Monday, March 2, 2009

Beg. of Week

My "week" technically starts on Monday. It used to start on Sunday but in the last few months since I have making my workout schedules I have started with Monday. There is just something about making the first day of my week super productive that sets the tone, rather starting with a lazy Sunday. After reading and admiring some of your blogs out there I have decided to start a "Weekly Goals" and a "Weekly Recap" post since duh - one of my main reasons was to track the shiz. I don't' think I have been doing a very good job with that. So goal 1 - more organization in the posts.


Chic Runner said...

good luck and can't wait to read more about the workouts! :) I always start my sunday with a long run of the week and then that's 'out of the way' and monday is my rest day. makes the week go by faster!

jen said...

I have always scheduled my week Monday through Sunday. I like the weekend to be at the week's end. Go figure!

Good luck with your goals this week! :)

aron said...

i do mondays as my start of the week too... just makes more sense to me that way :)

Alisa said...

I start my week on Monday too...I like seeing the long run at the end of the week. Everything for me builds to that run!

Gah...I saved the swim workouts on my work computer and I'm home with the flu today feeling like death warmed over...hopefully I'll get that to you tomorrow. Sorry chica!