Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 14 of Project Suck It - Going Strong

Tuesday I did speedwork, but was too lazy to post the deets until now. here they are: 2 mile w/up plyos 8x800 @ 4:20 4x400 @ 2:00 (both with :45 - 1 min RI & 2:00 min between sets) Here's how it went down:
800: 4:21/175bpm
RI - 1:07/168
800:4:21/179 bpm
RI - 0:54/180
800: 4:30/184 bpm
RI - 0:49/178
800: 4:15/183 bpm
RI - 4:15 (oops)
400: 2:10/177 bpm
RI - :50/178
400: 2:07/180bpm
RI - 1:20/175
400: 1:57/179 bpm
RI - :58/182
400: 1:58/182 bpm
Total: 7.16 miles
I felt a little nauseous after the workout, but I chalked it up to the heat. It was only like 75*, but I'm a puss like that. I also thought maybe because it was a pretty tough workout. (don't let the slow pace fool you -- this was seriously work for me) I had to force down some dinner for recovery and ended up feeling like crap all night. I have read some experiences similar to this. Anybody know what's up with that?
Swimming is also in full effect - I have been doing the masters workouts, but not with the actual masters class. They post the workouts on a white board and leave it up so I do them. I'm loving the workouts. Little to no rest between sets.
150 free
150 kick
4x25 free (:10)
3x50 back (:15)
2x75 breast (:15)
1x100 free (:20)
2x75 breast (:15)
3x50 back (:15)
4x25 free (:10)
200 pull
150 cooldown
=1550 meters/~45 min
By the last set of free my arms were on fire!
Tonight: Hill repeats with core circuit.
Tomorrow: My personal favorite -- Open water swimming. Hells Yeas!


the gazelle said...

sounds like some awesome workouts. I'm totally going to steal your speed workouts from you for the rest of marathon training! Do you do them w/ a group or on your own?

Last night I totally felt like crap after my easy, slow 4 mile due to the fact that it was eleventy-billion degrees. I'm a delicate flower that wilts in the heat. That's why I live the PNW!

I think that as soon as the architect is reemployed, I'm going to shell out for some swimming lessons. I'm so jealous of people who can do real workouts! All I can do is kick & free. :)

Running and living said...

Wow, I am jealous of you easiness to swim in open water - still a work in progress for me, but I am getting there. Those are awesome track intervals, v consistent. Nice job. I usually have a shake after workouts, or a banana with pb, and eat a meal a couple of hours later. This works for me, as by the time I eat the meal the nausea is gone. Are you using any type of electrolytes during the runs?

Amanda said...

I get that crap-feeling sometimes that will last hours after a long or really tough workout. I think maybe it's from not eating enough beforehand, but who knows. I haven't been able to pinpoint one factor consistently.

KAT said...

Way to go with the speed workouts and swimming!

Missy said...

I often feel like I'm going to barf (or actually barf) after a hard workout AND hard is relative. If it was hard for you, I have NO doubt you felt craptastic. That's how you know you did it right.

Niki said...

Great job on the speed workout!! Maybe it was the heat that caused you to feel bad or maybe just that you worked rleally hard. My tummy is always screwed up when I run really hard!

I'm so jealous you can swim in open water! That makes me so nervous and is the reason I have never done a TRI so far! Have fun:)

Jamie said...

Great job on both workouts!

jen said...

Great swim and great speed workout! I am a wuss about the heat too, it's in the 90s this week and I'm not enjoying it.

Enjoy the OWS! And have a wonderful holiday weekend. :)

seejessrun said...

Looks like you are sucking it up well!

My body also has a bad reaction if I drink alcohol after long runs if I don't rehydrate enough.

Alisa said...

I'm all over that swim workout! I should go back to the track but I just can't get myself interested in speedwork lately. Too many hills to climb before getting to the track =).

Sorry to say it but I'm ALL ABOUT the HEAT! I LOVE IT! Bring it mother nature---the hotter the better!