Monday, June 15, 2009

Project "Suck It" -- Week 1

Week one of Project Suck It (aka: Portland Marathon Training) officially started Monday. This week is a little crazy because the hubby is leaving for work on Friday so I have to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves. Starting next week, I will be full on training mode.

Next week I will post some of my goals for this training cycle as well as for the marathon.

Last night I did an awesome track workout:
Warm up w/ plyos - about 15 minutes 3 x 10 push-ups 3 x 10 tricep dips 2 x 10 single leg hamstring bridge 30 - 50 crunches 2 x 10 superman After each of the exercises we ran a 400 before moving on to the next set. It was pretty awesome - and hard! 2 nd part of the workout: 1 mile: 8:52 4 x 400: 2:04, 1:57, 1:40, 1:44 Cooldown
This morning I was pretty tight and sore but my hubby managed to get me out of bed despite my protests, so I could get in a recovery run since we have a date tonight.
3 mile recovery run/11:01 ave. pace

On the coaching front -- technically my coaching will start beginning July, but I am pretty much being coached by him already considering he owns the store I run out of, heads the workouts, and tells me exactly what to do. He is also training for the same marathon so I think most of the group workouts will cater around our plan. Hopefully that means plenty of people to run long runs with.


the gazelle said...

I'm a bit on the stupid side today, so was wondering if you could clarify for me.

For last night's track workout, did you:
1. warmup
2. do one set each of pushups, dips, etc.
3. run 400
4. do another set of all exercises
5. run 400
6. final set
7. mile workout
8. 4x400
9. cooldown

feel free to tell me if that's the dumbest question you've ever gotten!

Alisa said...

If Amy is dumb so am that what your workout looked like? What Amy wrote? If so, maybe I should try that out. Looks like a kick you in the ass (or SUCK IT) workout!

Can't wait to read more about your marathon training, I have a very good feeling about it!

Niki said...

Wow!! Great job!! Already looks tough!!

Chloe said...

Nice workout! I'm really starting to embrace the track workouts as well - and specially doing the pushups ect and running in between. Total ass kicker!! And nice job on the splits!! Whoohoo!

That is great about your marathon training! I can't wait to read about it!

Jamie said...

That's an intense workout - way to go! My ass would be kicked after round 1 for sure!

X-Country2 said...

That's a heck of a workout. I'd be sore and exhausted.

joyRuN said...

Very nice workout, and SWEET times for your 400s!!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Thanks for your shoe advice. You are right - finding the right fit for those of us with screwy feet is tough...

Amy said...

Project Suck It is officially underway, I love it.

PS- where's the hubs going?


AWESOME workout - I am def stealing it!!! :-)

You go girl!

chris mcpeake said...

Way to leave it all on the track. Tough workout for sure