Friday, October 23, 2009


I haven't really gotten back my motivation to workout. I've been lazy. Really lazy. Still drinking lots of wine and eating even more ice cream bars. I can't help myself. I've only run a couple of times, swam once, and rode the bike once. Pretty lame. I keep negotiating with myself: after today, after this weekend, one more know the drill. Your all my witnesses, I'm giving myself until Monday....... The chief reason why I've been so unmotivated is because my calendar is empty. No coach telling me what to do, no training calender on the refrigerator to follow, nothing to keep me focused. I've been doing lots of searches trying to find races for 2010, but not alot is up yet. This is my plan for the rest of the year: Remainder of 2009: October 31 - 8k November 26 - turkey trot (undecided on whether to run the 5k or the 10k) December 13 - Off road Duathlon (7.2 mile run, 11.4 mtb) December 19 - 5k None of these will be "raced" they'll be just for fun. I'm especially excited about the duathlon. Should be cold, wet, and muddy. My major theme for the first half of 2010 will continue to be speed. Lots of short races. The second half I am hoping to do another xterra triathlon and maybe an ows event. Preliminary 2010 schedule: January 16 - Mega Fat Ass 17 mile trail run March 14 - 5k May 2 - Tacoma City Half Marathon May 17 - Capital City Half Marathon June 26 - Seattle Rock n Roll July 18 - OWS (1 mile or 5k) August 7 - Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon Augutst 15 - Xterra Portland I need to find a 10k to race. Hopefully something in April will pop up. I know Project Suck It made me faster and I just want to blow all my current PR's out of the water. These are my PR goals: 5k - 7:30 pace (23:18) 10k - 8:00 (49:42) Half Marathon - 8:30 (1:54) I haven't talked to Coach about any of these time goals yet. I know the 5k goal is doable for me, but I have no idea how the other distances stack up. I will start up my training with Coach officially in November. Also I have added an OWS to my calendar. I've been thinking that I need to do something different this year. I know swimming 1 mile is doable for me and I would love to attempt the 5k distance, but I'm no fool. I realize the amount of time swimming would monopolize training for that and I don't think that's what I want. Not when my running is improving so much. Also I would love to do the xterra portland this year, but August is a little sketchy for me. That's still a bit of time out right now I suppose. Obviously these are very preliminary races, but I need something to focus on right now before I turn into a piece of lard that can't get off the couch without maxing out her HR.
In other news, my hubby and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary this week. It's actually in August, but since he was gone.....We went out to a great dinner. I had duck and it was sooooo good. I love fall menus!
Here are some pics from our wedding weedend on Orcas Island.


the gazelle said...

I also feel a little lost without anything on my race schedule! Your time goals are super awesome - btw! (And you'd better come do the Portland XTerra! You have a place to stay if you need one.)

Alisa said...

Oooooh that OWS sounds fun! I think that might be the weekend before the 70.3 I think I'm doing. The 1 mile might be gret prep, would love to do 5k sometime!

I love your target goals, wow! I really need to adopt project suckit. Like really bad!

Love love love your wedding location and pictures...amazing!

Anytime you wanna come to Ptown you have multiple places to crash.

P.S. Too funny, the word verfication says "rubit" hahahahahaha.

Jamie said...

love the pics! happy anniversary! definitely take it easy/fun the rest of the year. you deserve it! I wish I could make it out west to race with you!

joyRuN said...

Kristen, your wedding pics are beautiful! Happy anniversary :)

Those are some speedy race goals, girl - NICE!!

I'm the same way - I need something to train for otherwise I get super lazy.

Amy said...

I have hair envy - you have the best hair. LOVED looking at your wedding pictures, you look(ed) so happy.

I am in the same boat re: training (we've talked about it). I like your race schedule. You have a little bit of everything. Maybe you can find a 10K in Colorado? Just sayin'.... :)

Cheers to 2010!

Meg Runs said...

I love these wedding pictures, you two are TOO cute! I also have hair envy!
Nice running plans! The dulathon sounds like fun and I like all of the rock and roll marathons but I haven't done the one in Seattle. I'm sure your goals will bring back your motivation.
P.S. One summer we went to the San Juan Islands, I will never forget that experience...gorgeous!

Molly said...

love your wedding photos, you look so happy!

You've got some great goals to shoot for...good luck.

I've been slacking as well, I think it's the time of year. I have a 5k tomorrow that I'm going to try and be speedy for...we shall see!

KAT said...

Love your goals..speed is something that I NEVER work towards, so props to you. And that OWS, go for it girl, thats awesome :)

Btw, pics are georgeous- lovee them!

Niki said...

Love the wedding pics!! You looked gorgeous!! I think the preliminary schedule looks good!!

Missy said...

Oh, happy anniversary. Love the wedding pictures - I love the ones where everybody is laughing too.

5K swim - totally doable but it IS a lot of time at the pool/in the water. You're right, everything else did suffer a little because of it BUT my swim improved exponentially. I have been able to rely on that swim fitness for most of my tri racing this year. Just some thoughts.

Kelly said...

I love your wedding pictures, so pretty! I think it's hard to motivate yourself after a big race like that and you really do deserve some time off haha.

Anonymous said...

awesome races! The variety will keep things exciting. the duathlon looks fun.

beautiful pictures.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness, you are so gorgeous! Your wedding dress was just amazingly beautiful!

Your upcoming schedule sounds so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!!!! I definitely need to have a race schedule or I'm on a one way train to lardsville! hehe Your schedule for next year looks like a lot of fun!