Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanks for the Love

I can always count on my blog peeps to lift me up when I’m feeling down. THANK YOU for all your nice comments. Feeling better.

There are a couple of reasons why I haven't focused on triathlons this year. One is because of my IT band injury, and the other is more personal. Maybe someday I will give myself another shot at it, but until then I have to acknowledge what I DID do, rather than what I didn’t. (don’t we all!). I know full-well how hard I worked, what I dealt with in training and race day, but the bottom line is that sometimes you really want the numbers to show that. Insecurities? yes.

In sharp contrast to yesterdays photo, this morning:

47* is perfect for running. Not so perfect for an OWS. But that’s how we roll up here.


45 minutes later: It feels like somebody punched me in the face with Novocain and water boarded me with salt water. But pain makes you feel so ALIVE. doesn’t it?


Fake it till you make it.



Puget Sound (aka cold ass water) Wollochet Bay:


My awesome friend Mellissa swam SANS wetsuit. She is a phenomenal swimmer. And very nuts. If you ever hear of someone swimming from Alaska to Russia, it’s likely her.




A long hot shower and cup of coffee later, I can feel my toes again.

Spreading the love SHOUT OUTS:

Go over to Running Sane and wish her luck at Grandma’s this weekend! She is a hilarious and very REAL blogger who tears it up on all over the arctic tundra (minne-sot-a to you and me). GOOD LUCK GIRL!!

Also send some love to the freakishly strong athlete Running, Tri-ing, and Living who is racing Patriot Half Ironman this weekend! You are such an inspiration! Many well wishes to you Ana Maria!



Christi said...

Wow, it looks like you had a great OWS. But I think that is a little too cold for me. Yea, I am a wuss that way!

Alisa said...

Brrr! yes, us PacNW'ers who are in the water BEFORE mid-August are nuts! :) Way to go.

joyRuN said...

47?! Are you crazy?!

I won't get in until the water hits the 60s, & even then only with a full wetsuit.

Yes, I realize I'm such a wimp.

Anonymous said...

you're crazy, the SOUND?! BRRRRRR!
(but good job, i'm impressed!)

KK said...

Good for you gor getting out there in that cold ass water in those temps. YOWZERS. You are more hard core than I thought...

Molly said...

I know what you mean about focusing on the bad, and not focusing on what you did that was good. Think of all the people who never come close to doing any of the swimming, biking and running that you have. That alone makes you a rock star.

Damn, was there any ice floating around you when you swam?? lol : )

Meg said...

I am such a cold water wimp!! But that lake looks pretty inviting...I'd just stay in a few seconds though.
I can totally relate with you wanting to see the numbers after so much training...I'm not sure if it's insecurities or the fact that I want something to SHOW ME how much my training paid off. But no, we just keep trying and trying. It WILL pay off someday(and then it probably won't be good "ENOUGH!" ha!)
Keep swimming you toughy.

Amy said...

I have not read your other post (yet) that you're referring to but I loved this one. You are funny my friend. And is it weird that I would like to one day swim the Puget with you?