Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 11 of Project Suck It

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. Have I really been that busy? No, maybe just lazy. Project Suck It in full force. Let me recap my last couple of runs: Tuesday - Speedwork 1.5 mile w/up, plyos, core circuit, 2 x 1 mile, 3 x 400 My overall strategy was survival:
1.5 miles/9:47 av pace/155 bpm
Core circuit:
2 x 15 pushups
.20 mile - 1:45/175 bpm
2 x 20 tricep dips
.20 mile - 1:49/176 bpm
2 x 10 hamstring bridge (each leg)
.20 mile - 1:52/172 bpm
2 x 10 squats
.20 mile - 1:49/172 bpm
Speed work:
1 mile - 9:14/175 bpm
2:44 RI
1 mile - 9:40/175 bpm
6:47 RI*
400m - 2:05/163 bpm
1:29 RI
400m - 2:10/171 bpm
2:59 RI
400m - 2:00/170 bpm
Total - 7.61 miles
It was very hot. Well, hot for a native PacificNW girl. had about 88*. I really just suffered through this workout. Part was due to heat, but major part was due to some pre-period constipation plague. After the mile repeats I actually went into the running store to go to the bathroom, but no luck. Gross. My times were obviously inconsistent. But as they say, even when speed work is bad - it's still good.
Thursday - hill repeats
2.5 mile w/up, plyos, core circuit, 3 x hill repeats
Warm - up:
2.5 miles/9:49 av pace/164 bpm
Core circuit:
2 x 15 pushups .20 mile - 1:48/173 bpm 2 x 20 tricep dips .20 mile - 1:44/175 bpm 2 x 10 hamstring bridge .20 mile - 1:42/175 bpm 2 x 10 squats .20 mile - 1:35/181 bpm
2 x 10 single leg squats
.20 mile - 1:36/182 bpm
My overall strategy for the core circuit was to run negative split intervals. SUCCESS!! While the emphasis is not on the run, it's on the core workouts I still wanted my legs to run strong while tired.
Hill Repeats:
The times for my hill repeats are a little sketchy. We ran a half mile loop with one hill of about 120 ft elevation gain. It was a continuous loop. I hit the lap button only once, on the approach of the hill. I don't know why I did it like this. I think laziness and the fact that I HATE hill repeats so this appealed to me.
1st loop - 5:03/173 bpm
2nd loop - 5:10/175 bpm
3rd loop - 1:24/180 bpm
(yeah, I stopped at the top of the last hill repeat)
Total - 7 miles
I need to review my hill strategy. Currently it's simply: "make it to the top without stopping while still having the energy to keep going once atop said hill" This is not good enough. I need to focus on form, strength, etc. I am just so sick of all these fu*king hills. A girl who recently moved to Gig Harbor said, "I like all the hills." To which I replied, "Girl, you haven't lived here long enough to say that."
Sometimes I take them for granted. When I lived in Virginia Beach there was not 1 single hill. The only slight elevation gain was a man made bridge over the inlet. I bitched about it often. It's a classic case of 'Be careful what you wish for.' I know I have an advantage, but there is just really no way to know where I am at pace wise because I will literally climb 2,000 ft in a for or five miler. It's both frustrating and annoying.
My new obsession: Become the powerhouse that looses people on the least until Thursday hill repeats are replaced with tempo runs.
Tomorrow - 14 miles


Chic Runner said...

Dang you have been busy, kicking butt! Great workouts and glad the hills are going well. Hills make you so much stronger! :) I <3 the. Weird. I know.

Running and living said...

Wow, awesome job! I don't have any hill work in my urrent training, and I miss them. I did lots of hills for Boston, and hated them at the time. Go figure! Keep up the great work! Ana-Maria

the gazelle said...

great workouts! You are kicking ass. I am back to the track on Tuesday for a Kristen-inspired workout!

Tara said...

Nice job! I need to do more core workouts, I think it would do me good, but alas...I HATE sit ups! I know what you are saying about the hills. I used to live in Mid Missouri (no hills and I used to bitch about it), now there are too many hills (I now live in CO)!! And guess what? I still bitch about it.

cami said...

You have got to be kidding. You call that a "lazy" week?!

Missy said...

I'm with you on my journey to love them hills! They're all around me too. I suck at them but like anything, the more you do it, the better you become. Cheers to hills!

Kelly said...

Just to let you know I gave you the Lovely Blog Award, check out my blog to see it :)

ShutUpandRun said...

GREAT workouts. Keep it up. You are really pushing yourself!