Monday, February 28, 2011


How do I reintroduce myself? With a round of the ABC’s of me! Saw this on Runner’s Rambles. Liked it.

Age: 33

Bed size: Just went from Queen to King a month ago. Life is so much better.

Chore you hate: Edging (the lawn)

Dogs: Sadly, none. Husband is allergic

Essential part of your day: pooping

Favorite color: totally depends on the day/item/mood etc.

Gold or silver: Platinum bitches

Height: 5’4"

Instruments I play: Wit and Sarcasm

Job title: Sex kitten

Kids: working on it

Live: Gig Harbor, WA

Mom’s name: Cheryl

Nicknames: yes

Overnight hospital stays: had pneumonia in first grade

Pet peeve: people who talk on the phone or answer the phone while standing in front of a customer service representative. RUDE!

Quote from a movie: “Your ego is writing check’s your body can’t cash”

Right or left handed: right

Siblings: 3. 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister

Time you wake up: usually around 3:40. Annoying.

Underwear: bikinis 

Vegetable you dislike:  beets

What makes you run late: friends who are habitually late, are usually not friends for very long. I despise lateness.

X-rays you have had done: fingers, knee, ankle, back, teeth. Probably more that I can’t recall.

Yummy food you make: chateaubriand

Zoo animal: Lions and Tigers


Amy said...

I HATE LATENESS TOO! I'm always 5 minutes early and I still feel like that's late.

Loved this post.....welcome back!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

i knew there was a reason i needed to start following your blog. thanks for the alpahbet intro!

Aron said...

yay keep the posts coming girl :) I love the ABC posts!

Janice {Run Far} said...

Great answers.

EricaH said...

Nice list :)I love how great J & K go together

Molly said...

Ahhhh, just what I needed, a post from you that cracks me up. : )

KK said...

Welcome back, friend.

Loved the "wit and sarcasm."