Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Checking in

Hubby is home. Life is good.

I will be in and out of town over the next couple of weeks so blogging will be sporadic at best. I will have my phone with me, but likely no commenting.

I’m doing my best to try and keep up with you all, but my double life kicks in and it’s a 180* in lifestyle change. As you can imagine. It takes a couple of weeks to adjust.

Lots and LOTS of pictures to come in a couple of weeks.


Amy - the gazelle said...

Have fun w/ your hubby! YAY!

Amy said...

No commenting (or reading of blogs) necessary. Enjoy every second w/ the hubs. Is it wrong that I want you to tell him hi for me?! Hi Insert-Name-Here-But-I'm-Not-Sure-If-You-Want-All-The-Wackos-On-The-Internet-Knowing-It-So-I-Won't. (Though-Im-Pretty-Sure-I-Mentioned-It-Last-Posting, so sorry).

PS: I have NOT been drinking (for once).


Have fun with your hubs! Can't wait to see pictures :) Enjoy.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love those Sperrys. If I didn't already have different color pair I could probably justify (maybe) their purchase! :)

I found your blog through A) being a fellow Gig-Harborite(ian?) B)the name - big fan, and C) just read the post about the yoga retreat. Super jealous.