Friday, January 16, 2009

Fat + Hills = Sluggish times

So last night I hit my favorite running store for your typical Thursday night hill workout. What a mess. I had a great warm-up. Too great in fact which I think screwed me up for the hills. (Note to self: now that Diana is training for Boston- she is TOO FAST for you!) I know I’m only base training, but it would be nice to be able to at least run as well as when I was training for Seattle.
So this is my conclusion: I need to lose weight. Carrying around extra weight is exhausting. I can feel every pound while trying to carry my fat ass up these hills. And since there is no stretch of road in Gig Harbor that doesn’t include a significant incline farther than a mile – I can’t avoid it.
I had some technical difficulties with the Garmin last night so some of my splits got screwed up, but considering my hill repeats were pathetic anyways…..but nonetheless here they are:
Warm up = 1.4mi/9:21/169bpm Hill 1 = .11/11:47/189bpm Hill 2 = .11/11:41/186bpm Hill 3 = .11/12:11/183bpm So, this is the deal: 2 lbs a week through January and February. It sounds a little drastic, but I think I weight about 13 pounds heavier than when I was in my last couple of months last year. Damn December marathon. Next year I will not do a marathon that forces me to recover around the holidays! Duh. I think this goal is totally doable. Stay tuned for the weight countdown.
By week 6 (the end of February and base training) I need to be at 130. Ok, maybe 132ish.
Week 1: Current Weight = 140.5
In other news, I was a loser this morning and didn’t get out of bed to swim. Usually I can force myself out with little resistance (swim mornings I get up at 4am), but this morning my body said, “HELL NO – I’m not going anywhere bitch!” Yesterday was a busy day for workouts.
1 hr core/stability/strength 1 hr. Yoga Hill repeats
I suppose I should give myself a day off since I am not trying to jump in head first right now.

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