Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let's Get It On

I had a half way decent week workout wise. Still not running but I get to tomorrow. More about that later.
I finally went to the gym this week and got some workouts in. It feels really good to sweat and work again.
Monday: President’s day – worked on homework all day
Tuesday: Had lunch with one of my girlfriends whom I hadn’t talked to in a couple of months. We sat in a cafĂ© for 3 ½ hours catching up. It was great. She’s one of my triathlete girls. We met last year in the pool, clicked right away, and became good friends fast. Last year we were able to do some open water swim workouts together and of course we run together. However, she does road triathlons and I have only participated in off-road events so we have never actually raced together.
I also did a spin class which was sweet then after a Pilates class that absolutely kicked my ass. I think we did about 200 bicep curl variations (no exaggeration!) and let me tell you for two days I only had about 30% range in my arm mobility. Seriously-killer-workout. Of course I will go again! I also met one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in real life. She was drop dead gorgeous – and to top it off super nice. I think I have a girl crush. I hope she will be there again this Tuesday. Stalker.
Wednesday: Swim in the AM. I did not do any workout in particular. It was the first time I had swum (swum: is that past tense for swim?) in a couple of weeks. The last time I had to use the pull buoy the whole time and let’s face it – who wants to do that? Not me! I couldn’t even do flip turns because I could feel it in my knee. It felt great. No pains. 1hr total, but probably about 45-50mintues less breaks.
Thursday: I was going to do Yoga, but this was the day my arms really started hurting and I didn’t think there was any way I could do it. This Yoga class’ instructor is a runner and she does a good job keeping my muscles engaged. My poor little arms could not have taken it! I did go to the PT though. More about that in a minute.
Friday: AM Swim. I went to Port Angeles again to see my hubby. Yay!! It was fantastic. We were able to rent a room and spend the night together. What! What!
Saturday/Today: Tired out from last night!

Saturday morning before leaving Port Angeles So the plan tomorrow is to go back to the track and do 1mile. Run the straights, walk the corners. It’s a start. I really really hope my knee is well. Last time I tried this I ran once around and had to stop around 350meters. Cross your fingers. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


Denise said...

Hope the run went ok today! *fingers crossed*

Beautiful pic!

joyRuN said...

Sounds better than some of my weeks!

Hope your knee holds up today.

Alisa said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Good job on the cross training! I got your message about swim workouts. I have them saved all over my computer...let me compile a word doc for you and send it your way this week. I don't do fly either...well I do maybe 2 laps my whole workout...but often sub in something else!

jen said...

Well you certainly are staying active! Damn. So glad the run was a success today. :) :)