Monday, August 24, 2009


I was tagged by SinGal, a really cool triathlon chic living in Vegas. She's about to release some "big news" that she's been holding out on us with for weeks. Go check her out.
So here goes:
1) Who is the hottest movie star?
This ones easy. Hands down - Mathew McChonaughey. I have been in love with this man forever. Maybe cliche, but I don't care. He's hot. I even have permission for my husband to sleep with him if the situation ever presents itself ;)

Come to momma.

The guy on the left is pretty hot too, although not a movie star he's still a celebrity of sorts. I'd take either one.

2) Apart from your house and car, what is the most expensive item you have ever bought? Does tuition count?

3) What is your most treasured memory?

I think it's actually a collective of memories. I loved all the summer camping trips I took with my family during my childhood.

4) What was the best gift you ever received as a child?

I remember getting this awesome record player for Christmas one year and my first album was the soundtrack to the move, "The Neverending Story." I listened to that record over and over. I still remember what the record player looks like. My sister told me she came across it a while back when she was going through some things at our grandmothers house. I loved that thing.

Anybody remember this movie?

5) What is the biggest mistake you ever made? This is a hard question. I've made lots of mistake. Lots. But it's hard for me to look back at my life like that because I am so happy and I'm not sure I would really take back anything I did for fear that my life would not be what it is today. I guess I could say that I wish I would have gone to college right out of high school, but then I wouldn't have gotten to travel the world and meet my husband.

6) 4 words to describe yourself:

resolute, libertarian, pragmatic, family

7) What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008?

Finishing the Seattle marathon on November 28. I could actually describe this as both. It was my highlight because finishing a marathon should never be downplayed for what it is despite your time. It's a grueling battle. It was also a lowlight because the outcome was somewhat of a disappointment. But as everyone who has ever been disappointed with a race and has come back with a vengeance can attest to
"Ones best success, come after their greatest disappointment."

8) Tell me one thing I don't know about you:

I own two guns - A Glock 9mm and a S&W revolver. I sleep with one in my nightstand locked and loaded every night when my husband is away. I love going to the shooting range and if someone ever broke into my house I would no doubt about it -shoot first, as questions later. I also have a concealed weapons permit and always trust my instincts to tell me if I should bring one of my firearms with me if I'm driving somewhere relatively far, or going somewhere I'm unfamiliar with.

10) If you were a comic book/strip cartoon character, who would you be?

Invisible Woman! Hello, invisible force field.

Now I get to tag 4 other awesome bloggers and I choose: Miles of Kate Colorado Runner I'll Keep Tri-ing and Tri-ing She did Whatttt?


Meg Runs said...

Thanks for the awesome pictures of those two hotties! Too cute! I loved your most treasured memories, we loved our family camping trips too.

KAT said...

Thanks for tagging me girl! own 2 guns???? Thats CRAZY....I love it :) And I promise not ever to mess around with you..haha.

Anonymous said...

The neverending Story, I remember that movie. I agree with you on Matthew McChonaughey. Have a great day.

jen said...

Awesome! Great list. I do remember that movie and can appreciate your gun collection. :) Thanks for sharing!

Alisa said...

Hello hottie, he's a terrible actor but he sure is pretty to look at =).

Libertarian, you'd get along with my hubby =).

Traveling the world sounds way more exciting than college. Plus, you're going back to school now, right? I've love to see a post on all the cool places you've been I'm always looking for the next place I should visit.

Anonymous said...

helllloooooo Matthew! he is one of my top celeb crushes as well! Hubba hubba ;)

I love the Neverending Story!

Missy said...

I'm right there with ya on #8;) I knew I liked you and not just for your potty mouth, hahaha. I've got a new PPK something er other that hubs said I had to have. My revolver had so much kick that I was way to inaccurate. #1 I'M AFRAID FOR MY LIFE #2 SHOOT GUN No one better step foot in my house uninvited.

Katie said...

#1. I am so honored to be tagged. You have made my day :)
#2. I forgot all about The Neverending Story... I loved that movie!
#3. Libertarian? I am close... but my Dad is a self-proclaimed libertarian and he is my hero!
#4. That is so awesome that you pack heat on a regular basis, I love it! My grandfather teaches shooting classes for women! I want to attend one so bad!

joyRuN said...

Love #5!

And I'll be nothing but sweet now that I know you're packing heat ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved The Neverending Story. Don't like McConaughy though. :)

Tara said... are HOT! Thanks for tagging me; I'll have to come up with a post over the next couple of days!!!
BTW-I love your list. :)

Jamie said...

I love the neverending story! great list!

Kelly said...

Wow, not going to break into your house haha.
I also agree with you about mistakes, its hard to take them back because you don't know what would happen.

Amanda said...

What a fabulous post, thanks for giving me something to drool over this morning! And yes, I totally loved Neverending Story, even thought those statues with the laser eyes scared me!

Hua said...

Hello Kristen,

This is an awesome post! I loved #7. That's exactly how I think too! Whenever I get disappointed with a result, I work harder to get better results for the next time, and it usually works!

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Stephanie Nichole said...

I absolutely agree on Matt, HOWEVER... he believe his own body odor is what he should soak in. That's right-- BO and no DEO! And with all that running... ewww.

Ahh well, I would invest in a pair of nose plugs... it would so be worth it!

Amy said...

OMG, loved the post. I love that you know how to shoot a gun! It's on my to-do list someday.....

PS- the "Come to momma" comment had me dying.