Sunday, January 11, 2009

Redemption 2009

How much do I suck at blogging? A LOT! I don’t know how any of these bloggers I follow do it. Balancing school, workouts, and a husband. . I’ll try my best to keep up with it this time. I think I quit because I haven’t been doing anything (besides gaining weight) for the last month and I was disappointed with my marathon debut so I didn’t want to write a race report. I have started training again. After a dismal appearance at my first marathon (Seattle 5:38 – about an hour off my goal time, even though I claimed I didn’t have a goal time, which was total BS) 2009 is the year of redemption! I have four big races planned: Tacoma City Half Marathon (5/3/09) Capital City Half Marathon (5/17/09) Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon (6/27/09) Portland Marathon (10/4/09) I’ll probably add some smaller races in the mix…but I don’t know which yet. I am also just coming off an IT band injury so I am very wary about hitting the miles to hard and too fast. Let’s just say Mr. Foam Roller and I have had a very close relationship for the last few weeks, and he has been a huge help. I think I am now battling shin splints which is weird because I’ve never actually had them, only heard of other poor suckers who get them. I think it’s just a ‘starting up running again’ thing. I have a sweet new toy: Garmin Forerunner 405. I LOVE IT. I am really excited to work with my numbers. I am expecting big results! I want 2 huge PR’s – Rock n’ Roll and Portland. I am just base training for the month of January and February and then come March I want to hit it rolling. I’ll keep you posted.


Chic Runner said...

Please divulge more info on this new garmie you got! I'm debating my options right now! :) You're next marathon will be amazing, don't even worry, annnnd I'm thinking of Running portland!!!!!

kristen said...

Does this comment go to Chic Runner...? Im a newbie to blogging so who knows where this will end up, but here goes:

The Garmin 405 and I LOVE IT. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it was recommended to me from a couple other runners. I would highly recommend it.

Sarah said...

You have some good races in there! I am pondering the Seattle 1/2 (don't tell anyone it's still a secret) and Portland! Yeah!!