Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dresser Project

I bought this at a yard sale and I want to transform it into a nice piece of furniture.



Paint options (I’m only picking one color):


blue family


neutral grey



Next, which finish?


And finally, the hardest decision. Hardware.

each is pictured in the polished nickel (on left) and satin nickel.

restoration hardware bistro pull in satin nickle

restoration hardware

duluth pull in polished nickleduluth pull satin nickle

RW - gilmore pullgilmore pull  in polished nickle

all from Restoration Hardware. I’ve been searching knobs and pulls online for three days straight. I was limited by 3'” center-to-center screw holes. Finally gave up on all that business. This is why I don’t shop at thrift stores. I have no patience for endless searching. I know what RH has to offer in terms of quality and reliability. That is worth a higher retail price (although all this hardware is super affordable!).

I have my favorite, but I’m not sure it will look the best with the curves of the dresser…….

DSC_0270 (2)

What combination do you think?

 paint color, pain finish, hardware, and hardware finish


Christy said...

OOOooohhh! Love all of this! I happen to love the lightest shade in the "darkest" category, the low luster finish, and the satin nickel hardware finish, and I love both the first and second row! Whew! Lots of decisions! :-) What is your fave?


This is AWESOME! I love neutral gray, semi-gloss finish, 2nd statin nickel pull (2nd row, 2nd one down). Can't wait to see the finished product!

PS LOVE your new hair! :) You look FAB

Amy said...

Omg I have to email you a website tomorrow of awesome knobs and hardware! I'm writing on my iPhone so I have no idea if this comment will even come through. XO

Alisa said...

I'm a fan of gray/neutral furniture but I really like the lighter blue as well. I really like the top or bottom hardware on the right side. As for paint finish I have NO clue on that one...probably any of them would look great except maybe the super high gloss??!?!

Amy said...

Now that I'm not on my phone I also like the neutral gray colors. I have NO CLUE on the finish though. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Amy said...

I'm BAAACCCKKKKK. So I decided I like the lighter gray in the "nuetrals" section with the brushed nickel cup pull. Still unsure on the finish. Will that be my dresser when I visit?????

Amy said...

And I love your wedding ring combo. (Ok, officially done commenting on this post. I swear.)

KK said...

LOL Amy. I was going to say that I have no idea on any of this because I'm so ghetto I would have thought the dresser was okay as is (in a vintage way). BUT , what I did notice was your wedding ring combo-lovey love love!

And I love all your comments on my posts. BWI, good one!

kristen said...

I like the greys and the top right hardware...and I'm a fan of a more matte finish. But I'm not good at home stuff so take my likes with a few grains of salt!

Jenn said...

I like the lightest of the darkest grays, the satin hardware, actually all three styles and a low luster finish! Fun project!!!

Molly said...

I like the satin finish of the last set of hardware, it will be easier to keep clean. and I like the neutral grey, the blue makes me think that it would go in a little boy's room. Again, the semi finish, so that you won't see dust as easily.