Thursday, June 16, 2011

Regrets and Remorse


It still pisses me off that last year at my one and only attempt at a 70.3 I got a record heat day. I feel cheated. And it still bothers me.


A good friend of mine just did Boise 70.3. She did awesome and I’m jealous. Happy for her, but still – jealous. She had the finishing time that I was training for.

I wish I would have done another, but what do you do. You can’t just find one the following weekend.

And now I’m convinced the bike is what fucked me up. Well, that and marathon training a few weeks later. I will not train for another event like that without a solid bike partner(s).

I know it was amazing even to finish that day, but Eff. How do I get over this disappointment? Unfinished business?



kristen said...

I love the brutal honesty at the beginning of that 70.3 race report. :)

I don't know how you get over it. It is so hard to deal with the fact that the factors that are out of your control are often the factors that affect the race the most. Weather is one of those things that can make or break you and you can't do anything about it. And it sucks!

I hope you find a way.

fancy nancy said...

I love your honesty here! Holy hot!! My one and only Boston Marathon was in the midst of a Noreaster....I know the sting! Weather sucks!

Wee Bri said...

Just started reading your blog and I totally feel you! The 2010 Lake Stevens 70.3 was my first HIM as well. I raced a FULL hour slower than I trained for due to the ridiculous heat. Living in WA, I just wasn't prepared for that weather. Since the race, I've read a lot more on heat conditioning and plan on paying more attention to that in the future. You totally have a right to be angry about how things turned out…for a while. The only way you'll get over it is to try again and give it more umph and do even better than you planned for in 2010. That way you can look back and say something like, "See, I do rock!"

If you don't already, def. train w/a triathlon group. I trained for the LS 70.3 solo as well and feel I undershot my potential w/out others to help push me. If you do join a team, put out feelers and never be afraid to propose a training date not scheduled by the team! I'm hoping to race IM Canada in 2012 and I'm facing all these same anxieties all over again - training w/the team gives me confidence when I would otherwise doubt. Maybe this is up your alley too - smash your regrets by rocking a full IM ;-)


Chloe said...

It's flipping hard to deal with. But no worries- just find another race to make your bitch. Then you'll say 'take that 70.3'. :)

Alisa said...

I can sooo relate! Train for another one? :)

Aron said...

Ugh I am sorry, it just sucks :( I hate when things out of your control come and screw up the ONE day you have been training for.

This is how Chris still feels about his 70.3 too - he is glad he finished but there is always the "what ifs" - hwat if my bike didn't break and I was pumped and could have had a good run, etc.

They are so time consuming to train for and EXPENSIVE to reg for, but you will get another shot and you know what you want to do differently so you will ROCK it no doubt :)

Christi said...

I have some unfinished business at that distance also so I know where you are coming from!

Jenn said...

I KNOW it! HUNDREDS of hours of training and it does feel as though you've been cheated with weather like that. Yep, unfinished business:)

joyRuN said...

I had read that report & it amazed me then & now that you stuck through it.

Only problem I'm afraid of with riding in groups is that I'm getting used to a pace line & can hover right below 20mph because I'm essentially drafting off people. When I'm on my own, I'm lucky to hit 17mph.

I took comfort in the fact that I can run a half marathon no problem, but the way my runs have been going so far, it looks like I'm screwed for the swim, bike, AND run.

I cut down my readership by about 75%. I’m only reading/following 1/3 of what I was before. -- Same here.

Amy said...

Drink wine when you're down? I do. And I feel the same resentment for my STILL BOTHERSOME IT band issue. But I ran a mile today so that's good. Yes, no mile. And I'm happy about it. I think it helps to re-prioritize the important things in life. But it doesn't help the jealousy. (I hate your friend, btw. Just kidding. Sorta.)