Monday, May 31, 2010

Duathlon Race Report

Yesterday (Sunday) i was supposed to ride 43 miles. I was so excited about my route and was planning on 50. Got up a 4:45. Out the door by 6 to meet a girlfriend at the park n ride. On my way there it started raining and by the time I showed up it was pouring and the sky was dark as far as the eye could see. I was so pissed. It’s been raining non stop here. I constantly have to remind myself of why I like living here. It’s really starting to piss me off. It’s never been the rainy this late in the year before. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t bother me as much if I wasn’t riding a bike. I’m sick of being ‘tough’ and sucking it up through my workouts. I want some fucking sun and temps above 55.

After I came home I was going to get on the trainer but as soon as I got on I felt like shit. Mentally. Defeated. The last couple of weeks have been hard without my husband.

Anyway, I decided on a whim to sign up for a duathlon. Why not?

2 mile run, 13 mile bike, 2 mile run. Short and sweet.

A friend of mine was doing it and I knew it would be a VERY low key event so it would give me a chance to practice transitions.

It was a good experience. It rained (of course. grrrrr) on the bike for about 5 minutes, but overall it was decent weather. they offered a tri, but the swim was only 250meters which hardly seemed worth it. The transition area was a total swamp.

what I learned:

  • untie your shoelaces. duh. I didn’t bother doing this after the first run so by the time I got to the second run I had to untie them to get them on. Do you guys use those elastic shoelaces?
  • less is more in transition
  • make sure bike computer is set up. I just got it and frankly have no idea how to use it so I didn’t know what to do when it wasn’t working
  • I need to drink while riding. totally dropped the nutrition bag. thankfully it was only a short race.
  • I need to get re-fitted. My crotch has been very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that if it was normal, cycling wouldn’t be a sport.

I didn’t push it. It was all about experience. I have an A half marathon this weekend and I’m pushing for a PR so I didn’t want to screw it up by blowing out my legs for something like this.

My average speed for the bike was 15.6 MPH.

I’m disappointed in this because this was a flat course. The bike is my biggest limiter. How do I get faster?

Also, I’m super tired right now. My legs are fatigued. Is this the result of the duathlon that I didn’t push (in which case I have a lot to work on) or is it just the result of training hard for the last couple of weeks?

(added later – I was thinking about why I’m so fatigued and I realized that I didn’t eat or drink anything until I got home from the race which was like 2 1/2 hours after the race. I am usually very anal about my nutrition pre, during, and post race/workout. I think this is a big contributing factor.)

This week is a recovery week/taper. After this weekend it’s going to be all about the bike!!


Running and living said...

I am slow on the bike, too. It will take years for us to get faster, our muscles need to get used to the bike. ALso, the more mileage, the better, but it is so time consuming. Oh, and the run is such a function of being strong on the bike, so basicly I suck at all three:) It's OK, though, I am having fun. Hope you are going to get some nicer weather. Rain on the bike sucks! Congrats on the duathlon

jen said...

Awesome job on the Du. Great lessons learned. I do have the stretchy shoelaces, so worth it.

I hear you on the weather, wtf?? We better get a great summer and fall after all this.

Keep it up! :)

Jody said...

get some yanks for sure!! as for the bike try more hills or some intervals on the trainer or hope for wind at your back!!!

Meg said...

It sounds like you've been super charging it the past couple of weeks and NOT eating anything definitely plays a part in bonking-rest up this week! It sounds like you had a great time today anyway and you're learning so much(and sharing it with us).
Hugs to you regarding the husband thing, hang in there!

Tara said...

Good job girl on your "spur of the moment" duathlon! Sounds like good practice for your upcoming triathlon.

Yea, biking in the rain sucks, I'm always scared that I'll fall.

Hope you had a great weekend. Also hope your hubby returns soon!

Jon Gilchrist said...

yeah...get some yanks...they'll def help. as for the'll need to make sure U are mixing faster cadence work with slower candence power work. You've got to "pay the price" in teh saddle..which does take some time. You can enhance the quality of your bike sessions by focusing on sessions that mix faster tempo work with slower cadence power work at various levels just beneath and just above your LT.

joyRuN said...

I keep hearing that time in the saddle is what gets you faster. Which sucks given how I'm currently hating my bike.

I think I wasted too much time switching shoes in my short du. I lost time in transition when others just dumped their helmets & ran.

Ali said...

I have no advice to give just praise and congratulations. Well done!

Anne said...

Great idea to do a low-key duathlon to pass the time while waiting for your hubby. Glad you figured out why you were so tired. I hope you're feeling energized now!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a good practice du! It let you work out some "kinks". Nice job!

Molly said...

yeah, definitely get that crotch situation figured out before it's the All About The Bike phase.

Hope your ole man is home soon, thinking of you chickie.

Keith said...

Yes, I was dubious about those elastic shoelaces. They are a bit of a pain to get right, but then you can forget about them.

If you're going to start doing some serious bike distance get your bike fit checked out by someone good. Some small adjustments can make a world of difference. Don't be afraid to check out different saddles.

There are two things to getting faster on the bike. Ride more. Lots more. The other is to practice spin technique. The better you can spin the further you'll go with less effort. Good luck with it!

aron said...

nice job on the duathlon!! my husband is trying to get faster on the bike too, he has added intervals on the trainer and then is pushing it harder on his long rides, i think its paying off :) chris does have those shoelaces too, they seem to help.

the rain for running is one thing but i bet it is SO frustrating for cycling!

Staci Dombroski said...

I am horrible on the bike!! I need to practice with it more :)

RBR said...

Nutrition is my nemesis as well. I am getting better, but amazing how much of a difference it can make.

How do you get faster? Hell if I know. If you find out drop me a line. :)

I just slip my shoes on. No yanks. My feet swell up like fat sausages so my shoes are always loose. Makes my toes happier and I lose less toenails.

Great job!

Tara said...

Nice job on the duathlon! I want to get faster on the bike, so if you find the magic answer let me know ;) I do feel like the more time I spend on the bike the faster I am getting, so I just think it takes time. I can slip into my shoes without having to re-tie them, but I am thinking about getting the special shoelaces.

Amanda said...

I've tried the elastic shoelaces but didn't like them. I felt like they were either too tight or too lose and I never could get them adjusted right. My husband loves his though, so you might want to give them a try.

Alisa said...

Blah weather is stinky!

Great job on the Du!!!!!!!! I'm not sure how to get faster on the bike. I think b/c we have nothing to compare it to, it's hard to judge.

Keep at it!

Niki said...

Great job on the spontaneous duathlon! I will keep those transition tips in mind for my tri :) Never tried the elastic shoelaces, I keep my laces really loose all the time so I'm just able to slip them on and off. Can't stand tight shoes!!

KK said...

Wow-nice work on the last minute Du. First of all, get those laces, you won't ever think about shoes or laces again (which is a good thing). Second of all, duathlons are hard. VERY hard (harder than tris, IMO). Total thrashfest to your lower body. Third of all, 15.6 mph is a very respectable time for not pushing yourself. Head up, girl. D, say no more about contending with weather. I'm in your camp: sick of sucking it up, stop with the wind and rain already and give us some sun. And don't tell me to stop complaining about the weather, either-If it's pissing me off, you're gonna hear about it and you're gonna like it...Also, about getting faster on the bike: it's just like running. You gotta do hills and intervals. And push a bigger ring at times to develop power. I didn't even know how to shift gears when I first started riding and then I spent a good 4 years really putting time in on the bike and now I feel like it's my best discipline. You'll get there, just takes time.

BTW, it's sunny here in Colorado now (finally). Just sayin.

and good luck in the half mary this weekend!

Kristen said...

What a fun little spur of the moment race! I agree - 250 is hardly worth getting wet for - hell I do a longer warm up then that.

Bike speed - interval training? I have no idea - just guessing but it works for running so I would imagine it would work for cycling but I have no hard data to back that up.

I am slightly jealous of your cold weather - well maybe not of the rain but the temps are pushing 80 - 90 this weekend.

I hope the hubby and you have time together coming up soon!

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job turning some crappy weather into a race experience and learning some transition tips! That's how it's done!!!

I think weather is putting everyone in a's been raining here too and it NEVER rains in May! Hang in there!!

Amy said...

I think you were definitely fatigued b/c you didn't eat. It's so hard to remember everything when doing triathlons (or duathlons) compared to running races b/c there is just too much shit to think about!

I don't use those stretchy shoelaces but I have like a toggle on mine. I don't know how to describe what it is in writing (other than toggle). It's like a little oval thing with a button you press in to make the laces tighter and they are super cheap at a running store. If you can't find them remind me and I'll google them for you.

I think you are doing great. Don't get down on yourself (easier said than done). You've been training A LOT and need a break.

And ETF, when does your hubby get back?

Amy said...

That was supposed to say "W"TF not ETF.

Lastly, rain always depresses me and makes me irratated. Especially when it ruins workouts.

X-Country2 said...

Great job on a last minute race. And yes, get the stretchy shoe laces. Not only do they look totally legit, but they make a world of difference. :o)

Meg said...

Stunning? No one has ever called me that. I DO MISS you, girl!!! No really! What IS up???

Christi said...

I just found you blog and I am really enjoying it! Thanks for sharing your race report!