Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Launch" of Racing Flats & Mercury Rising

My new racing flats came in Monday and I was super psyched to try them out last night for my speedwork session.
The Brooks LAUNCH:

I think I'm in love. They were so light and springy. And flashy.

Last night was a scorcher for speedwork. At start time it was around 95*. That's hot for us folks up here. I was a little nervous about doing speedwork in the heat, but after living in Virginia Beach for a year and a half I knew I would survive. Plus the NW has the absolute perfect balance of dry heat and humidity. Not the freight train stopping humidity of VA. I don't know how you guys do it over there. Major props. I showed up prepared. I filled a small cooler with ice and water for water bottles and threw in a washcloth to ring out over myself in between repeats. Genius. Everyone was jealous. Suckers. That comes from spending every blessed weekend of the summer under the blistering heat for 8+ hours a day in tournaments. Highly recommended method. Before my warmup I took two salt tablets:

This is what I've been using and for those of you asking - they are working well for me. I recommend them.

Since it was so hot out Coach modified my workout. Instead of the plyos, core circuit, 4 x 1 mile & 4 x 400 on the schedule we did:

plyos, 2 hill loops, 2 x 1 mile

I think I thrive in the heat because I had one of the best workouts EVER. It might have been because I didn't do the core circuit tonight, but my intuition tells me it was the heat that had my blood pumping.

1st hill repeat - 2:12/174 bpm (4-6 seconds faster and felt almost effortless)

2nd hill repeat - 2:12/176 bpm (same)

1st mile - 9:16/170 bpm

2nd mile - 9:33/166 bpm

3rd mile - 8:58/173 bpm

That last mile I just went for because it was starting to cool down and I was feeling so freakin good. It was comfortable.

My heart rate was lower AND i was going faster the whole workout. WooHoo.


Chic Runner said...

congrats on the new babies! They sure do look amazing! I love the dig deep on the shoelaces.

the gazelle said...

awesome workouts! I definitely need to try the salt tablets.

I can't believe you did speedwork last night! You are a machine! I couldn't even do it yesterday morning (it was 77 at 6 am), but am hoping that tomorrow morning's temp will be under 75 (I'm actually hoping it's about 50, but that is just a delusion, I think. It's already 102.)

Running and living said...

Love the shoes. Such beauties! I am so tempted to get some racing flats, too. I'll check those out1 Thanks for the tips on salt tablets. I actually have Endurolytes, but they seem to have v little sodium and more potasium, and other stuff. But, they seem to work for you so I will try them.

Tara said...

Those shoes are hot! I love the colors. I've been meaning to pick up some salt tabs; I am such a salty sweater and all I drink is mainly water. could probably use some electrolytes as well!

Jamie said...

oh so pretty!!! I want some now :) Great job on the steamy workout!!!

joyRuN said...

filled a small cooler with ice and water for water bottles and threw in a washcloth to ring out over myself in between repeats

"Genius" is an understatement - freaking brilliant!!

cami said...

I love light and springy shoes. I'll have to check them out. Cool color, too.

Alisa said...

Awesome! You are a rockstar!

I need to try those shoe laces mine area always coming undone.

Jamoosh said...

I live in Houston and Endurolytes are a MUST!

aron said...

those shoes are verrrry pretty :)

Missy said...

Love the laces! I'm sweating 'balls' here too. You ARE very smart - bet everyone was super jealous of your iceeeee.

Let me know how the shoes workout - I'm in my quest for the perfect shoe since my perfect shoe isn't made any longer.

Anonymous said...

I use those pills too! I LOVE them! Anyone who has a sensitive tummy these are the pills for you! I took them during my ultra and felt great!