Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the beginning...

In the beginning there was a girl, who thought marathon runners were crazy. Actually all runners were crazy. Run for fun. That's an oxymoron. Are you mental? But, somewhere along the way I have succumbed to the madness and have begun training for my own marathon. Seattle Marathon. This blog will record all my joys, pains, and accomplishments. I have run several races in the past, completed a couple of psycho xterra triathlons, and practically live in the gym, but there is something gravitational toward completing a marathon. I am already half way through the plan (middle of week 14) and so far so good. The longest run I have completed is 18 miles as of last weekend. So, whats on the agenda for tonight: Track Workout
1 x 3 mile @ PR pace
1 x 3 mile 15 sec. faster than PR.

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