Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've fallen off the workout wagon. Well, not really - but I kinda feel like I have. The last two weeks have been really weird and crazy. I don't deal well with schedule changes. My husband has been gone at some work function all week and even though technically we live half the year without each other I feel like this week is killing me. Last week I was sick and didn't do any workouts. This week is finals week and so everything is awry. I have two finals on Wed and one on Thurs. I just want to get them over with. I have been studying like it's the CPA exam or something. My brain is mush. Since I only have class two days this week it's thrown my training schedule off and I need to get back into a beloved routine. I haven't swam in over a week. I was going to swim yesterday after a run. I went to the Y to do a quick 4 miles then just get in the pool directly after. I got to the Y, parked, went to put on my running shoes and realized I forgot them. What an idiot (I told you my brain was mush). I was pissed because it took alot of energy just to make the decision to leave the house. I went home and contemplated skipping the swim and just running around my house.After much negotiations the whole way home, I decided to stick with the original plan. Grabbed my shoes and went back to the Y. Left the parking lot for my run. It was an unbelievably shitty run. I wasn't feeling it. I was irritated because I hadn't left my office what felt like weeks. Usually only a few foot strikes and I feel better but it wasn't happening. It was hot and I was generally irritated. After 1.5 miles of a pissy attitude I switched from my book on tape that I listen to on easy runs and put on some ear-crushing music. It was just what I needed. A little Gwen Stefani and Toby Keith to change my mindset. I ended up finishing strong and felt much better. Wouldn't you know it, I ended up skipping the swim after all. Things that I confirmed yesterday:
  • Running is always the best medicine for a bad attitude
  • The later in the day it gets, the worse I perform (unless I have people to workout with).
  • I am a morning worker-outer
  • Music can be transforming

The schedule for the week:

Monday: Swim, 4 miles

Tuesday: Speedwork - 5 miles including 4x800

Wednesday: 2 finals, 4 miles

Thursday: 1 final, 4 miles

Friday: Swim

Saturday: 10 miles

Sunday: Bike ride


Chloe said...

Hey Girl - I'm right there with you on all levels. It's kind of like the saying "you never regret going out for a run" - for some reason it always makes me feel better. You never have a bad run - unless you get hit by a car and that would suck. But congrats on getting that run in!!

But work has been the same for me - making my brain mush. Glad to hear that Im not the only one out there :)

And morning workouts are the best for me by far. Plus you have it done for the day! I don't know about you - but I'm all about chilling at night. And drinking wine.

See - my brain is mush. I'm rambling :) Hope your week goes well!!


Amy said...

I forgot my bike helmet on my ride Sunday. My brain is mush too.

And maybe that's my problem...I haven't run in a month. Way to stick it out and run. Seriously, that takes a lot of strength when you could have just gone home and plunked down on the couch.


Anonymous said...

Definitely the best medicine.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain this week, but I think it's really cute how much you miss your husband.

Missy said...

OH NO, I was like a big pile of syrup at 5am today. I couldn't move to save my life. BUT, like you said, it does change a bad attitude. It was a beautiful day out there.

Alisa said...

Totally the best medicine for a bad mood is exercise! I'm trying to get my work on board with that thought process and have them kick me out the door when I'm in a bad mood. So far, it hasn't worked, they would rather I work, go figure! BUT I know for myself, I head to the gym or out for a run as soon as I can and it always helps.