Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Goals

Monday: Run - 5 miles
Tuesday: Run - 6 miles, including 4 @ 9:14
*Wednesday: Run - 4 miles
*Thursday: Run - 4 miles
*Friday: OFF
Saturday: Long run - 10 miles
Sunday: Bike Ride
**Going out of town Wednesday. We're taking a little road trip down the Oregon Coast leaving Wed coming back Friday.
So, it looks like no swimming again this week. I have no desire to go today because all the crumb grabbers are out of school and I don't want to fight for a lane and listen to a bunch of screaming brats. Seriously hitting the pool next week! No excuses!
This is what I have come up with for my marathon training plan. I got it from this chick who got it from this chick. I made some small changes. Advice? Tips? Be brutally honest. I have only run one marathon before and I grossly under trained which got me injured during the marathon and took me out for a few months. I am interested in trying Pfitz out but I don't think I'm ready for such intense mileage. Maybe the next one.
Remember, brutal honesty feedback.


Jocelyn said...

I wish I knew more about training to be brutality honest. It looks about right to me. I used the training log on and just followed that. Have a great trip!

Jamie said...

For me, I am not a happy person running 4 days in a row so usually on Tuesday or Wednesday I opted for more mileage. That way I was able to try to throw in more cross-training, take a break mentally and physically. Good luck with the new plan!

Alisa said...

This looks similar to the plan I used. I peaked at 38 miles per week, wanted to peak at 40 something. I got injured last time and wanted to do a 3-day a week plan. I did throw in a few weeks with 4 days a week.

My hubs was on Pfitz and well...that plan will never be for me. I would have to be a lot faster to get in all those crazy miles. It was take me forever!

If I ever do another marathon (which is probably but not for awhile), I'll try to peak at 45ish. Though I feel much better trained than either of the other times. And I ran only 3-days a week this time, before I did 4-day a week plans.

X-Country2 said...

I only did one 20 miler, but I'd for sure do at least one more for my next marathon. If you're just looking to finish respectably, most people can get away with one 20 miler.

Godo luck!

Amy said...

The best marathon I ever ran I did by running just 3 times a week and doing cross training on the other days. I loved it b/c I never got burnt out on running. Two smaller runs during the week and one long one on the weekend. I can find the plan on runner's world if you're interested. Otherwise, looks good, just a lot of running...which is to be expected b/c you're doing a marathon after all.

PS- I'm helping plan a trip with my husband's family and they want to go somewhere on the coast of Oregon (so we could potentially go to Portland while we're there). Ant low key places worth looking into?


Just found your blog and I love it! I'm "will run for maragritas" :-) I also just started writing down my workouts - and its a good tool to keep me honest and on track.

joyRuN said...

Good luck with the plan! It got me through NJM, which I felt strong upto & during. I'm thinking of scrapping FIRST & going back to that plan.

Chloe said...

You are so freaking organized it makes me sick :)

Plan looks good - but I agree with Amy and the cross training. While I was training for Disney this year - I would pretty much only run 3 days a week and then swim or bike the other days. Helped me from A)not getting bored and B)not getting injured!!

Amy said...

Hey! Just a note to say I know you're from Gig Harbor but you mentioned in this post vacationing on the Oregon coast...that's why I asked. But I LOVE where you're from, I would never forget.

Hope you had a great week. Drinking wine as I type this.