Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Goals

Some things I seriously need to start doing:
  • Actually follow the swim workouts I bring to the pool. Seriously, whats the point in bringing them if I'm just going to blow them off 400 meters into it.
  • Re-think the Friday morning spin. Last Friday my legs were exhausted.
  • Plus, spin classes aren't shit compared to what it's like to actually ride a mtb on the road. It really sucks to get passed by people who you know shouldn't be passing you but they do by default because they have better more suitable equipment - like a road bike
  • I need to actually get my arse out on the pavement and ride.

Monday: Bikram Yoga, Run - 5 miles

Tuesday: Interview

Wednesday: Swim, Run - 5 miles, 3 @ 9:20

Thursday: Run - 5 miles

Friday: Swim, Spin

Saturday: Run - 9 miles

Sunday: Tacoma City Marathon Volunteer


Missy said...

No substitute for the real thag! Get out there. Yes, you should follow your swim workout, intervals and all:)

Anonymous said...

You know what you have to do, now you just have to do it. Have a great week.

Alisa said...

Someone compared swimming in a pool or biking indoors to training for a marathon solely on the treadmill. It can be done but there really is no substitute for being outside.

joyRuN said...

mtb = mountain bike?

I haven't invested in a fo' real road bike - I still have my clunky mountain bike. It's a huge reason I don't go for more du's/tri's around here.

Amy said...

Great week!!!!! I do the same thing with my swim workouts...why is it we can't follow them? I never do. And, I hear you about the equipment dilemma. Hang in there- you are a rock star!