Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 2...

So my hubby left yesterday. 1 day down, 74 to go. This is where he will be living, working, and breathing for the next 2 and half months:

I am so lucky to have a man that makes such sacrifices for me and our life. Words can’t even explain… Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. I suppose now that he is gone I have nothing better to do than work hard in school and train my arse off. This is what I am planning for my base training: January and February: Mon = Swim Tues = Run (hills), Core Wed = Swim Thurs = Strength, Yoga, Run Fri = Swim Sat = Long run Sun = Rest School is crazy right now. I am taking a class for the month of January that is a 16 week shoved into a 4 week slot. But the good news is that it fulfills two of my requirements and of course – it’s only 1 month! After this month my schedule should calm down, and by calm down I mean – get into a routine that I like. I am still fine tuning my training schedule for the half marathons coming up this spring/summer. More about that later. For now: “Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times”

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