Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where's your manners?

Before I throw down my hill repeat times last night I need to tell you about the biatches that were in the pool this morning. For some reason (ever since the beginning of the year – coincidence? I think not!) there have been tons of new people coming to the pool. Now, I’m not one to discourage anybody from trying something new or trying to improve themselves period, but there needs to be some sort of class on pool etiquette. This morning I was busting out an 800m set and I was on my last 100m when some chick got in my lane. Ok, I am not selfish and I never turn anybody down that asks if they can share a lane, but I was NOT going to stop my circuit just to tell her she could share. That’s like stopping someone who is in the middle of a mile repeat. Get a grip. I would have let her share had she waited just a couple of minutes until I came up for air but….anyway, I don’t know what happened, but the next time I came down to that end of the pool and did a flip turn I saw someone flip me the bird under the water. Just as I came up getting ready to throw down with some chick who was about to have one less arm to swim with – I realized it was my girlfriend who had been swimming in the lane next to me. Apparently this chick and her mother exchanged some not so nice words about me and my friend offered to switch. It was quite hilarious actually, the middle finger I mean. It turns out it was a mother/daughter team that I did not care for because of a previous pool incident that I will spare you the details of…..
Pool Rule #1: If it is before 6am, you can assume that we not just recreational swimmers Rule #2: If you can’t swim with your head under water – use the kiddie pool Rule#3: Wait until someone is done with a set before getting into the lane Rule#4: Never start swimming in a lane without notifying the swimmer you are joining them Rule#5: the most important rule – never give someone the bird under the water unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences Ok, last night I felt better. Lighter actually. I did (4) .25 mile hill repeats…then core afterward 1 = 2:31 @ 10:10 2 = 2:38 @ 10:46 3 = 2:39 @ 10:51 4 = 2:45 @ 11:30 (The last one I did for good measure) Obviously I wasn’t consistent, but this is only the third week of base training so IT’S ALL GOOD!

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Chic Runner said...

Loved the story! I am going to try to start swimming soon but I am scared of pool sharks like yourself! :)