Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures and Randomness

I took lots of pictures of my trip to the ship last week. Here goes:

In Port Angeles, WA waiting (forever) for the ship to arrive.

Still waiting.....
Finally arrives. Have to take a shuttle out (because they're anchored). The ship is only half full of oil. Thank God because all they do is throw over a rope and I have to scale up it like a pirate. Kidding. They lower a ladder. Wouldn't that be scary as hell, albeit good cross training. I'd just have to take a shower because I would probably shit my pants on the way up.
On the way to the refinery. Gorgeous
Aft At the Cherry Point refinery. This would be a great picture if I didn't have the stupid camera strap hanging out. Another ship. Love me some tugboats. My hubby thinks I'm crazy most of the time, but he humors me. (btw, the hair is the first thing to go when he gets home)
Another gorgeous shot on the way home.
So glad it's almost February. Then it will be full speed ahead! No more hill repeats (well, for one month at least) and lots of speedwork. Plus I'll feel like I'm officially training again. I'm so over base training. I liked it at first. Whatever, whenever. But overall - I need a plan to feel 100% committed.
The added workouts are getting easier. This is what a typical week looks like:
M - swim (2000ish meters)/trainer (~45 minutes)
T - hills - but now speedwork/circut
W - swim
T - hills, temp, speedwork/circut
F - yoga
S - Trail run (~1.5 hrs)
S - bike
I want to lose like 7 or 8 pounds by my first 5k which is March 13th. Which is 1.5 lbs a week. Doable, but we'll see.
I am so excited about the Super Bowl!!! The Saints hold a special place in my heart. My grandfather is from NO, my mother was born and raised there, and all of my family on my mothers side still resides there. They are great people. But the real reason why they hold such a special place for me is because many of my favorite memories include watching the Saints play football with my grandfater. He was a die hard Saints fan and an avid football watcher. He is where I get my crazy emotional reactions to watching sports. I'm a freak. Trust me. Last week I couldn't sit down for the entire 4th quarter and I swear I almost shit myself during OT. (This is how I act during competitions on Survivor too.)
I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house that was next door to them (they gave my mom and dad an acre of land for a wedding present and they built the house where I grew up on it). We were very close and I was devastated when he passed. I wish more than anything that he could be alive to see his team go to the bowl, but I know I'll hear him yelling and cussing at the game from Heaven. RIP Grandpa.
Anyways, this post is longer than I intended it to be but I have one more point:
Brett Farve. OMG. RETIRE! I seriously can't believe how many followers of this man there are. Yes, he is an exceptional athlete, but I can't stand when the media constantly makes love to one person. He is the Michael Phelps of swimming, the Barry Bonds of baseball, the Lance Armstrong of cycling, and the Usain Bolt of speed. I don't know about you, but I want to hear about the other athletes who are not only breaking records of their own and earning their right to take the world stage, but helping these stars get to where they are. SO OVER IT! I posted something on FB about how happy I was he was licking his wounds and I couldn't believe how many people were "upset" about it. WTF? Get an original idea you followers.
I can't believe people are more sad that he lost than they are happy for a team that made it to the super bowl for THE FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY. I mean, don't people like the underdog story any more?
My good friend Missy says it best:
"...Suck it old man, you had your day and it was over a LONG time ago. Go out on top like you should have the first time you just look old and pathetic like that last pass you threw, ouch man. Seriously, total props to the guy but it was over last year, guess he didn't get the memo."
I sound like a hater. I know. I guess I am. That's what happens when everybody around me gets brainwashed by the media. I'm ok with it.
LOL...Now everybodys a Peyton Manning fan.....


Tara said...

LOL. I wished we lived closer so that we could put a wager on the game with beer as the prize. I see why you like the Saints so much. Great story!
Even better pictures!

BTW-I hope the old man finally retires too.

Jocelyn said...

Great pictures!
I am a packers fan so you can guess how I feel about him. Go saints! So over hyped. He also is the top interspersion thrower. Woo.

Staci Dombroski said...

Love the pictures! What a gorgeous view :-) Have a great week!

Anne said...

Great post and gorgeous pics!
Thanks so much for the books on ipod idea...I love it!!

Tara said...

You're on! $10 gift card to REI.

Do I *really* believe in the Colts? Honestly, I could care less who wins; I'm a Chiefs fan (being from Kansas City), but we all know THEY aint going to Superbowl anytime soon. So yeah, it would be fun to put a $10 card to REI up for wager.

Here's my virtual hand shake.

Chloe said...

Nice fotos! Glad you got to spend time with the hubby!

Well, the N.O. coach is a pretty good client of Big J's. So I have to be a Saints fan - but I'm ok with it :) I'm pumped about heading to Miami this weekend and checking out the foodball goodness that I'm sure will be going on!! said...

No seriously, actually RETIRE, Brett Favre! :)

Jamie said...

Great pics. Favre is an impressive athlete but he should have retired the first time round. The comeback didn't work for Jordan and it's not working for him

Niki said...

Aww so sad, I am a Brett Farve lover! Always have and always will be! But there is a point in the game when it's time to let it go... that's all I'm gonna say about that! Haha! Love the pics, looks like you had an awesome time!!

Molly said...

Beautiful pics, looks like something out of a movie.

What great memories of your Grandpa, and I'm with you in rooting for the Saints. NO deserves it, plus I like Reggie Bush. (Although my hubs always wonders aloud if they're going to show Kim Kardashian in the box).

Brett Farve can kiss my ass.

I'm bummed that football is almost over, but bring on the Olympics!!!!

Meg said...

Is blog betting, like, legal??? I guess I'm just kind of pissed off at you because I LOVE Brett and his scratchy, gray beard. He is so hot for an old guy and
I LOVE his "pants on the floor" dance. You are such a hater...

jk : )

Go Saints!

saundra said...

I am so with you on Brett!!!! Such a prima donna!!! And would someone buy the man a razor PLEASE!!!!! I did feel bad after about the 4th hit he took, though. I mean, he is old (in football years).
I can't pick between NO and Indy. I like both QBs.
Great pics. I found your blog through Tara.

Alisa said...

Beautiful pictures!

I didn't really follow football this year. I'm a 49'ers fan so whenever they suck I usually lose interest in following the playoffs. However, I really dislike the Colts so go Saints!

I totally agree that certain figures get hyped the one that is annoying me lately is Apollo Anton Uhno of speedskating---your sport is boring and no one watches the winter olympics so get him outta my face, HAHA JK! That being said, I do like Brett Favre =) hehe.

Ali said...

Great pics, looks like you had a great time!

Teamarcia said...

Awesome pics!
I agree BF is awesome but needs to retire already. Enough.

Since the Bears suck as usual I am very happy for the Saints. They hold a special place in my heart. Not sure why though!

D10 said...

The pictures are great! I agree with you Farve stay home and retire. I am so sick of all the media that follows him.

Chic Runner said...

I love all the pictures from the ship! That is so exciting and I'm glad you got to see him :)

Christy said...

I love your pics! You are so beautiful! You and your hubby make a very cute couple.

I'm totally with you on the BF thing. He needs to retire now.

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

X-Country2 said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Great pics!

Kristen said...

Cool pics!

I am sad football season is over. :(

Favre, like so many athletes, don't always know when it is time to hang up the towel and leave while they are on top.

Missy said...

Hahahaha, yeah, I can't help it that I'm a hater too. The Saints NEED this but I am afraid that Peytie Pie is going to hand it to them. We'll see. Would love a Saints win - could you imagine??? The longest Mardi Gras celebration evah.

Love the pictures of you on the ship with hubs. The only thing I can equate it to is when we worked opposite shifts and only saw each other on the weekends.

KK said...

That was very sweet what your wrote about your gramps. Love the cussing from heaven part-lol does god allow that? Probably, it is heaven after all :)

Very cool pix and funny about "the first thing to go when he gets home" comment. You have waited a long time for his arrival-you get carte blanche to tell him to do whatever you want!!!

Running and living said...

Love the pics, particularly the one with you and the hub! So cute! Nice schedule, too! I have not done any biking in ...months now(oops)! Good luck with training and weight loss (do you really need it?)

Julie said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing:)

Amy said...

I loved this post. The pics of course (gorgeous) but also the stories about your gpa. I was rooting for the Saints but now I really will be, b/c of you. And I agree...RETIRE BRETT!