Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Recap

Monday:4 miles @ 10:56 No workouts today. Major presentation at school and was too exausted to do any workouts that night. Tuesday:push-ups Moved my wed. tempo run to this day. I almost crapped my pants and hat to cut it short, but had a good run before the bathroom emegency. 3.9miles/35:35/9:08 ave pace elevation gain: 291 ft Mile 1: 9:37 (154 bpm) Mile 2: 8:57 (174 bpm) Mile 3: 9:11 (177 bpm) Mile 3.9: 8:44 (183 bpm) Wednesday:Swim, Tempo 5 mi - 3 @9:20 ** No swim. Run: 5 miles/52:36/10:34 elevation gain: 1700 ft. Thursday:4 mi @ 10:56 Run: 4 miles/39:38/9:54 elevation gain: 1,424 ft Friday:Swim, Spin No swim. No spin Saturday:8 miles @ 10:56 I was too nervious about running the full 8 since the longest I have run since December is 5 miles so I only did about 7. I think this was a smart decision because I have 8 on the schedule again for next week. My right upper hip was pretty sore last night and this morning. I foam rolled and iced - it feels much better. I have never had sore hips before? Run: 7.25 miles/1:17/10:38 elevation gain: 1,960 ft Sunday:off Total miles for the week: 20 I think I will have to move my schedule around until I get out of school because Wed. are my scheduled tempo/speedwork days, but they are also my long school days and I just don't seem to thave the energy at 6:30 when I get home.


jen said...

Wow, look at the elevation on those runs! Amazing. Great week. :)

P.O.M. said...

Eeks - be careful with the sore hips. That is what really got me during marathon #1. I would recommend googling some good stretches for it or adding in some yoga.

aron said...

awesome job on the week!!!