Stick with the workouts as best you can, some times it goes good, other times not so good.

Keith said...

30x50. Broken up into 3 sets of 10. I use a flip flop as counter by treating it as the hand on an analog clock. IE pointing it at one, then two, ect.

Ali said...

I am having a 'not so much' week too. Mostly due to watching the olympics ... I'm addicted.

Your landscaping looks amazing.

joyRuN said...

I hear you on "not so much." Also with you on thinking about dropping the blog, but I still need my validation ;)

Amy said...

Skipping workouts is good when you're injured. Glad you got to watch hockey and hopefully that made the guilt were off.

LOVE your landscaping and from what I can see, house. Love how green the grass is too.

Have a fun trip to CA!!!!!

ESH said...

Thanks for reassuring me on my decision to run Birch Bay! Some of the peeps in my office were like "Birch Bay is not the best, go to Deception Pass."

I was like, c'mon fellas- a) there is no marathon at deception pass and b) you all live here year round and are spoiled by these sights!

I am pumped for it!

X-Country2 said...

Your project turned out great!