Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dirty Girls

About 6 or 7 months ago a few of us girls started a running club, the Dirty Girls. It’s an all women’s trail running group. We started it because we wanted to give women who love to run trails, a safe and fun environment. We live in a very safe town, but it seems over the last year their has been too many incidences of female runners being attacked. Mostly in Seattle, but that’s too close to home.

Unfortunately, shortly after we started the group I became injured. (actually the last ‘real’ run I went on, I was with the dirty girls, and I had to cut it short and limp walk home because I was closer to my house than I was to my car. And when your in trails, obviously you can’t just have somebody come pick you up in a car right.)

Anyhoo, I pretty much quit running with them and used that time to do other workouts, yoga, strength training etc.

Last Friday I went back for the first time in months. It was nice.

Run/Walk only, but no pain. Tight IT since I’ve been completely ignoring it and creating space for other areas of my life. I might add a run/walk for the next few weeks. I do feel a little pressure to get back out there because I work at the running store, but overall I miss it. I don’t want to be one of those people that I fit for shoes and listen to say, “Oh yeah – I used to be a runner. I ran marathons (only to find out usually they were usually half marathons btw) but I haven't run in years.”

Hopefully this is a sign of more to come!


I got in a fight with a 6’ blond and lost. Or won considering how much fun it was!



Niki said...

Love the idea of the "Dirty Girls"!! I really would love to do trail running but am too nervous to do it by myself. I need to find some friends to run trails with!!

joyRuN said...

"Dirty Girls" - LOVE IT!

Sounds like a whole lotta fun, looks like a hot mess ;)

jen said...

Fun!! I'm so glad you've been able to get out on the trails. I've really discovered a love of trail running myself and would love a group of girls to run with!

chris mcpeake said...

last week trails, this week snowed in, hopefully next week it will be back to trails. Trails rule

Meg said...

What? You lost?
Mud fights look like fun, what a great idea.

The ship is a pirate ship, yes, a pirate ship(my son).

Alisa said...

Fun times!

Your hair is dark????? Did I miss a post with you sharing your new color?

kristen said...

Yay for mud fights and trail runs!
It is just starting to get warm enough here to think about hitting the trails (and oh, there will be mud!)