Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, I just got back from the PT and first off, I would just like to say God bless America and our medical technology. Seriously, am I that ignorant that I had no idea they could do that kind of stuff. They did an electromagnetic ultrasound something or other that basically shot hot heat waves into my knee. Crazy. I even left with a patch that will slowly release ibuprofen and Dextra-something into my skin for the next two hours. After poking and prodding around my knee he thinks it’s my IT band. He also showed me this weird swelling pocket that moved around my knee area. Freaky. He also got me thinking that maybe it’s time for new shoes? It sounds stupid, like duh, I know how often I’m supposed to change my shoes, but is it time? I think maybe. So these are the Dr’s orders:
  • Take ibuprofen (1800mg/day)
  • Ice
  • Stretch (he showed me a new one)
  • Foam roller (2 x 2 min)

All about 3x a day. This sounds pretty routine, but I will do it religiously....

He told me to run on Saturday on FLAT surface. That is a problem because it's hard to find flat surface around here. You can't go more than a couple of miles without hitting some monstrous hill. Sounds like an exaggeration, but it's really not. I will have to go to the track. I will shoot for 3 miles nice and easy.


joyRuN said...

Sounds like a great PT session! What stretch did s/he show you? I'm always looking for IT band problems since mine's been tight for too long.

joyRuN said...

I meant "I'm always looking for IT band stretches..."


kristen said...

lol...I got you.

Well, it's hard to explain the strech but I will do my best:

(it is my left leg with the problem - so adjust accordingly)

lean against a wall with your left hand and left arm straight. Put your left leg behind your right leg and push your right hip out as far as you can.

It's different for my because I was using my right hand against the wall w/out my legs being crossed. the new strech gives me more range of motion. Especially when you move your core in or out to hit the spot you need.

Does that make sense? Maybe I'll try to get someone to take a pic of it for better illustration.

Hope that helps.

Jocelyn said...

Thats sooo good! I'm glad its nothing serious! I'll be posting a blog about my knee soon :)

aron said...

oh the wonderful ITB :) i had problems with mine at the beginning of training for my second marathon. doing all those things you said made a huge difference! hope it clears up soon :)

Alisa said...

Your diagnosis sounds all too familiar.

I recovered and still ran in Arizona I have no doubts you'll be following doctors orders and getting through the challenges.

seejessrun said...

The rolling will help so much. Good luck!

Jess said...

It's true, hills really can aggravate an IT injury. Personally, I would hold off foam rollering for a few days or even a week, until you've given the band a chance to de-flame with rest, ice, and IB. Foam rollering is great for helping that band untighten, but it can actually hurt you if you do it too much, too soon.