Thursday, July 9, 2009

Navy Seals Training Goals & OWS

I decided to do the Navy Seals Fitness Challenge. What the hell right?! This is the event in a nutshell:
500 meter swim breaststroke only
10 minute rest
Push-ups (max you can do in 2 minutes)
Sit-ups (max you can do in 2 minutes)
Pull-ups (max, not timed)
4 minute rest
1.5 mile run
So training officially began yesterday. The only things I really need to work on are pull ups, sit ups, and breast stroke. Ok push ups too. Here's where I'm at: Pull Ups: Last night I went to the Y before my OWS to try my luck at some pull ups. My guess was I could do 2. My plan was 6 x 2. I managed 1 strong and the second maybe counted. My chin touched but technically it wasn't over the bar. By the fourth set I was at 1 1/2, by the sixth I could only manage 1/2. Good grief. This is kind of the star of my show. I've always wanted to be able to do these. My goal is to do 3 solid pull ups by August 8th. Time will tell. I'll just keep pluggin' away at them. I would love to get to this level. Sit Ups: Not crunches, but sit ups. All the way up, all the way down. I put my feet under the couch for support. Much tougher than I thought. I did 6 x 20. The last couple sets had me on fire. Push-ups: I've always had huge shoulders. I think it's a result of years and years of competitive softball and now swimming (though not competitive swimming). I've always been able to through down relatively (for a woman) large amounts of push ups and NOT the modified ones. Originally I thought, oh yeah I can do at least 100 push ups in 2 minutes. Then I started reading the fine print and it turns out that you can only rest in the UP position. Arms can never leave the deck. Yikes. Much harder to rest in the up position. Hell, that's not even a rest really. It's just a plank. F#$k! Swim: the swim will be equally as tough since I don't breaststroke very often. like maybe 200 meters total in a workout. Usually not even that though. So for the next month - it's all about the breaststroke baby.
As of today, my Goals for this event:
Swim: 11:30
Push-ups: 70
Sit-ups: 80
Pull-ups: 3
Run: 13
*I'll also be running my long run literally right before the event. I'm not sure how long the run will be yet. 8,10,12...? I will have approximately 1 hour in between the long run and the start of the event. I wonder how/if that will affect my outcome.
In other news, I did another OWS yesterday and it didn't go as well as the first for a couple of reasons. First, it was freezing. Ok, not freezing - but the temperature outside was 62* and you know that theory that states, "the water always feels warmer the colder the air is" WRONG! Between the four of us, only one had a wetsuit on and I was not one of them. Second, since I was the only not training for a triathlon I took one for the team and wore the lifeguard rescue tube. This is what I looked like:

Well, maybe I didn't look quite like this, but you get the point. One word: DRAG. Lot's of it!

Third, calf cramps. I think I'm low on sodium. I don't eat very much processed foods and unless I add it in the cooking process I don't really ever use salt. I'm a pepper girl. Never salt. I just don't have a taste for it, but I think I'll have to reconsider.

Edited after published: Every time I post an image the spacing gets all crazy when I publish it. Drives me crazy. Anybody else have this problem?


the gazelle said...

hey baywatch babe! I am so impressed that you can do any pull-ups! I sure can't. BUT, my goal for 2009 is to be able to do 1 by the end of the year, and then next year I will come Navy Seal with you. Of course, I'll have to learn HOW to breaststroke. :)

sounds like good goals! I'm open water swimming for my first (and only) time pre-triathlon the weekend before my tri, I think. Do you think I'll die? Drown? Remember that I used to swim in the water all the freaking time growing up?

ShutUpandRun said...

Wow you look great. The situps are working :)

The Tri-ing Wife said...

You are so awesome! I am so picturing you as GI Jane right now! Ha!

I wish I were just a pepper girl. I put salt on everything! Get you some good kosher and sea salt.

Chic Runner said...

Any pull up is super impressive. That sounds like a fun (and super hardcore race!) you will rock it though. can't wait to see your progress!

Amanda said...

That Navy Seal challenge sounds badass. I would hate for anyone to see my sorry attempt at a pull-up (that would be me dangling from the bar, grunting). Good luck, can't wait to see how it goes. Thanks so much for all the triathlon advice, I really appreciate it!

D10 said...

Pull ups are tough! Alot has to do with technique. Sounds like a fun event. You'll hit all your goals.


haha, I love the pic - you are a total babe!! :-)

Great goals for the competition - sounds like you are going to rock it!! You'll DEF get to 3 pull-ups by Aug 8!! Have fun training!

Niki said...

I am impressed you can do any pull ups! I have never been able to do
1, EVER! Ha! Good luck with your training, you are hardcore!

Sarah said...

Pushups do NOT work for me - so I'll pass on that challenge. You go girl :)

and I LOVE pepper! And ran out yesterday. I need more for my corn on the cob I plan on eating for dinner. Yummy

Alisa said...

Pull ups? I can't even hang longer than 2 seconds =).

Baywatch yeah!!!!!!

P.S. 500 worth of breaststroke OMG I would DIE. I HATE breaststroke!!!!!!! More than fly and I pretty much hate fly too =). HAHA! Wonder how I swam on a team for so long.

P.O.M. said...

Dang I can't even do ONE pull up.

Those are great goals - good luck.

Chloe said...

500 meters breaststroke! Holy cow. Just thinking about that hurts really really really bad! And WTF is up with pull ups? I think maybe I could squeeze out one. Remember the presidental fitness challange from back in the day? There was this one girl in my class who could not have weighed more then 80lbs did like 20 of them. I really hated her for that.

Jamie said...

Impressive! No way I could do that especially the pull-ups! Way to crank out those numbers your first training night!

RBR said...

If you tied a lifeguard buoy thing-a-ma-bob to me while swimming I may actually achieve negative speed. ANd may cause a rip in the time space continuum. So the fact that you did that in OW without a wetsuit gets you some serious cred from me.

Very cool challenge. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for the sweet comments!