Thursday, August 6, 2009


First the not so good news. I am not going to be doing the Navy SEALs Fitness Challenge which was supposed to be this weekend. I have a 16 miler scheduled that morning and just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD, right? It's just not worth it to fit into my schedule. I've really enjoyed training for it though and I am definitely doing it next year. The good news is that gives me plenty of time to work on those pull-ups! In running related news, I am tired. I was spent for my Tuesday night speedwork. I don't know if it was a) I was more tired from the race than I had thought b) I was just having an off day c) both. I presume it was a little of both. plyos, core circuit, 2 x 1mile, 2 x 400:
Core Circuit:
2 x 15 push ups
.20 mile - 1:51/175 bpm
2 x 15 squats
.20 mile - 1:45/180 bpm
2 x 15 superman
.20 mile - 1:45/176 bpm
2 x 10 single leg bridge
.20 mile - 1:39/180
1 mile - 9:00/178 bpm
RI- 1:03
1 mile - 9:16/180 bpm
RI - 2:51
400 - 1:59/172 bpm
RI - :43
400 - 2:06/177 bpm
So I am 9 weeks out of my 16 week marathon training schedule. This is where I begin to look at my mtb - longing to ride it. I start thinking about my next race goals. What events will I do next year? When can I start base training for a tri? I know I need to stay focused on the goal at hand, but I can't stop daydreaming about some of my other racing goals. To end with good news remember how I was the drunk cousin at the wedding. Last night I met up with my cousin and one of her bridesmaids who I adore and is now one of my friends. I asked if they knew how drunk I was and they responded with an ENTHUSIASTIC "Yes!". Oh great. The good news is that I was, "a fun and happy drunk". Not the shitfaced idiot drunk relative that I originally feared. Thank God I didn't do anything stupid except for slap every female friend repeatedly on the ass and give lots of hugs and kisses. Still obnoxious, but it could have been much worse!


the gazelle said...

I am all stoked for the 2010 SEAL challenge. I will do a pull-up or die trying! (hopefully I will not actually die trying.)

I'm starting to obsess about by 2010 race calendar, too....and making plans. And thinking about tris. Multiple. Maybe a 70.3.

Good job on getting through your speedwork again! you are my track tuesday inspiration!

ShutUpandRun said...

Glad you were the happy drunk! That is always a relief. Good luck with the 16 miler. Which marathon are you doing again?

Running and living said...

Wow, more than half way there! Awesome! I am with you, I always think about what is ahead; it actually helps me when my marathon training motivation goes down.

The Tri-ing Wife said...

I'm always thinking of the next event ahead! I like to have many things to look forward to! Your drunk story is so freaking funny.

KAT said...

I'm always thinking about future events that could make me feel even more hardcore...haha. Nevertheless, you should definetely think about tris! Good luck on your 16-miler :)

X-Country2 said...

Hmm, that seal challenge sounds pretty awesome. I may have to google that and steal the idea. Although I can do about .5 pull ups, so I'm guessing a giant FAIL in my future.

Amanda said...

I'm always thinking ahead too, it keeps things interesting. At least you were a happy drunk and kept them entertained:)

Missy said...

I did 400's this morning too - barfO! I had drool running out of my mouth, not kidding. Better than pee down my leg.

Yay, you're my fun drunk friend!

Alisa said...

Nice! You added some stuff to this circuit, love it!

I'll be doing your speedwork circuit next tuesday.

Oooooooh 2010...I really wanna do an Anchorman. Who's 'hood do you want to do it in, there is one in the Gorge near Portland and also one in Seattle, as you know. I am sooooo IN!

You're kicking butt with your marathon training. Keep it up, Portland is waiting for you to kick some butt.

Very excited that I'll probably get to meet up in late September!

seejessrun said...

You were probably tired from the race. I'm sure you pushed yourself hard for that PR, so you might feel a bit tired most of the week.

Tara said...

Better to be the happy drunk rather then the "I'm ready to kick your ass" drunk! You like to mountain bike? I knew I loved you! I really like by road bike, but there's something about being out in the woods.....
I've often that about a tri myself.

Jamie said...

Nice job on the workouts. Probably the best to skip the navy seals challenge this year.

Yay for being the happy drunk not I'm going to kick everyone's ass/or cry and be miserable drunk :)

aron said...

have an awesome 16 miler!!! sometimes its so hard to say no to things when you know you CAN do them... i have that problem too but smart choice girl :)