Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly Recap (March 30 - April 5)

Monday: Bikram Yoga, Run 30 min (w/ 15 min tempo) Bikram was awesome. No run today, executive decision - move to Tuesday Tuesday: Push – up challenge This is the second week I have skipped the push-up challenge. Why am I being such a loser? Wednesday: Swim, Spin, Run 45 min yes, yes, yes Thursday: Yoga, Core, Push-up challenge yes, no, no - I really needed Yoga today. My hammies were super tight all week. I think it's from the added mileage* I'm finally getting to do. Friday: Swim, Spin, Run 40 min w/6 x 100 strides Friday I had a horrible day. I did all my workouts and I needed them all! Saturday: Lots of lovin’ with the hubby (TMI – sorry) FAIL - hubby does not come home until tomorow. Ended up doing a 30 min run instead. The outside of my hamstrings were super duper tight. I think the run helped work them out. Sunday: Run 50 min yes *total mileage for the week = 19.86

Sunday run start photo op

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Alisa said...

What a beautiful photo! Looks like it's been nice up your way too. I heart nice weather.

Look at that mileage creeping up! Way to sail through PT and get back out there.