Friday, June 19, 2009


My hubby left for work today. He will be gone for about 75 days. The first week is always a little rough adjusting. So for the next 2 1/2 months I will literally have nothing better to do but train (and blog). I hope you don't get sick of me posting all the lame details of my life.
We spent our last day together at NW Trek which is 700+ acre wildlife park. It's like a zoo only better because the animals (actually, only the herbivores) get to roam free on 400+ acres of the park. Way more low key than a zoo. It gets crowded during the day in the summer, but still not as crazy as the zoo. I haven't been there in years and my hubby had never been. You can take a tram tour out into the tundra with the free roaming animals. We got some great shots. Moose, caribou, big horn sheep (with their cute little calves), lots of big huge bison, mountain goats, etc...We even got to see some sweet little babies with the herd. It was the perfect day to go because it was overcast and mid 60's so the animals were out roaming and grazing instead of laying in the forest shade. Of course we brought our new bad ass camera:
The carnivores of course couldn't roam free or else there would be no herbivores.
I just happen to catch this and thought it was so pretty
It was a great last day together.
************ For those of you who want to try this killer workout let me be more clear about what I did. This is the order I did everything. I tired to have as little or no rest as possible in between
1st part of workout:
3 x 10 pushups
3 x 10 tricep dips
2 x 10 single hamstring bridge
400 m
30-50 crunches
400 m
2 x 10 superman
400 m
2nd part of workout:
1 mile
4 x 400
Hope that is better. Sorry for the confusion. Go try it!


joyRuN said...

Sorry to hear the hub had to go away again, but sounds like you had a wonderful last day together - very nice pics!

Niki said...

Sucks that the hubby had to go away to work again:(

That park looks awesome! So neat that you can walk around with the animals!

Anonymous said...

HOpe the 75 days go by fast. The pictures are beautiful. Glad you guys were able to spend some quality time together before he left.


First of all - those pictures are AMAZING!!!! Where is this park? It sounds so cool to be able to take an afternoon trip and see all those animals.

2nd - thank you for the workout clarification. I am def trying it this week!

3rd- I'm sorry hubby is gone - but cant wait to read about all of your workouts/life :)

Happy Running!!

the gazelle said...

I hope the next 75 days go by quickly for you (less quickly for me).

Thanks for the workout deets - I really appreciate that.

Chic Runner said...

sad that hubs left again but that is good for your training schedule! those pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

Jamie said...

75 days?!? That is crazy! I'm sorry that totally sucks but hopefully it flies by. You will be a lean, mean, workout machine ;)

Those pictures were incredible. Looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you hubby is in the military.

Sweet pics! That must be a nice camera! Glad you had a good last day together!

jen said...

Holy crap I love your camera. What a neat park- I should check it out someday.

We look forward to lots of posts for the next few weeks! He'll be back before you know it.

Chloe said...

Mid 60's?!?! Wow! Sounds like a great day with the hubby!!

Alisa said...

Those pictures are amazing!!! Anytime in the next 75 days you want to preview the marathon course here, come on down. We've downgraded to a smaller place but still have a couch and an aerobed =).

Thanks for the workout info. I may give this a try since I'm so close to a track now.

X-Country2 said...

I hope those 75 days go fast. You're way tougher than me. My husband was gone for 3 and I couldn't stand it.

KK said...

What does your SO do that he will be gone for 75 days? Don't worry, hopefully it will go by fast and training is the perfect way to occupy your time. You'll be all buff and hot so when he gets back he'll never want to leave again :)

Awesome pix, looks like the perfect way to spend the day together.

Amy said...

Where did he go? I think he works on a ship (?) but where is his trip? Sad....but you have the right attitude! Loved the pics!