Monday, February 23, 2009


As See Jess Run mentioned, I think the January gym rats have left the building. This morning I did a sweet 2200 meter workout that the masters class left on the board (from last night) and I had a lane to myself THE WHOLE TIME! There is a big white board by the pool that the masters class follows with three workouts usually ranging from 4500 - 2200 meters. Obviously I do the easiest one. Usually I start out doing the workout and then somewhere between the warm-up and cool-down I lose interest and just start doing my own thing and I HATE when I do that. I really need to start following a workout start to finish. I love my morning swims - There is something really rewarding about burning a few hundred calories before most people even wake. I am also learning how to play racquetball. It is fun, but it's for a PE class and as I knew would happen, I got stuck with a girl that has absolutely no hand-eye coordination and wont even run after the ball. IT SUCKS. What's the point? Seriously, it's like high school PE all over again. I tried to get out of taking a PE by using my training for the Seattle Marathon as a substitution but the Dean of "Movement Studies"(yes, that's actually what they are calling PE) was a total bitch and we didn't hit it off very well. Obviously it didn't go my way because here I am. I'll save that story another post....Anyways, one of my girlfriends used to be an avid racquetball player so she can school me until I am up to speed. Happy Monday!!


Alisa said...

Good job with the swim. I too, love morning swims. I didn't have time to compile the swim workouts today, hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow and get them off to you.

joyRuN said...

Oooh - a whole lane to yourself! I'd LOVE to have that.

I should pay more attention to our whiteboards by the pool. There's always a bunch of stuff up there, maybe even something that I can follow.

Amy said...

I love getting my lane to myself when I swim. :) Good luck w/ the racquetball. I think it required a lot more than basic hand-eye coordination too. It's HARD!