Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swim Class Report

So, the swim class was kind of a disaster. Some factors were out of my control, some within. Reasons why I hated the swim class:
  • Going to the pool in the evening is psycho - way too many crumb-grabbers
  • The swim class had only 2 lanes
  • Therefore I had to share with four other people
  • Two of which were slow as hell and consistently got in my way
  • Was I supposed to eat dinner before or after? (didn't get out until 8pm and my bed time is usually about 9)

Reasons why I liked the swim class:

  • I met up with one of the girlfriends who's schedule doesn't allow for swimming in the morning (although we didn't even get to swim in the same lane)
Reasons why I love my 5am swim routine:
  • No crumb-grabbers only serious swimmers
  • The swim class workout is still posted on the white board so I can do the actual workout any time I want (and do it often)
  • I have never had to share a lane with more than one other person
  • In fact, 70% of the time I have my own lane or share with someone who's also there every morning and we are compatible with each other
  • I don't have to question my nutrition plan

Reasons why I had a crappy swim that had nothing to do with the swim class

  • My new goggles I just got were too big (even though I swore I got the exact same ones). I had them as tight as they could go, but had chlorine seeping in the whole time
  • I got calf cramps that moved down into my feet. Worst thing that happens to me while swimming and it usually occurs every couple of weeks. Question for the swimmers out there - Does this mean I am pointing my toes too much? Is it a matter of nutrition?

So, I don't know if I'll actually go back. Maybe in the summer because I suspect there will be less kids there then - therefore less adults too. I stopped at the swim shop and replaced my goggles with a kids pair (what can I say, I have a small freakin head) so hopefully I wont have the chlorine in the eyes problem again too. Come Wednesday I'll be a morning swimmer again.

Sidebar - I got a new swimming suit. It was a big deal because it was a one piece and I haven't worn a one piece in about a decade and never since I started swimming in the pool. I hated one pieces because they make me look stumpy, but I gotta tell you I loved it. I was wearing a tankini and I can't believe how much drag it had. I felt so tight and streamlined in my new one piece. Maybe after I reach my goal weight, my reward will be a two piece.

Weigh-in: I didn't post about this yesterday, but I did my weigh-in and I dropped 3 1/2 lbs. I was surprised. I ate more this week than last so I think I actually figured out my nutritional - workout balance. I also stopped logging my foods and started trusting my nutritional instincts. I obviously wasn't eating enough (hence the meltdown post). I know 3 1/2 is a lot for one week - in fact 2 lbs more than my goal, so I certainly don't anticipate losing that much in the next weigh-in.


joyRuN said...

Ugh - that sounds truly unfortunate about the swim class.

Our whiteboard by the pool has scribbles on it too. One day I'm going to copy it down & take it home for interpretation.

Chic Runner said...

Wow, that swim class sounds pretty crazy, but good for you for sticking with it. Nice work on feeling so good in a one piece too! :)

Chloe said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I think once you know what's good for you - just trust your instincts. And that could be the reason why your legs crap up. If I don't eat - my workouts feel like CRAP!!!

Non compatable swimmers in your lane stink. It's like your paying more attention to not running into Grandma then you are to your stroke/workout!!

Keep up the awesome work!!

Sarah said...

I do not swim and still get the most frustrating foot cramps! What the heck is that?? why does that happen? I don't think it's nutrition - I eat bananas every day. Boo.

Kristen said...

Wow - great weight loss!

Yes, I would say your are pointing your toes too much. That has happened to me before.

I hate myself in 1 pieces too - I look huge, although I don't like doing laps in two pieces because I really feel the drag (although like you I always did the tankini thing - maybe if I had a two piece speedo).

Sorry about the class. Thats sounds like such a good idea!

Missy said...

Cramps suuuuck and can take me out - tips, take it easier on the walls, truly concentrate on a relaxed leg (easier said than done), having a drink at the end of the pool (NOT water) to help supplement, vitamins. OH and for a quick hit, tums, we usually leave a bottle at the end of a lane when we know it's a tough day or our legs are tired. Tums helps to kill cramps immediately...don't know the science but it works.

X-Country2 said...

Great weight loss!

Hopefully the swim class turns into something that really works for you.

Alisa said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that HATES lane sharing!

Nice job with the weight loss...I've been trying and trying and still nothing.

Amy said...

I have never (that I can remember off hand) gotten craps in my feet or legs. I'm with Chloe though, maybe it's a side effect of hunger? I don't think it's a factor of pointing your toes too much. Oh, and isn't a one piece so much better (due to lack of drag? For sure). They aren't attractive on most people either. I don't care, it feels better.
Congrats on the weight loss, that's always exciting.