Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly Recap (march 9 - 15)

Monday: CHECK Swim (2000 m)* Push-up challenge Run 15, Walk 2, Run 15 I did the workouts, but Sunday I was feeling under the weather so I probably should have skipped the swim Tuesday: CHECK (sort of) Spin (30min) Core (30 min) Did not have a good workout. I felt very tired and sluggish. This was the day before my meltdown. I don't think this spin class is worth doing any more, now that I am having a love affair with my new Wed/Fri spin sessions. Core wasn't too great either. I think dehydrated from sickness Sunday. (vomiting until noon - couldn't even keep water down). Wednesday: BUST Swim Spin (1 hour) maybe Push-up Challenge Run 20, walk 2, Run 10 This was the day I had my meltdown. I took the morning off (including racquetball). Did the run after school and it was good. Push-up challenge was excellent. I think I just needed some morning down-time. Thursday: BUST Spin (30 min) Core (30 min) ** Still taking said down-time. Friday: CHECK (sort of) Swim Spin (1hour) Push-Up Challenge Run 25 (this will be my first run w/out walk breaks) My spin class was awesome! Facebook status read: "Kristen Barrett just made a spin class her lactic bitch" Swim sucked - I broke the strap on my goggles 5 minutes into it - had to abort. Saturday: OFF DOUBLE CHECK! Sunday: CHECK Run 30 Ran on the suckmill, woke up to 2" of snow. wtf?

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Jocelyn said...

I love your facebook status. Hahha. amazing! good job working out. Don't eat yourself up too much on the days you did't