Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Do you wanna hear something really cool?! My husband has been skating – like really skating. A lot and hard. It’s been so cool to see him do workouts that he actually enjoys and happy to do. He even woke up at 4:30 this morning to go to the rink for skate and puck time. Usually he drags himself out for a run, but he doesn’t really enjoy it (at least not like me).

Yesterday he came home from the rink after skating for like an hour and a half (I’ve seen him skate he’s good. He can really skate hard so I equate this to running for a hour and a half with a solid hour of speedwork). I’ve even been making him take ice baths!

The best part is – he actually is reminded again of how tired the body can get after a couple of solid workouts. He’s a hard worker, don’t get me wrong (in fact that’s one of the many reasons why I fell in love with him), but it’s a different kind of tired when you’ve given all you got in a workout, you know. Now when he’s busy working around the house on his projects or tootling around the garage full of energy, probably wondering why my lazy ass has been laying on the couch for an hour with my feet up indulging in some fist pumping – he gets it.

Sunday we actually spent a few hours RELAXING on the couch and watched 2 movies. We would never do that otherwise.

I’m loving it!


Ok, so I need a kick in the ass. Sunday I was supposed to go for a bike ride which would have been only my second outdoor ride on my new bike. Yikes! I’ve been riding on the trainer 2x a week, but I need to get outside. The bike is my biggest limiter (BY FAR) and I’m starting to stress out a little.

Please experienced triathletes – put my mind at ease, or kick my ass. Whichever I need. I’m requesting brutal honesty here. I can handle it.

This is the rub – I’m struggling between what’s healthy base training and what’s too much for RIGHT NOW.

My race isn’t until August 15 – Lake Stevens 70.3

That’s SIX MONTHS away.

I have been swimming 2x/week, riding the trainer 2x/ week and doing some weight circuits 2x/week . (These workouts are all based around my running calendar – see below).

I am worried about burnout. That is a lot of workouts to do all week long. Especially since I’m not officially “training”. And especially since my running load is very intense.

I’m really just stressed about the bike. I could do the swim and the run tomorrow if I had to – but the bike is my limiter.

Where should I be in terms of bike fitness right now?


This is my running calendar for March:


It’s all focused around short races (for which I have big goals to be posted about later) and then finishing it off with a 10k the first weekend in April.

Then my focus will shift to half marathons with my “A” half marathon being on June 6 – North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon 

Is it OK to take it easy for the month of march (until my last 10k in April)…….Why does that idea stress me out? 

Still no drinking. Can you tell?


the gazelle said...

I think you are going to be FINE with the bike. FOR REAL!

I mean, don't stop what you're doing now, but I think you'll be able to ramp up bike fitness pretty quickly (it's not like you're a complete cycling newbie) once you have more time to devote to it. Better to not stress, I think. :)

Alisa said...

I'm certainly no expert but I think you're totally fine for now. I've only done a handful or outdoor rides too. Unfortunately, our weather doesn't allow us to ride outside all year long. Trainer rides I think are acutally more intense that riding outside (there aren't any moments when you can coast down and hill or have tailwind).

For about the last month, I was trying to do bike and swim x2 and running either x3 or x4. I think you're being smart and totally reasonable give your other running goals.

Molly said...

I wish I could give you some advice about training, but I'm a virgin in that regards. I'm finally starting to be more technical with my runs, doing some speed work as I increase miles.

two movies in one afternoon? that sounds heavenly.

Running and living said...

OK, so my half iron is end of August and I only recently got back on the bike (took Dec-March off), with the plan of doing 10-40 miles/week easy spins with hard intervals. I will pick it up after Boston. That will give me more than 4 months to get up to the 56 miles. I honestly think I can do it (though I have never biked more than 30 at a time). My plan is to do an intense 16 week plan (those are intense with 2/day workouts, but it is easier for me to do those in the summer). After Boston I will pick up the bike, reduce the running volume and add one more swim day. I am NO EXPERT, but I think this will be enough. I am much more relaxed about tris bc I am a beginner...

RockStarTri said...

My 2 cents on the biking: You are covered by riding on the trainer as long as the intensity is right. Realize that most people in the northeast(including yours truly) haven't been riding outside much yet. Remember that running and running off the bike can be different animals.

joyRuN said...


I have nothing to offer you, given that I still don't have a bike.

Good luck.

Teamarcia said...

It all looks good to me...that said I'm a biking neophyte so I have no clue what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry..I have no advice to offer. But I love your schedule...I wish I could get as organized as you and really plan my stuff out like you !

Dimity and Sarah said...

Awesome your hubby has rediscovered the joy of a hard workout. Mine is just now starting to work out at the gym after YEARS of me trying to get him to go. Better late than never, I guess.

Keith said...

There is no "where you should be". That's only a way to make yourself crazy. There is only where you are now.

Your body will tell you if you're trying to do too much. Being tired is ok, being fatigued is not. If you overdo it, you are much more likely to injure yourself. So it's a fine balancing acting that really only you can decide on. Don't think about how much training you could fit into your life, rather, think about how much training your body can actually absorb during your rest intervals.

If you're fit enough for the swim and the run, you are fit enough for the bike. Rather than building fitness, you more likely need some time practicing an efficient spin, and time to get your butt used to being on the bike. Those are very different things than building fitness.

Anne said...

Can't help you with the biking query...but I think its really cool that your hubby is skating his heart out :) ...how nice to be able to relax together after a solid workout!

jen said...

What Keith said two comments above! Great answer.

You're definitely doing enough now. Lots of time left. You're going to be fine!

So fun about the hockey! Zach used to play a lot as a kid and in college but now all the running and tri stuff is the focus- maybe he'll get back into it.

Keith said...

The difference between tired and fatigued? That's a good one. I'm still learning.

Your brain is very tricky. It will try to weasel you out of doing that workout. Tired is an excuse. Tired is muscles saying they'd rather not. Tired is choosing to do something else.

Fatigue is more. Fatigue is when your recent workouts have been longer, harder, faster, ect, than where you had been. Fatigue is when you're sick. Fatigue is when you are working harder but not going faster. Fatigue is when you can feel your form getting sloppy. Fatigue is your whole body feeling heavy.

I try to work through tired, being sure to warm up carefully. I'll even try to push carefully, very carefully into fatigue just a bit, listening to my body with utmost attention. The stopping place between "I don't want to" and "I'm physically unable to" is different for everyone. This is why I tell people to keep a journal, so they can track how they feel after workouts.

ShutUpandRun said...

I wish I could help, but I just don't know, having never trained for a half IM. From the sounds of it, you should be fine.

As for the yoga - I got to a hot studio and do Bikram sometimes and hot yoga (Vinyasa) sometimes. I like to vary it. Whatever the case, my muscles really like the heat!

Kristen said...

YES!!! It is always okay to take it a little easy for a month - especially when you have some hard training coming up.

Amy said...

A little late is better than no comment, right??????

I think you're in a fine position. 6 months is plenty of time and I would worry about burnout rather than not doing enough at this point. I think I trained for my IM for too long but didn't know better b/c I had never done one before. Sorta like you are with this 70.3. And the bike is definitely my weakness too.

Once it warms up and you can do longer rides outside you'll feel a lot better about things. Get in some quality long miles and some bricks and you'll be fine. Promise. I did too many stupid 60 min trainer rides that weren't beneficial (looking back).