Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eff you blogger

I had a great post lined up with lots of cool pictures but this effn' blogger format sucked the fun out it. Does anybody else have problems uploading pictures? I'm totally thinking of switching to wordpress. I set up my account with them and everything. It took me like an hour to get the pictures moved around and organized and then I went to post. Gone. Eff! Not cool blogger. I'm just too lazy to go through the process of organizing a new blog....Sorry. No cool pictures for you guys today. Bor-ing.
Tuesday I had a great speedwork night, and I think I'm still feeling it!
4 x 1 mile, 4 x 400
1st mile - 8:35/175 av bpm
2nd mile - 8:49/178
3rd mile - 8:44/179
4th mile - 8:59/179

1st 400 - 2:09/168

2nd 400 - 2:02/173

3rd 400 -2:02/174

4th 400 - 2:01/176

**and now I'm having issues with my spacing. Grrrr.....

On tap tonight - 3 mile tempo. I did my swim and weight circuit this morning. My legs are so trashed, as they should be since tomorow is my day off. Hoping my legs have enough juice.

Lastly, my friend Molly is having a giveaway. Le Cruset dishes. So nice. Go check it out. I really really really want these because my husband and I struck a new deal with each other a few nights ago. We have to try one new dish a week. This is HUGE for him because he is a VERY picky eater. Example, tonight we are having a 'new meal' and guess what were having. Chili. I swear. VERY picky. I mean seriously, who has never had chili? At least he has very good taste in what he does likes as we usually have filet minon once a week (Costco has the best pismos) and he loves 99% of the earths veggies grilled, sauteed, steamed, you name it. Bottom line is we are very limited in what we eat, but at least it's not shit.


aron said...

do you have a PC?? download windows live writer RIGHT NOW, it will change your life i promise :)

AWESOME job on the workouts girlie!!

Chloe said...

I get very pissed when that happens. Specially now since my body is adjusting to no vino.

Killer workouts! Way to rock out that speed work!

Big J and I eat so much fish, veggies, chicken, fish, fish, fish. We need to try the new dish a week thing.

Kristen said...

Ugh, Blogger drives me crazy constantly although I am sure for me it is user error. :)

Great workouts.

Great idea to try one new dish a week. I love trying new things and luckily for me my husband will eat almost anything - I am the picky one.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I've never figured out how to upload and use a picture on blogger so I just upload them to photobucket and use HTML to insert them. I use Wordpress at work, though, and it's pretty awesome.

Nice times on those mile repeats!

Also, I have a friend whose husband will only eat chili if it has no beans in it. Uh...that's not chili. That's spaghetti sauce in my book.

Missy said...

Great workouts! Way to go sista and you never said you'd get any faster. I'm usually OK with blogger but what is this windows live writer that aron speaks of? Mmmm???

Molly said...

he's never had chili?! At least you never had to deal with his man gas after eating it, I mean, you used to not have to deal with it.

Thanks for the link up, I hope you win!

I always have spacing issues with Blogger, but then I remind myself that it's free.

and I heart you too!

ShutUpandRun said...

Yes, it takes a lot of patience to load pictures with blogger. Pain in the ass.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I no longer have a stress fracture. That was last year. When I refer to running as being hard, it's because I think it's challenging, not because I'm running myself into the ground and not being smart. I'm actually quite smart about how I run.

Keith said...

I used to have a real problem uploading photos to blogger. I could never figure out what order it would put them in. I had to do them one at a time, them move them to where I wanted them. Then a little while ago they changed, and it's easy now, though still not particularly fast. Maybe if I stopped feeding it 3 MB photos it would be quicker.

My wife has been working on new dishes. We have a zillion cookbooks, and she's starting to work through them.

Niki said...

Definitely download Windows Live Writer! It's amazing! So easy to use and uploading pics is a breeze! I have been using it for a long time now and totally love it!

Great speed work sesh! I may have to try that one out! How long of recovery do you take between mile repeats?

Staci Dombroski said...

Seriously I had a lot of problems lately too! I sometimes cannot get into the comment section of some blogs, or I have lost some applications on my layout. Who knows!? Have a great weekend!

Alisa said...

Blogger definitely pisses me off at times. I've found that uploading all the pictures first, then writing the post and moving the pictures around is WAYYYYYY better than trying to insert the pictures after you've already written the post.

Nice job on the track workout!

Ali said...

Nice interval times!

Thanks for the link to Molly's giveaway ... unfortunately, I am going to win those :)

Meg said...

That is too funny about the meals. Usually husbands eat anything...I wonder what your mother in law made for him all those years? The same thing? Too cute. I'm happy you're all branching out, very spicy!
I keep threatening to switch to Word Press too!
Nice workouts!

jen said...

Awesome job on the speedy run! You're a machine.

I do have problems with blogger but today I just tried aron's recomendation of the Windows Live Writer and I loved it! I didn't do photos yet so we'll see.

Amanda said...

That's fun that ya'll are going to be trying some new (and oh so exotic:)) dishes. My hubby is really picky too, so it's always a struggle to find/modify recipes so that he'll eat them, but he has gotten better over time. Let us know if you find any great recipes!

Keith said...

I made the Farmer's Market into a link for you.

hmm114 said...

We want pics! We want pics ! ;)

Anne said... bad we were deprived of cool pics. Great workouts go!
We totally love costco filets mignons :)

Marathon Maritza said...

I agree with Aron, you need LIVEWRITER! ♥

Great job on your workout and hope the chili goes over well!!!

KK said...

Blogger always Fs my sh*t up.

Nice workout!

"At least we don't eat sh*t." Classic.

Amy said...

I hate blogger. So I might downloand windows live writer for work. But I wonder what I should do for my MAC? I'll figure it glad you did, too.