Saturday, January 23, 2010

1st tempo run of the year and Tagged

I was tagged by Molly to come up with 10 more things that make me happy. No problem! I love this game.
  1. Finding Lara Bars on sale
  2. Going for a swim after I just shaved my legs
  3. Living in the Pacific Northwest
  4. The first signs of a season's change
  5. Running in the rain
  6. Rubbing my husbands head right after I buzz it
  7. Throwing lead
  8. Drinking wine with friends
  9. Being an American
  10. The human spirit after a tragedy strikes

Now I tag: all the peeps who recently left comments for the first time (ahem, in a while Jocelyn)

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Fat Girl Running (btw, love that tag line - keeping it real!)


In workout news I did my actual first tempo run Thursday. What a welcome change from the nasty hill repeats I've been sluggin away at.

I took it easy. Real easy. But you know, I'm still feelin' it.

2 miles/9:15 av pace/180 bmp

1:10 RI

1 mile/9:30 av pace/181 bmp

I'm thankful I was able to swallow my ego and not kill it like my legs really wanted to. Also, holy heart rate! Can't wait to get back to where I was when I was marathon training. Hopefully wont be long...


Anne said...

I can't wait until a 9:30 pace will mean taking it easy for me. Good job reigning in the ego :)

Anne said...

I do love my celebratory wine! As for tagging me...well, I'm a tad confused, cause that's not me :)

BrucePavon said...

forgive others but not yourself. .................................................... said...

Love your happy things!!


I love your 10 things - those are great!!! I love most of those, too (especially drinking wine!!). Great job on the tempo run, too!

Tara said...

I love your #10 on your list. It's so true isn't it? Wish we were always like that.

Nice job on your temp run. My heart rate has been incredibly high lately too. What the hell gives?

Keith said...

Nice list!

And yes, per your question, I do make my own wine. Fun. Check out the wine label on my blog. It's not hard at all. Sterile is impossible, but keeping things clean is important.

Christy said...

We ARE so much a like! Ever time after I cut Wesley's hair, I love rubbing my hands over it! Swimming after shaving is the best, and I absolutely love running in the rain. :-)

Are you on facebook? If so, find me via my!

Molly said...

love wine with the girls too...or with the boys....or just wine in general. : )

Staci Dombroski said...

Great pacing! Thanks for tagging me :-) Have a great week!

Alisa said...

Your number 5 makes my HATE list =).

I really need to adopt a project suck it. Why am I so unmotivated to do speedwork?!?!?!?!

Jamie said...

Great list! And nice work on the your first tempo run!

Julie said...

Hi Kristen,
First of all I absolutely love the name of your blog!! Secondly, that is a great list! This is my first time visiting your blog and I can't wait to read more. By the way I love the black and white picture of you in the left hand corner of your look beautiful:)

TX Runner Mom said...

Love your list! Great job on the workout...I aspire to have a sub-10 minute pace as my easy pace. :-)

Tara said...

HAH! I just got your comment on my blog. I rooted for Peyton and the Colts over the Jetts, so I find it fitting that I root for them in the superbowl too. And I DO think he's going to stomp all over NO. The only good thing about NO as far as i'm concerned is Reggie Bush, he's a HOTTIE!

Ooooo's on now! May the best team win! Go Colts! ;)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

So much to say. 1st, I am so jealous of your racing plans for 2010. I normally have half or the whole year planned too, but this year with the hip injury, I can't do that, boo hoo.

I want to do the same regarding the weight. (up again - boo hoo - urgh!)

Go Saints! I wanted the Saints to win too but stop hating on Farve, ha ha. As a fellow USM alumni I have to like him. Not so much when we were at USM (we were there at the same time) but over the years he has gained my respect through his spirit and love of the game, and his longevity. (They live 8 miles from my house and I pass his property on my long runs.) You are not alone, many are "over him."

Amy said...

Drinking wine with friends....mmmm.