Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weigh in Monday


Thank you all so much for the ideas for the dresser. Yesterday I sanded it down and hope to get a couple coats of primer on it by this weekend. Hopefully I can unveil it by next weekend.

I’m attempting a double workout today in preparation for Ragnar. 3 easy miles this morning then 3 miles with hill repeats tonight. Nervous, but I’m getting a massage sandwiched in between which I think will really help. I know it’s only three miles, but there is still a small part of me that expects the injury to reappear so I’m really making an effort to SLOWLY increase mileage.

I’m still having problems commenting on some blogs. Something about the comments being embedded on blogs. I don’t know. I just know when I try to comment on certain ones, it kicks me off and prompts me to log in to Google reader again. Frustrating and annoying. So if I’m not commenting, it’s probably because I can’t. Not because I don’t want to!


Molly over at I’m a Sleeper Baker is doing a 2nd round of Weight Loss Challenge. Well, less of a '”challenge” and more of a support group really. But I’ve decided to play along this time.

I don’t talk about my weight very much on this blog, but it’s often on my mind, as I’m sure it is with most of you. My self-worth isn’t attached to my weight necessarily, however I do feel better about myself and better in general (particularly my energy level) when I feel ‘light’. <-contradiction much? I know you know what I’m talking about.

Until recently, I haven't been running or training AT ALL over the last several months I haven't really had a major focus on nutrition. I dieted (awful word! but the right one for this instance) for Hawaii. Then I splurged when I got back. And have been ever since.

As it stands, it can either go two ways: I can go up a size, or I make a conscious effort to lighten up.

TMI – if you don’t want to hear about poop then skip next paragraph.

This challenge comes at a very pointed time. I recently spend two days constipated. I know everybody is different, but I am an EVERYDAY pooper. Usually twice a day. The other day I didn’t poop. Ok, no problem. The next day I didn’t poop. (incidentally, had an awfully horrible pathetic run) and that night I literally slept on the couch (in pain) waking up nearly every ever (in pain) and drinking water in an attempt to move and flush things along. So many things wrong with that situation that even I’m not comfortable sharing. How do people live like that? I think it’s because I ate a whole package of Oreos in less than 48 hours. That’s like 40 Oreos people!

Ok, safe to begin reading again.

My goals for this weight loss challenge: 1 pound a week (challenge is 5 weeks)

More specifically: eat 25-30 g of fiber, 3-4 servings of fruit, and 4-5 servings of vegetables

The focus being less on losing weight, more of what I’m eating.

Meal Plan designed to keep a tally of fiber, fruits, and vegetables:



The keys to success will be preparing foods that I can easily grab and eat during the week.

Such as –

Lima Bean Salad














Lima Bean Salad

red onions
prepared lima beans (I grab frozen ones)
cherry/plum tomatoes

Combine and refrigerate.


Summer Fruit Salad

several fruits of choice at produce stand




Secret Ingredients: Mint and Lime (a little zest and juice)























Here’s to a week of healthy eating and pooping.

Molly is also running the NYC marathon this fall and is raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. She’s having a ton of fun giveaways and prizes all summer long to help raise money.  You should go check her out!!


Christi said...

Good luck with your weight loss and I can't wait to see your dresser.

Molly said...

let's get the nasty stuff out of the way....do you drink coffee?? that usually helps to flush things out, or a massive smoothie.

drool, drool and drool over those salads, I'm all over that lima bean one. I never think to make anything with them, usually just stick them on the side of my plate.

thanks for the great PR Baby! : )

kristen said...

I agree about the coffee...definitely gets things moving in the morning :)

Now to better things- those salads look delicious. Especially the bean and veggie salad. Now that it is getting hotter, it is time to break out the cold but filling meals!

Running and living said...

Those salads look amazing! And I love your plan, so healthy and realistic. I would have no problem getting on your diet, so yummy!
Yes, strong coffee gets things moving for me, but it has to be good strong coffee - I travel everywhere with mine:)

joyRuN said...

Warm prune juice. Sounds gross, & it kinda is, but works every time ;)

That lima bean salad might make it onto my plate this week - I've been failing at fruit/veggie intake.

Alisa said...

Grrrr, I typed up like three comments before one would actually post. Agreed blogger is annoying.

So, first off, I TOTALLY understand about the TMI paragraph, I had an issue with that a couple years back. Increase the fiber (which already sounds like you're doing) also, smooth move tea works wonders if it's been a couple of days and you want things MOVING. Also, for some reason soy milk works for me too.

Can't wait to see the dresser!

And, those salads look soooooooo good. Isn't summer fruit just the best!?!?!

I made an edamame salad not too long ago that looked similar to the lima bean one you made, it was great.

PS We really need to hang out soon! Let's plan a trip--you're not THAT far.

Amy said...

I would like to come over for meal time and help you eat what's in those pictures. Please (and thank you).

Why does weight weigh so heavily on us women? It's annoying.