Friday, May 6, 2011

Shopping Spree + Hair Pic


Before every vacation it seems to be imperative that I go on a shopping spree for said vacation.

The goods:

First up – Eddie Bauer


love, love, LOVE that long sweater with the belt. LOVE. Half off, plus another 30%. LOVE.



Ann Taylor Loft (they have the PERFECT color story right now!)



A beautiful albeit very wrinkled purple linen dress.






Old Navy


this will be the purse for the vacation. $12.00. The cheapest purse I’ve ever bought and a score.





cheap swimsuit top (to match another full swimsuit I already own) and even cheaper seasonal tanks


Nordstrom (the holy grail of accessories)


both the shoes and wrap will go with purple dress above.

Side note – these shoes are ULTRA comfortable. Granted I haven't worn them for longer than 5 minutes, but I fell in love as soon as they went on my feet.




Double Side note – the belt and super sweet bling shoes are not going on vacation with me. I just couldn’t pass them up. (shoes = AMY!)


New hair! …..and bling shoes at the end.



Molly said...

you're so cute : ) love the hair!

I'm so terrible at shopping, I never seem to have any luck....can't decide if the shoes or sweater are my faves...and it sucks, they closed both of the Eddie Bauer's near me!

Amy said...

DAMN! I didn't even recognize you in the pictures at first. DARK. Me likey.

Um, I love everything and have bumped up my trip to visit to next month so we can share your clothes. Mmmmkay?

No, seriously, great purchases. All very versatile and you got some GOOD deals. And I am more certain that the bling shoes (please send me a link, I need them) can go on vacay too. They're the perfect "oh, me? I'm on vacation and could only bring 3 cute pairs but snuck these in" shoe. Seriously.

Have the best trip!

Alisa said...

Love!!!!!! All of it! The shoes, the clothes and the HAIR!!!!!

I think I might be due for a shopping spree.

Chloe said...

Can I come and raid your closet? I promise I will clean and return :) But I agree with Amy - they are all very versatile and I LOVE every new purchase you made!

Hais is smoommmking hot!

Meg said...

So cute!! Love the hair, so much darker but it is perfect for your skin color. Darling, you look like you feel good and that's awesome too! Maybe having hubby home helps as well!
Your spree looked fun and productive, enjoy!!

Amy - the gazelle said...

Your hair is AWESOME! It makes me want new hair. (Can I have yours? So pretty!)

I also need a shopping spree to go with my new job.

Also, how much do I love that you posted shoe pics for me. SO MUCH!

Amy - the gazelle said...

ha! shoes were not for me, but for other shoe-loving amys. I still love them. :)

KK said...

LOL Amy. She did mention I am coming on that trip that just got bumped up a month, right? Glad we're all on the same page.

Several things:
a) you could not be cuter.
b) or a smarter shopper
c) but please don't confuse "smart shopper" with "cheap shopper." I only see very strategic purchases here with an equal balance of adorable, yet not too pricey.
d) if you do not post pictures of these outfits in action on your vacay, your name is totally Mudd.

Aron said...

LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! You are adorable posing too :) love the clothes also - makes me want to go shop!

kristen said...

Love the hair and love the yellow stripes!