Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night I did my first set of mile repeats for this training cycle. Actually, I think they might have been my first set of mile repeats ever. (Usually I stick with 400's & 800's) On the schedule: w/up, plyos, circuit w/ .20 mile intervals 2x1mile @ 9:45, 3 x 400 @ 2:00 What I actually did:
warm-up: 3.7 miles/9:45 pace/159 bpm
plyos: 15 minutes
circuit: 17 minutes
1 mile: 9:05/175 bpm
1:01 RI
1 mile: 9:21/178 bpm
2:29 RI
400: 1:57/171 bpm
:35 RI
400: 2:03/179 bpm
:51 RI
400: 2:04/178 bpm
Total: 8.38 miles
Sorry if your eyes glaze over when reading these posts with my times on them. I just want to be able to look back at these and see how much I have improved ;) Plus I love looking at your times when you guys post them, so I kind of assume everybody else does too.
The mile repeats were way too fast, but they felt good. Coach said that the pace isn't as important now since I am only dealing with a couple, but eventually when I get into doing tempo runs he wants me to know what that pace feels like. Since my warm up pace was right at what my mile repeats were supposed to be, I wonder if we should re-evaluate my tempo pace.
Running over 8 miles in the middle of week is a milestone (pun intended) for me. I don't think I have ever thrown down that kind of mileage on a Tuesday before. I love it. I'm really feeling good about how Project Suck It is going so far. I know I'm going to get faster come October. There's no way all this work is not going to amount to something.
Going for another OWS tonight. I am anxious to see that distance again. The more I've thought about it, the more I don't believe it's a 1/2 mile to the turnaround. I'm bringing two different peeps with me today so maybe they will be a better judge of distance than I.
Lastly, have you guys ever heard of the Navy Seals Fitness Challenge? I'm thinking about doing it. It sounds fun and a little bad ass. They're gonna be in Seattle (Bellvue actually for those familiar with the area) on August 8th. It's the weekend after I have a 1/2 marathon scheduled so I don't know how or if it'll fit into my schedule. I talked to my coach about it and he said the best way to get a good workout in from it is to actually do it after my long run (which will hopefully be only 8 - 10 miles that week). I want to do it this year, then do it again next year and see how much I've improved.
Has anybody done it or heard about it?


Emily said...

Intimidated!? That makes me chuckle.... Keep on coming back to check in on my insanity and (I promise) non-intimidating lifestyle and training.

I am horrible at leaving comments for people, but I still read everything and keep up! I guess I'm lazy like that?

Thanks again for the kind words!

Alisa said...

Awesome job on the track! I did your circuit workout last night, it was killer.

Throwing down mileage midweek is fun. I don't think I ever got past 10 miles, unlike the crazy Roho's who do things like 12 miles midweek! Yikes!!

Never heard of the Navy Seals thing but it looks badass, if I wasn't going to be in California that weekend I'd totally come up to Seattle and do it with ya. Go for it lady!

P.S. The little word verification says 'bringit' hahahahahaha!

Hi! I'm Erin said...

The Navy Seals Fitness Challenge sounds like my worst nightmare. Pull ups? Push ups? In front of other people? Swimming? Oh man, I would embarrass myself for sure. Even WITH training. If you decide to go for it, though, I would love to read about your training :-)

I find that my "easy" runs that are under 5 miles tend to be done at my tempo pace as well. Anything longer than 5 miles and my pace declines substantially.

Anonymous said...

The Navy Seal Challenge sounds like fun. There is a NS 5k that incorporates rope climping, push ups, sit ups, etc which I want to do.

Way to rock an 8 miler mid week.

Jamie said...

Way to go at the track. You are going to be one speedster come October ;) Isn't the first mid week 8 miler crazy! Sometimes I still can't believe I run the mid to longer runs mid week!

The Tri-ing Wife said...

Awesome job on the track!

I have never heard of the Navy Seals challenge, but that sounds totally awesome! You would like ass at it!

By the way, thanks for you comment. You and your husband are completely adorable, too! And you are very right on the "treat your husband like a king, and he'll treat you like a queen" thing. I have changed my attitude, and I can already tell a difference! Thank you!

Niki said...

Great job on the speedwork! No doubt that you will be faster come October!!

Never heard of the Navy Seals Challenge but sounds tough!! I know you can do it though:)

aron said...

YAY nice job on the 8 miler = speedwork! doesnt it feel awesome to get those higher miles in mid week :)

Missy said...

I try to do my long runs during the week to free up time on the weekends, it rocks. Keep it up if time allows.

NS does sound bad ass. Please do it and tell me all about it!

the gazelle said...

I'm starting track/plyo workouts next tuesday! woo!

as for that navy seals challenge, I will definitely have to keep that in mind for next year. Can you do pull-ups? I think the rest I could do (although not as fast as a SEAL), but I cannot do even one pull-up.

Running and living said...

Nice job with the workout. I love looking at numbers, too. Mile repeats are tough for me, particularly when doing them at the track (something about repeating the loop 4 times). I wish I could go OWS, but it's raining again around here. Hrrr! Ana-Maria

Anonymous said...

nice speed workout! I absolutley LOVE getting in longer runs mid week...makes me feel badass!!!